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Topic: reCaptcha broken with Typesetter 5

Sorry, looks like I need to fix the check for "compromised" plugins.

In the mean time, I was able to make the new freemailform plugin downloadable. Edwin, there was just one more step in the plugin upload process to do. After uploading, make sure to click the "Mark as Current Download" link.

4 years ago
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Topic: WARNING: compromised!
Just wanted to let everyone know that as of Monday June 6th, was cleared of exploited addons and backdoors.

My sincerest apologies for the trouble this issue caused you all. For anyone wanting to check their system for suspicious code, Juergan and I created the Exploit Checker addon. This tool will scan files on your webserver and look for files with suspicious looking code (note that it may find suspicious files that aren't malicious at all).

4 years ago
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Topic: Blank Page on Debian 8 / Installation not possible

Yeah, the 503 without anything showing up in the error.log makes it sound like the issue is in Apache.

After filling the installation form a blank page appears and installation fails. No php errors.

After installation, try removing the .htaccess file. Typesetter attempts to write to the .htaccess file during installation and something may be malfunctioning with it.

4 years ago
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Topic: WARNING: compromised!

Ok, first, extremely sorry for not being available sooner.

Second. I'm narrowing down on the source of the hack and I will be uploading a change to the that will disable the download for compromised addons.

Thank you Andrew and Juergen!

4 years ago
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Topic: clone under different directory
Have you take a look at the Multi Language plugin?

4 years ago
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Topic: Install error message new theme
Hi Peter,

Sorry, a bug was found in the updater that is going to make manual updates required a little longer.

4 years ago
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Topic: Typesetter Updater Warning

Peter, sorry for not getting back to this sooner.

I've just pushed changes to github fixing the two issues you were having (open_basedir warning and the installation not actually updating).

The best bet for getting 5.0.3 is to perform a manual upgrade.


4 years ago
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Topic: Error updating
There's a known issue with the updater in 4.6 and 4.6.1. You'll have to do a manual upgrade
4 years ago
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Topic: Install error message new theme
Sorry, should be fixed now
4 years ago
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Topic: Blank page after installation with PHP 5.6.20

Is the problem just with 5.6 and installation.. (in other words, if you install using 5.4.45 then switch to 5.6.20, does it still show a blank page)?

And, is there anything in the error log?

4 years ago


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