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Topic: Upgrading from 1.71 to 5+

Everything else works fine.

Glad to hear.

The old theme is a little broken, but I think I can fix it.

If you get JS errors (such as '$ is not defined'), Check for <script> elements in template.php <head> section.

As of Typesetter 5, scripts including jQuery will be loaded at the end of the <body> element. If a script in the head section requires jQuery, it will fail and must be loaded/implemented via Typesetter's PHP methods ($page->head_js[] = [script path];, $page->jQueryCode .= [jQuery code];) See here.

1 week ago
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Topic: Upgrading from 1.71 to 5+

Hmm, 1.7 was quite a while ago.
I'd suggest to make a complete backup of the entire site first.

And then maybe just see what happens if you rename the /include directory to /include_1.7 and copy the one from current ver 5.1 over to the server.
Also do the same with /gpconfig.php
edit: And also /.htaccess
This will upgrade the CMS core.

I agree that it will most likely fail but I'd just give it a go.


If it doesn't work, here are all major legacy versions:


and finally the current 5.1.1-beta1 master on GitHub.

Good luck

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Topic: OnepageToolkit strange Thing

What can be wrong?

Lots, LOL.

Seriously, OPTK is still a strange thing as such and I always have to tweak it a bit, everytime I use it myself.

Your issue *could* be related to a feature that allows to set a very last (and small) section active without being able to scroll down far enough to make it qualify for that role.

You could try to comment some lines between 253 and 260 in OnePageToolkit.js (see below) and see what happens then:

    var maxScrollTop = Math.max( $(document).height() - window.innerHeight );

    if( ($(window).scrollTop() + (screenHeight - scopeHeight) / 2) >= maxScrollTop ){
      // if the window is scrolled "almost" to the max (we again use the "scope" area), make the last section in scope "active"
      var activeSection = sections.filter(".section-inScope").last();
      // otherwise (normal case) we make the first section in scope "active"
      var activeSection = sections.filter(".section-inScope").first();
/*    } */


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Topic: Does the default index.php or index.html do a re-d

The page looks blank.

Depending on your server configuration, an index.html file in your document root might block index.php to be executed. If there is one, try to rename or remove it.

If the blank page issue persists, it must be sth. different and we need more information (host system, server/version, php version/modules).


Does the default index.php or index.html do a re-direct?

index.php will not trigger a redirect normally (but Typesetter CMS can redirect invalid links, if configured to do so)


2 weeks ago
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Topic: unable to upload picture
From the time you start the upload, how long does it last until you get the error.
Will it show immediately or only after some seconds?
3 weeks ago
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Topic: unable to upload picture
Could it be your disk quota (webspace full)?
3 weeks ago
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Topic: Yep, Typesetter is really fast

Hi folks -

I just wanted to share the results of some real-life pagespeed tests I ran over a recently made Typesetter based website.

A few caching tweaks and, voila…

Pretty much what can be achieved, I would say.

3 weeks ago
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Topic: Buttom not visible

Have you added the Gadget to your used layout(s) via Layout Editor?

edit: another reason might be a too low page height (lower than 'Page Scroll Trigger' value in plugin settings)
3rd possibility would be a JS error blocking the script.

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Topic: Should this or has this been addressed?

Both CVEs have been disussed. See the issue on GitHub (only recently closed)

4 weeks ago
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Topic: Migration problems

When you add the following lines to template.php (at the top but after the <?php start tag), it will tell you if the GD library is available, and some detailed info in case it is.

if( \gp\tool::LoggedIn() ){
  $gd_info = is_callable('gd_info')) ? gd_info() : 'unavailable';
  msg('gd_info = ' . pre($gd_info));

The message will only show up when you're logged in to Typesetter.
I believe your new host doesn't have GD installed.

Edited: 1 month ago


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