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Topic: Broken support for TS<5.2

> I think it is time to change the version on github

Yes, there have been too many changes to keep the b1 version number.
But it's also the price tag for using betas. It's only rc that will not change/add features anymore.

2 days ago
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Topic: Broken support for TS<5.2

Should actually work because of

    $ckeditor_basepath = (version_compare(gpversion, '5.1') > 0) ?
      \gp\tool::GetDir('/include/thirdparty/ckeditor/') :

    echo 'CKEDITOR_BASEPATH = ' . \gp\tool\Output\Ajax::quote($ckeditor_basepath) . '; ';
    echo 'var gp_RI_ckconfig = ' . \gp\tool\Editing::CKConfig($options, 'json', $plugins) . '; ';

    // extra plugins
    echo 'var gp_add_plugins = ' . json_encode($plugins) . ';';

    $scripts[] = (version_compare(gpversion, '5.1') > 0) ?
      '/include/thirdparty/ckeditor/ckeditor.js' :

But it seems as I have to check it again

2 days ago
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Topic: Background Composer issue

Maybe due to new styles. Have to check it.

For Background Composer, well, I never continued development and don't use it myself. But let's see.



4 days ago
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Topic: I'm having three problems with the Skeleton theme

Unfortunately your image doesn't show up in your last post.

For loading Typesetter pages into an <iframe>: If you use the query parameter  [your.typesetter.url/page]?gpreq=body in the iframe src you will only get the content area of the Typesetter page. Therefore you can have a navigation, footer, sidebar, you name it, in the regular view your editor will use.


6 days ago
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Topic: I'm having three problems with the Skeleton theme

This would be the almost cleanest possible theme

Unpack it and copy the folder 'CleanTheme' to your Typesetter installation root into the /themes folder.
After that you can activate it via Admin Toolbox -> Appearance -> Available Themes -> Clean Theme 1.0 -> minimalistic

But I warn you, unless you uncomment some lines in template.php, it is, well, really clean.

Edited: 6 days ago
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Topic: I'm having three problems with the Skeleton theme

Problem 1:  Sounds like the main menu.

Problem 2:  "I have a screenshot to share". Would be helpful. You can upload it to the forum via the 'image' button in the editor.

Problem 3:  Your page is not published. Once you edit the content, it will become a 'Working Draft' only visible to logged-in admins unless you hit 'Publish Draft' (the teal button in the top bar)

It would be great if I could start all over with a completely clear web page.

No title, no menu, no content to edit, … sidebar, footer? Nothing?

Hmm, nobody ever asked for that. This would be a very minimalistic theme.
You would have to add all these areas yourself. Nothing a new user would normally want.

But it's possible, basically.

Edited: 6 days ago
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Topic: adding js references for SimpleBlog

Glad you like it. Please just add this semicolon to the code in goshare.php. Might cause issues with other plugins otherwise.


defined('is_running') or die('Not an entry point...');

class TSgoShare{

   * Typesetter action hook

  public static function GetHead(){
    global $page, $addonRelativeCode;
    $page->css_admin[] = $addonRelativeCode . '/goshare.css';
    $page->head_js[] = $addonRelativeCode . '/goshare.js';
    $page->jQueryCode .= '$("#gpx_content").goshare();';

Edited: 2 weeks ago
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Topic: I'm totally lost!

You need to choose and activate a layout. The skeleton theme only has one layout named 'Color'.

See the screenshot below:




2 weeks ago
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Topic: adding js references for SimpleBlog
Please check out this plugin on my GitHub repo
Edited: 2 weeks ago
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Topic: adding js references for SimpleBlog
I'd implement it as a standalone plugin, so you can use it independent from SimpleBlog. Give me a moment…
2 weeks ago


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