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Topic: New Theme, gpEasy theming from TM

hi vel2000

to add 4 image an title to frontpage slider,

you should replace code at ;

1. front_page.php with this

2. theme_functions.php with this

3. functions.php with this

copy and paste the code to the file above.



10 years ago
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Topic: New Theme, gpEasy theming from TM

Just release the Superior TM Ver  2.0

Update info

2012-05-14Superior TM 2.0
   1. Adopt the default gpEasy admin style (i hope you don't mind josh)
    2. add more functions and features

10 years ago
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Topic: html head for display <meta ... > at header

Thank you Josh.. 

10 years ago
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Topic: Theme Update Release


2012-04-30 Superior TM ver 1.3 
1. Fixed permalinks problem
2. Update help file
3. Add donation button 
4. minor change to style.css
10 years ago
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Topic: html head for display <meta ... > at header

Hi all, 

Is there anyone can help me to give some example on how to use this function beside to put html_head at Addon.ini files? 





10 years ago
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Topic: New Theme, gpEasy theming from TM

Just release the update for Superior TM theme


Update Info: 
Superior TM 1.2 (from 1.1)
1. Update Help File
2. Replace the Sample_Theme_Admin_Plugin.php at front_page.php
3. Adding "change logo" feature
4. Change the h1 tag for Search Engine Optimization
Hope you like it.. 
10 years ago
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Topic: New Theme, gpEasy theming from TM


Theme :
Plugin :
10 years ago
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Topic: New Theme, gpEasy theming from TM

Hi Josh, 

After a long-long time, i finally finished  my first plugin and theme.


theme :


Thanks for your support. 


10 years ago
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Topic: New Theme, gpEasy theming from TM

Hi Josh, 

finally with almost desperate with your code above,,, :)  i try to solved it with another way..

here is what i do. 

create (actually modify some file)

1. Addon.ini (at addon folder)




Addon_Name = 'Theme Plugin'
Addon_Unique_ID = 123
Addon_Version = 1.0
min_gpeasy_version = 1.5RC2
;A description about your addon,
; may contain some html: <div>,<p>,<a>,<b>,<br/>,<span>,<tt>,<em>,<i>,<b>,<sup>,<sub>,<strong>,<u>
About = 'An addon to show Theme Admin';
;Admin_links (Optional)
;Define scripts that are only accessible to administrators with appropriate permissions
label = 'Theme Plugin'
;required relative to the addon directory
script = 'Theme_Plugin.php'
; optional
class = 'Theme_Plugin'
2. Theme_Plugin.php (at addon folder)
global $gpLayouts, $dataDir;
$themendisr = $dataDir.'/themes/'.$this->theme_name;
//$themendisr = '/themes/'.str_replace('&','&amp;'.$page->theme_name); // i don't know how to use this 
if( file_exists(''.$themendisr.'/functions.php') ) require_once(''.$themendisr.'/functions.php');
else {
class Theme_Plugin{
function Theme_Plugin()
<div align="center"><h2><br />Sorry your Theme doesn't have a "functions.php"</h2></div>
<?php }
3. functions.php (at theme folder)
you can have a figure of my functions.php by see the MyTwitterAdmin.php (MyTwitter (thanks to
i just change some array value to suit with my theme..
what makes me frustrating is, 
i dont know how to "echo" a functions to my theme template 
i'm using this code :
at template.php
require_once ('/functions.php'); // 
html code, etc.....
<div class="image_1">
at functions.php (same folder with template.php
class Theme_Plugin{
function Theme_Plugin(){
code.. and code...
} // here is the end of class Theme_Plugin
and finally the unbreakable code :D
function showData() // for one example image 
//global $addonPathData, $addon_key;
//$this->addonPathData = $addonPathData; //doesnt work
//$this->indexFile = $this->addonPathData.'/index.php'; //doesnt work
//$configFile = $addonPathData.'/index.php'; //doesnt work
global $dataDir; 
$configFile= '/data/_addondata/wdfyup2/index.php';
 if (file_exists($configFile)) {
   $gbr_1 = $ThemePluginConfig['pic_name_1'];
   $imgSrc =  ' <img src="'.common::GetDir('/data/_uploaded/image/'.$gbr_1.'').'" alt=""/>';
//     }
echo $imgSrc;
I allready try to include it to class Theme_Plugin, but i could not call the function from template.php..
could you break if for me.. :) 
i allready see someting happen on "../ _addondata/index.php
some code there.. 
$fileVersion = '2.4';
$fileModTime = '1333914221';
$ThemePluginConfig = array (
  'pic_name_1' => 'Your Pic Name 1',
  'desc_1' => 'Word for link 1',
  'pic_name_2' => 'Your Pic Name 2',
  'desc_2' => 'Word for link 2',
  'pic_name_3' => 'Your Pic Name 3',
  'desc_3' => 'Word for link 3',


Edited: 10 years ago
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Topic: New Theme, gpEasy theming from TM

Dear josh,

I found a file that record all my gpEasy addOn information,

from "/data/_site/config.php"

As you see there is a value "c29h4dh" represent of my addon plugin name (actually its a randomize name from my plugun name "Theme Adm"

since my focus in to create an editable slideshow theme for gpEasy, i would like to create an simple functions to records the value the slideshow

I don't know how to create an correct function (you know me well josh (from theme i've ctreate) ,, i'm not a  php master)

but here is the idea:

i see at the great  "MyTwitter" addon there is an two array information that i could use for keep the value of the slide show

for example 

function myTheme_Addon () {

another code...

array "gadget_head" i would like to change the content with img links for example http://localhost.mygp/_uploaded/image/img1.jpg

array "twitter_username" i would like to change the content with some paragraph for my slide front page.

other code....


what make me desperate is.. the addon name is change when installed.. so i could not call the " function myTheme_Addon" from my theme.

i allready try to determine first the addon name from "/data/_site/config.php"

ithink, from there i could give an exacty path from my theme.

but im not luck... :(


perhaps you could help me to solve this problem,


my addon randomise name is "c29h4dh"


i have to call the file ini"c29h4dh" folder from my theme


such as



//this file from my theme


require_once './data/_addoncode/'.$CHANGED_FOLDER_NAME.'/themeadm/Theme_Adm.php



here is my "config.php"


defined('is_running') or die('Not an entry point...');
$fileVersion = '2.4RC2';
$fileModTime = '1333461907';

$config = array (
  'language' => 'en',
  'toemail' => '[email protected]',
  'gpLayout' => 'default',
  'title' => 'My gpEasy CMS',
  'keywords' => 'gpEasy CMS, Easy CMS, Content Management, PHP, Free CMS, Website builder, Open Source',
  'desc' => 'A new gpEasy CMS installation. You can change your site\'s description in the configuration.',
  'timeoffset' => '0',
  'langeditor' => 'inherit',
  'dateformat' => '%m/%d/%y - %I:%M %p',
  'gpversion' => '2.4RC2',
  'shahash' => true,
  'gpuniq' => 'adE9V6oItLyVRTPZUUnv',
  'combinecss' => true,
  'combinejs' => true,
  'etag_headers' => true,
  'maximgarea' => '691200',
  'check_uploads' => true,
  'colorbox_style' => 'example1',
  'customlang' =>
  array (
    '' => 'jjjw',
  'showgplink' => true,
  'showsitemap' => true,
  'showlogin' => true,
  'dirPrefix' => '/gp25',
  'homepath' => 'Home',
  'admin_links' =>
  array (
    'Admin_Theme_Adm' =>
    array (
      'script' => '/data/_addoncode/c29h4dh/Theme_Adm.php',
      'label' => 'Theme Adm',
      'class' => 'Theme_Adm',
      'addon' => 'c29h4dh',
  'gadgets' =>
  array (
  'addons' =>
  array (
    'c29h4dh' =>
    array (
      'name' => 'Theme Adm',
      'version' => '1.0',
      'id' => '123',


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