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Topic: Editable Area / Comments get over the Layout.
Did you try putting in real text (with word spaces)? 
8 years ago
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Topic: Is gpEasy died?

I waited a few days to reply, and the silence confirmed my fears. Josh has not posted since April. Github has seen no activity since then, and the Facebook page has been dead too. I certainly hope nothing bad happened to him.

Unfortunately, gpEasy never attracted more developers and Josh was left to program and support it alone. I'm not ready to write it off, but I would really hesitate to start a new client project using this CMS.

8 years ago
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Topic: Install on a Raspberry Pi with error

<background info>LESS is like CSS, except that it allows for variable, mixins, and other wonderful stuff that makes LESS files easier to work with than CSS. But LESS files are not useable by browser, so they need to be compiled into good old CSS files. </background info>

Less.php is a LESS compiler. It does a great job at it. But it can use a lot of system resources (memory and time) to do its job. Unfortunately, it was added fairly deep into gpEasy and cannot be simply turned off. 

My recommendation is to try a theme that doesn't use LESS (look in the themes folder for .less files). Some of the bootstrap themes require some particularly intense calculations. Or you can edit your php.ini file to increase memory.

See and for other recommendations

8 years ago
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Topic: Problem installing gpEasy (PHP does not run)

We agree on 2 things. Documentation could be improved and error reporting could be more precise.

What I'd do next is create a page named test.php containing <?php phpinfo(); ?> and place it at the root of your server. Then open a browser and navigate to http://localhost/test.php (if that doesn't work, try your machine's IP address instead of localhost). You should get a page that gives you all the details about your PHP config. Hopefully that will help you identify the problem.

As for the "proper" way to run php, I'm the wrong guy to ask. With commercial servers, I just run it the way the host set it up and in most cases it just works. on my test server, I run MAMP, which does the hard work for me. Unfortunately, it's not available for Linux.

8 years ago
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Topic: Problem installing gpEasy (PHP does not run)

I guess we're bound to disagree on this point. Apache and PHP are completely separate from the CMS and should remain so.

PHP is a requirement for running this (and most other) CMSs. You should ensure that you have a functional installation of PHP before installing the CMS. You can test that by creating a .php file containing <?php phpinfo(); ?> and opening that file in a web browser. Or you can try installing the CMS and get the error you got.

To get a PHP server running properly, look for documentation on LAMP, MAMP, or WAMP depending on the OS you want to use.

8 years ago
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Topic: Problem installing gpEasy (PHP does not run)

I would really love it if a CMS came in an all in one package, so that users did not have to mess around with this stuff.

Bundling PHP with a CMS would be equivalent to bundling Windows with MS Word. It definitely does not make sense. And since the installer requires PHP to be up and running, you'd have a very complex installation process.

I don't know the exact percentages, but most hosts already have PHP installed (although you sometimes have to ask for it to be activated). Most users don't have to mess with that stuff.

I'm not sure what environment you're working in. Hosted service or configuring your own server?

8 years ago
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Topic: How to create a Responsive Multi Level Menu


 'menu_top'        => 'dl-menu',
 'child_ul'            => 'dl-submenu ',

Thanks for the link. Nice solution. Personally, I find demo 2 more intuitive since the motion and arrows are consistent.

8 years ago
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Topic: porting theme to GPEasy problem with Menu style

It looks like your menu is one level deeper than the main menu. It is inside the first item's <li> tag. See if you can get to this: 

<div class="banner">
      <div class="wrap">
                      <div class="cssmenu ">
                   <li class="active"></li><div class="
 gpArea_Menu GPAREA"><ul class="menu_top"><li class="li_0 selected_li"><a href="/" title="Home" class="selected">Home</a></li><li class="li_1"><a href="/Contact" title="Contact">Contact</a></li></ul></div>                    <li><a href="about.html"><span>About us</span></a></li>
                    <li><a href="products.html"><span>Products</span></a></li>
                   <li class="has-sub"><a href="services.html"><span>Services</span></a></li>
                   <li class="last"><a href="contact.html"><span>Contact</span></a></li>
                     <div class="clear"></div>

                     <div class="clear"></div>

8 years ago
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Topic: porting theme to GPEasy problem with Menu style
It's hard to troubleshoot without seeing your version. Open both versions and select "view page source", then compare the menu structure of the 2 files.
8 years ago
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Topic: Easy responsive design?

The Bootstrap themes are all responsive. You can also search the theme page by tag (although you may miss some themes if they are not tagged properly).

8 years ago


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