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Topic: Persistent log in using Chrome...

I'm using default TAN HEADER DARK GREEN as my theme

Which version of Typesetter (or gpEasy) are you using? 'TAN HEADER' was a default theme 7 years ago and can't even be downloaded anymore.

2 days ago
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Topic: Please help for installation
Typesetter doesn't create a /conf, /inc or /bin directory but a /data directory. Only for the latter PHP needs write permissions. Maybe this link helps.
2 days ago
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Topic: Installtion problem

The check routine is here

/include/install/install.php, line 577-602

… certainly for some reason.

1 week ago
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Topic: Is this project still alive?

My point of view:

If you're going to use gmail to send your contact form data, why not just use google forms then (which would also make it clear that a 3rd party is reading along)?

Why should we obey a private company that is overdoing security to evade support costs and bind users to their apps and services?

If the contact email is not sent with the sender address, the sender's email should be attached to the mail text as information in the future.

Well, it is in the reply-to field where it belongs.

1 week ago
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Topic: Page/ section cannot be edited directly


Would you mind to paste this jQuery code

$('.ExtraEditLink').each(function(){ console.log( '#' + $(this).attr('id') + ': title = "' + ($(this).attr('title') || 'NO TITLE') + '", href = "' + ($(this).attr('href') || 'DOES NOT EXIST!') + '"' ); });

into the JavaScript Console's command prompt and check the results?
There must be at least one line saying sth. like…

#ExtraEditLinkX : title = "Some Title", href = "DOES NOT EXIST"


edit: you must be logged in for it

Edited: 2 weeks ago
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Topic: Page/ section cannot be edited directly

Are you using any plugins?

Maybe "File Include Source Link"? If so, please uninstall it - it's obsolete and might be the cause.

I can't imgine any other reason at the moment but we'll certainly track it down.

2 weeks ago
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Topic: Page/ section cannot be edited directly

Do you get any JavaScript errors when trying to edit such a section? (IE11 press F12 and activate the 'Console' tab)

Will copied sections then remain editable or do you always need to create a new copy?

Does it happen to all or only certain section types?

2 weeks ago
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Topic: Dropotron

From where do You get the 2 main-menu?

The 2nd one from init.js, which aparrently works as expected, also in Firefox. If it doesn't work in Firefox at your side, there must be sth. fundamentally flawed with your setup.

edit: For the menu behavior: Seems to work but I don't know how it's exactly supposed to work.

Edited: 2 weeks ago
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Topic: Dropotron

Probably because of duplicate IDs

<nav id="main-menu" class="wrap" role="navigation" data-smartmenus-id="153616066521893">
        <div class="gpArea_FullMenu GPAREA">
               <ul class="sm sm-blue" id="main-menu" role="group" aria-hidden="true" aria-labelledby="sm-153616066521893-1" aria-expanded="false">
                        <li class="li_0" id="link0">


Edited: 2 weeks ago
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Topic: Dropotron

Assuming there is a <ul class="sm">...</ul> element in the DOM,

$('').attr('id', 'main-menu');

will make it <ul class="sm" id="main-menu">...</ul>

If this already does'nt work, there must be
A) some other JS error preventing the execution
B) init.js is executed too early, depending how it's loaded.

$().ready(function () {
  $(".mainmenu li").each(function(n) {
    $(this).attr("id", "link" + n);

won't work this way. Try …

  $("#main-menu li").each(function(n) {
    $(this).attr("id", "link" + n);

But I'd go this route:


    .attr('id', 'main-menu')
        $(this).attr("id", "link" + n);


This will add a main-menu ID only to the first <u class="sm"> and link0, link1, link2, ... IDs to the all its <li> elements, even ones in nested child <ul>s.

I fear that's not what you're after. So what exactly do you need the IDs for?

3 weeks ago


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