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Topic: How to add external link in top menu

Anyone know how to do this. When we add pages they are automatically added to the top menu but I would like to add a link to another url outside of gpeasy.

12 years ago
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Topic: How to have a different header or side menu on a page

I think Josh is working on this to have it built in, in an upcoming version!

12 years ago
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Topic: Adding <div> to sidebar is removed by HTML tidy?

Yes, sounds good, I second the motion!!

12 years ago
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Topic: Adding <div> to sidebar is removed by HTML tidy?

Yes, that sounds like an awesome way to do it!

Josh, please take a look!!

12 years ago
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Topic: Adding <div> to sidebar is removed by HTML tidy?

Yes, I agree. I've been using Get Simple CMS lately too but I like gpEasy better. A tip from GS would be how they do this although I'm not an expert on GS.

From what I remember they just add the page name to an output function, so using a generic gpEasy output function like this --


gpEasy could make it like this to tell which page to place the Extra Content  --


Do you think this would work?


12 years ago
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Topic: Adding <div> to sidebar is removed by HTML tidy?

You said -

If you only want something on the main page, you basically have four choices that I can see so far:

a. Separate template (identical to other one, except it has this extra line in it);

b. Same template but you add above IF structure;

c. You create a special output (perhaps called SideBar2) that only appears on main page (either through a or b above); or,

d. You embed it in the actual "page" you create.


Well if I have to use another template I will.

Basically I want to know why "<div id="fadeshow1"></div>" is deleted from my sidebar. If I can turn off HTML Tidy (assuming that's what is deleting it) then everything is solved!!

Edit - Well no it isn't solved. Brain stopped working. I guess we all need a way to select on which page any "Extra Content' goes to (in the Admin). That would solve it along with turning HTML Tidy off.

Edited: 12 years ago
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Topic: Adding <div> to sidebar is removed by HTML tidy?

Hi Polywogg

 Thanks for the tips. Is there some tutorial on IFs that you could point me to? Sounds interesting,never heard of that before.

Regarding method 4, how could I embed the div into the actual page? Do you mean "editing" the page like normal, switching to "source" view, then pasting it in? I will try it but HTML tidy might erase it again. I'll let you know.


12 years ago
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Topic: Adding <div> to sidebar is removed by HTML tidy?

I added a javascript slideshow to my sidebar and it works fine however  the instructions that came with it stated for it to work you must add this,  which I did to my template

<div id="slideshow"></div>

The show plays fine but it plays on everypage. I only want it on the main page so......I tried moving the above div to the sidebar content under the javascript and when I save, this div is erased by, I believe HTML Tidy. Is there a way to keep the div in the sidebar and not have it erased?  Isn't that div just html which shouldn't get erased?


12 years ago
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Topic: How to password protect one or more pages?

Hi Josh

   I was planning to double install like I mentioned. I will install the public site in let's say just for example, "mysite" folder. I will then install again the whole application into "mysite/members/" folder and this "members" folder will be htaccess protected including all sub-folder of it, including the /data folder. Does this sound ok.

12 years ago
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Topic: How to password protect one or more pages?

Hi Josh

  How is the data directory protected in any normal installation of gpEasy?

12 years ago


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