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Topic: How do I change the display order of gadgets?

It depends on how the gadgets are called.

  1. If cou call the gadgets directly in template.php using <?php gpOutput::Get('Gadget', [Gadget Name]); ?>
    it's merely a matter of the code position in the script.
  2. If you add the gadgets to the content as 'File Include' sections, you can drag'n'drop the sections within the sections list (editor in 'Page' mode)
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Topic: How to use wrappers? What they are for?
You cannot create wrappers/nested section structures directly in Extra Content Areas.
The only way to have such content in Extra Areas is to build them in a separate page and use the 'File Include' type for your Extra Content Area.
4 days ago
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Topic: Blog plugin as home page instead of sub directory?

Is there a way to force a trailing slash after all the pages urls …

None that I'm aware of.
It might be possible by altering some core CMS code. But such changes may easily break Typesetter's low-level redirection and url construction mechanisms that come into effect in various situations.

Although urls with and without trailing slashes will be treated the same (in amlost all situations - good read here), technically and semantically, any trailing slash would denote an actual file system directory, which is not the case with Typesetter.

But I'm curious. What would the purpose of a trailing slash be in your case?

1 week ago
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Topic: Blog plugin as home page instead of sub directory?

I want to rename "Blog" into "articles".

Can it be done within the CMS itself?

Yes. When you are in Page Manager, select the Blog page, then click 'Rename / Details' in the 'Page Options' panel that appears on the right side.
You can change both the page title and the slug/URL.

1 week ago
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Topic: Blog plugin as home page instead of sub directory?

If I understand your question correctly, you want to make the blog post list your home page?

If so …

  • go to Page Manager (Admin Toolbox -> Content -> Page Manager)
  • click the 'Homepage' link below the menu selection dropdown
  • type 'Blog' -> select the 'Blog' page from the autocomplete list


If you want the blog post list as a (e.g. the first) menu item…

  • select the first page in Page Manager
  • click 'Insert Before'
  • select the 'Available' tab/button
  • choose 'Blog' and click [ Insert Into Menu ]


is there an existing plugin that transforms Typesetter CMS into a blog instead of just adding a blog section in a sub directory?

You can run Typesetter only using/showing the pages Simple Blog provides.
What do you mean with sub directory? If you mean subpages, Typesetter pages do not have a fixed hierarchy themselves - it's only about how you arrange them in the menu(s), pretty much like Wordpress.

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Topic: Script Attackers discovered

Ok, as we don't use CGI its safe anyway.

The exploit is not related to/targeted at Typesetter or any other specific PHP script.
While Typesetter itself doesn't require PHP-CGI, many hosts run php-fcgi instead of mod_php.

But, as mentioned above, as long as your server is managed and up to date (e.g. any shared hosting provider will care for that), you are safe.

Only if you're running a pretty old distribution, e.g. in a VPS/VM and without security updates, you could still be vulnerable.

3 weeks ago
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Topic: Script Attackers discovered

Looks like an automated script kiddie attack, trying to exploit this PHP-CGI Argument Injection Vulnerability.

Such attacks are quite common. The CVE is from May 2012 so any reasonably maintained live server should have the security patches/updates for quite some years.

Therefore you shouldn't have to worry too much.
But if you're in doubt, check your PHP version or test yourself using this nmap script

3 weeks ago
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Topic: Pagespeed - optimization

What i still do not understand is why $dirPrefix is empty in the web - can the CMS  not find it - but only in windows ?

$dirPrefix contains the name of the subdirectory where Typesetter is installed, relative to your webhost's  document root.

On your XAMPP host, the document root is
and Typesettier is installed in the type51 subdirectory.
Therefore $dirPrefix is '/type51'

On your live webhost, the document root is
and Typesetter is installed in the same directory.
Therefore, $dirPrefix is an empty string.

Edited: 1 month ago
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Topic: Pagespeed - optimization

For your first post:

$page->theme_path = /type51/themes/h5/light

but i still get in the sourcecode

<!-- File Not Found H:/Xampp718/x718/htdocs/type51/type51/themes/sm-smart/dblue/bootstrap.min.css -->

These are 2 different themes. Are you sure both occurs when requesintg the same page? If so there must be sth. completely wrong.


For your second post

P.S. I made a new installation of xampp 5.631 on  Windows 7

$dirPrefix = /type511

$dataDir = C:/Portable/Xampp/htdocs/type511

$page->theme_dir = C:/Portable/Xampp/htdocs/type511/themes/h5

$page->theme_path = /type511/themes/h5/light    something must add /type51

That's exactly how it should be

Absolute path (theme_dir)

C:/Portable/Xampp/htdocs/     type511/                                                       themes/h5
Document root                           Typesetter installation directory              theme directory
(== Server root, no vHost)

Relative URL (theme_path)

/                             type511/                                                themes/h5/light
location root       Typesetter installation directory        theme directory

The occurrence of '/type511' is correct in theme_path. Otherwise all URLs using it would point to directories in the server root (outside the Typesetter installation)

1 month ago
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Topic: Slider factory evolution: 4-5 pictures in 1 slide

do you think it is possibile to create a logo slider/carousel starting from slider factory?

:-( Unfortunately it's not. SliderFactory currently doesn't have slick.js' nifty slidesToShow, slidesToScroll and breakpoint options.
Implementing them would require additional editor UI controls - especially the breakpoint settings would require profound changes to SF's rendering. 

1 month ago


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