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Topic: Multiple layers / hot zones ?

… may be a hint for Jürgen to add to the Imagemarker :-)

Maybe ;-)

7 days ago
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Topic: Multiple layers / hot zones ?

Let me try to show it here...

<div style="width:50%; position:relative;">
  <img alt="Singapore from Wikipedia" src="" style="width:100%; height:auto;" />
  <a href="" style="position:absolute; width:25%; height:20%; left:15%; top:15%; border:1px solid red;" target="_blank">&zwnj;</a>
  <a href="" style="position:absolute; width:15%; height:25%; right:5%; bottom:5%; border:1px solid blue;" target="_blank">&zwnj;</a>
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Topic: Multiple layers / hot zones ?

For the 'hot zones'. You're probably thinking of the <map> tag.

Unfortunately the coordinates of these map tags are in pixels, which renders them pretty useless in responsive designs where images get scaled if viewport or grid column sizes demand it.
The only alternative is to use inline SVG in cases we need polygonal/irregular shaped clickable areas. Not trivial, though.
If rectangular areas suffice, we can still use empty <a> tags, again with position:absolute + top, left, width and height defined in % (of the parent container div, which needs position relative) and high z-indexes. The underlying image, placed in the same container, may well define the container's size or would have to scale with the container's size.

As mahotilo already mentioned, ImageMarker does something similar and it uses exactly the mentioned technique (% units to make everything responsive).


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Topic: Multiple layers / hot zones ?


since Typesetter sections are generic <div>s you can use an inline style attribute such as

position:absolute; left:25%; top:25%; z-index:100;

applied via Section Attributes to stack them.
If you want to rotate them, also add sth. like

-webkit-transform:rotate(12.5deg); transform:rotate(12.5deg);

to the same style attribute.


7 days ago
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Topic: Thumbnail size

Currently Typesetter thumbnails are always generated as square cutouts.
The good news is: We will have settings for proportional or custom rectangular cut thumbnails in Typesetter 5.1. Mahotilo and me are working on this at the moment.
For the time being, forcing thumbs into rectangular aspect ratios via CSS – such as .gallery_gallery img{width:212px;height:140px;} – will render them distorted.

For the blurry appearance: You can set a greater thumbnail size, e.g. 212,  via Admin Toolbox -> Configuration -> Interface -> Performance -> Gallery Thumbnail Size.
After changing this value and hitting the [Save ] button, the yellow message bar will show "Recreate all Thumbnails?" Click this link to make Typesetter rebuild them with 212 x 212 px. Afterwards they will render sharp (but distorted) at 212 x 140 px.

3 weeks ago
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Topic: OnePageToolkit issue: Reverts to main menu

I hadn't seen the possibility in Page Manager to administer the main item as Homepage.

That's a standard Typesetter feature, It has nothing to do with the 1PTK plugin. It's only about which page gets loaded by default.
With 1PTK and NavFromAnchors Gadget instead of the Main Menu, you are essentially serving a single page. Of course this page must be served as the default 'Homepage'.

Nothing mystical about it ;o)

3 weeks ago
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Topic: OnePageToolkit issue: Reverts to main menu

If the website is going to be a true "one-pager" you only need to set "ABOUT_US" to be the start page via Page Manager -> Homepage.

The NavFormAnchors Gadget (used as replacement for the Main Menu in our case) automatically generates a navigation with nav items from the anchor sections on the current page.
Therefore it will look different on different pages and cannot be used as a page navigation in a multi-page context.

If you're going to build a multi-page website but also want to have the smooth scrolling anchor section navigation on the different pages, there are 2 approaches:

  1. Use the default navbar to hold the Main Menu, as it is by default. Use a second navbar after the 1st one and put the NavFromAnchors Gadget in there.
    This solution will look like this:
       (default navbar)                            Page1   Page2   Page 3  Page4
       (2nd navbar)                                Anchor-1   Anchor-2   Anchor-3
  2. Only use the default navbar containing the default Main Menu. Instead of using the NavFromAnchors Gadget, create "External Links" in Page Manager as child entries of your parent pages. Use the Links you will be presented in the editor when you edit the Anchor sections. This will create dropdown menus for each page like this

       (default navbar)                     Page1   Page2   Page 3  Page4
                                                │  Anchor-1  │
                                                │  Anchor-2  │
                                                │  Anchor-3  │

Edit: A colleague of mine used the second method here

Edited: 3 weeks ago
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Topic: OnePageToolkit issue: Reverts to main menu

Seems you have already applied the correct Layout to the start page
It only doesn't yet contain any anchors so the "Nav From Anchors" Menu Gadget can't generate any nav items (therefore it shows "Add anchors!")

That's the "ABOUT US" page plus the # hash to scroll to it's anchor with the id "Anchor-1bge"

Maybe I don't actually understand the problem...

4 weeks ago
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Topic: Cant Install Plugins or Themes

Good to hear that it works with PHP 5 now.

You former PHP 7 installation was likely lacking php7.0-zip library.
Maybe some of the RasPI packages only contain essential parts in order to save the board's limited ressources.

4 weeks ago
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Topic: Cant Install Plugins or Themes

copying the h5 theme to the Themes folder instead of the Addons folder allowed it to show up as an installed theme using Filezilla. This seems like a messy work-around though for my permissions problem lol

the /themes folder is the correct one to install themes manually.

For the other issues: it's not neccesarily the permissions. If you can upload files via Admin Toolbox -> Content -> Uploaded Files (AKA 'finder') your file permissions are likely O.K.
Maybe your installation is lacking some libraries to handle ZIP files. You could try to uplaod a ZIP archive via finder and use finder's 'Extract files from archive' feature and see if this works.

Edited: 4 weeks ago


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