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Topic: How to add php include to template

Hi Josh

  I did try, and I thought I was in the right folder, it was in data/_themes/magw204. The theme was one I downloaded so am I pretty sure I am looking in the right spot?

One other question, when i am entering this - <?php include_once("...../include.php"); ?> - what is the relative path to use? Is it from the template.php file or from ghEasy's root folder or something else??


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Topic: How to add php include to template

I used an IFrame to do it but am wondering if there is an easier way?

10 years ago
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Topic: How to add php include to template

I'm trying to add an external photo gallery to one of my pages. I have to do the two following things -

- add this in the head area    <?php include_once("...../include.php"); ?>

- add this in the body area     <div class="gallery" title="gal"></div>


I tried adding both of them to the template I want my gallery in but the php include tag was removed when I look at the source after loading the page.

How can I do this?

10 years ago
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Topic: Want to use easy for ecommerce site - Easiest Way?

I want to use gpeasy for my wife selling her jewelry. I'll need photos obviously so should I just use the photo gallery or is there something better? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I guess incorporating Paypal is pretty easy, yes?


Update - I took a look at the gallery. It would work fine if I could only add some html under each photo so I could place the Paypal code. Can I edit somewhere to do this?

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Topic: RSS Feed for Blog

Well, I used an iFrame and all is well!

How about this method to include php. Make a new page but don't put anything on it. Now ftp into your site and add the php code to that page using your favourite editor and save it back to the site. That should work shouldn't it?

On this same topic, I found another CMS that, when you select to edit a page, the GUI editor (tinyMCE, etc.) does not initially load. You have to click another button above the editor window to enable the GUI editor to load. Couldn't this be done with gpEasy. That way we could add php without envoking the editor and when we don't want php, we click the button and voila, there is the GUI editor.

12 years ago
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Topic: How to Implement a members area?

This is it --

#<Location /members-area/*> AuthName "Members Area" AuthType basic AuthUserFile /home/your_id/foldername/.htpasswd Require valid-user #</Location>


Search for htacess folder protection to make the .htpasswd file. It's easy. Actually go here, it's pretty good!

PS, the above htaccess file was reformatted so it looks confusing. Go to that link and you'll see how it should look.

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Topic: How to Implement a members area?

Yes, I did it. I made a MembersArea folder within my main folder and totally reinstalled gpeasy again in there then used an htaccess file to password protect it. Works great so far. I believe there is a multi-site plugin but I don't know if you can password protect it??

12 years ago
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Topic: RSS Feed for Blog

Well I managed to get some feeds working with javascript but I found a neat php application to use and manage my feeds but I must include it like so  <?php include ('folder/app.php'); ?>  so how do I do this so it only shows on the page I want it on? ckeditor obviously screws with this code and I can't put it on the template because it will show on every page. Do I have to duplicate the template and use that other method mentioned somewhere on this forum? Please confirm if you know of an easy way.


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Topic: RSS Feed for Blog

Can someone explain how to add an rss feed onto a page in gpeasy. I've read that I must enter a feed url into a rss reader but how to do this? I would like to add an rss weather feed to one of my pages, that's why I'm asking. Thanks.

12 years ago
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Topic: Anyone know of a Calendar function for gpeasy

I would like to have a calendar function on my site (hiking) so that members can click on it and see dates for specific events. Has anyone used a php script for this that would work with gpeasy? I guess a plugin would be nice but I don't think one exists yet.

12 years ago


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