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Topic: TS 5.1 Section Clipboard fix for: nested wrappers

For everyone who already stumbled upon this bug (Typesetter 5.1 only):

When certain nested (wrapper) section structures are copied to the Section Clipboard, they will be messed up after pasting and reloading.

This commit fixes the bug.

If you don't want to wait for 5.1.1, patch your current Typesetter 5.1 setup …

  • Either get the fixed Edit.php file from GitHub and overwrite the one in [your Typesetter installation]/include/Page/Edit.php with the new one
  • Or download the whole current master ZIP from GitHub and overwrite [your Typesetter installation]/include/Page/Edit.php with /Typesetter-master/include/Page/Edit.php extracted from the ZIP


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Topic: Anchor size error

Ha! You're right. The 1.0b3 detection catches OPTK's own 'ScrollIndicators' Gadget. Silly me :-)

Get OPTK 1.0b4 and overwirite 1.0b3 with it. Hope it will work.

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Topic: Anchor size error

The anchors will automatically try to compensate any fixed top navigation by guessing it (theme-independent).
This is done because otherwise the anchor would scroll to the very top of the page and below the navbar.
The script will sometimes catch false positives.

Have you tried to switch 'Compensate Navbar Height' to no on The OnePageToolkit Settings page?
Which Theme is it? Theme Cajón (fixed sidebar nav) needs compensation to be switched off.

edit: I forgot - with OPTK 1.0b3, Theme Cajón should work without manual settings due to improved detection.

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Topic: Business Casual 1.1

1st 'Search' in Extra Content ( german - 'Weitere Inhaltsblöcke') is the heading text. The 2nd one is the button label. Both can be customized independently.

If you want to get rid of one of the two elements, use CSS.

Hide the heading:

.filetype-special_search h2 { display:none; }

Hide the button:

.filetype-special_search input.submit { display:none; }
3 weeks ago
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Topic: TypeSetter Fake Udates?

We have error in TS 5.0.3 update code.

True, here is a more detailed explanation how to fix it or update manually.

3 weeks ago
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Topic: How can I add sitemap in my site?
This is the link
1 month ago
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Topic: strip_tags in title-tag
On the other hand, it won't hurt. Therefore, added.
2 months ago
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Topic: strip_tags in title-tag

I'd say the title isn't meant to contain HTML markup.


A) We have a plugin filter hook 'MetaTitle' to modify the title (see here). You can use it in a theme as well.

B) You might want to change template.php and replace
  global $config;
  echo common::Link('',$config['title'],'','class="navbar-brand"');


<?php \gp\tool\Output::Get("Extra", "Brand"); ?>

Create a new Extra Content Area 'Brand' and edit on page.

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Topic: Problem with business template.
I believe this is the intended behavior on for smaller viewports.
2 months ago
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Topic: Problem with business template.

Now display is better  but has little problem yet the main page left.

What kind of?

2 months ago


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