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Topic: OnePageToolkit.gadgetconfig is undefined

I see that ver 2.0-b1 still needs some work...

Please download this patch and use the 3 included files to overwrite the ones in /addons/OnePageToolkit

Then click the 'Upgrade to version 2.0-b1.1' link on the Admin Management page.


Hope it will work now.

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Topic: SEO improvement

To add a rel="nofollow noopener" attribute to all links that already have a target="_blank" attribute would be


global $page;
$page->jQueryCode .= '$(\'a[target="_blank"]\').attr("rel", "nofollow noopener");';

… or in existing JS:

$(function(){ $('a[target="_blank"]').attr("rel", "nofollow noopener"); });

But I'm uncertain if all crawlers will comply with a rule that is implemented subsequently via javascript. Googlebot most likely will.

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Topic: SEO improvement

There is currently no way to add arbitrary attributes to menu items, but as a workaround we can add Extra Content Areas to menus (since Typesetter 5.1), so…

  1. Create an Extra Content Area via Admin Toolbar -> Content -> Extra Content. Use "Editable Text" and call it e.g. "Nofollow Menu Link"
  2. Edit the new Area using CK Editor Source view and add your link e.g.
    <a class="nav-link" href="[your link]" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">[Your Link Label]</a>
    (the "nav-link" class is needed with Bootstrap 4 navs)
  3. Go to Page Manager and add a new item to the menu, choose "Extra Content" from the tabs at the top of the popup, select your "Nofollow Menu Link" Area.

This should do the trick.

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Topic: OnePageToolkit.gadgetconfig is undefined

I'm sorry for the late reply.

I'm currently updating OPTK for Bootstrap 4 compatibility and improving some known issues.

Please get OnePageToolkit 2.0-b1

While ver 2.0 is a bit different on the programmatic side (OOP/autoloading), it looks and works almost the same as ver 1.x and should also be compatible with former installations.

Just replace everything in the /addons/OnePageToolkt directory with the contents of the new version. Then click the 'Upgrade to version 2.0-b1' link on the Admin Management page.

This version is not really tested yet. If you get any errors or have issues please post them here,

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Topic: File management

Hi there, seems to be gpEasy 3.5.2.

You could try the following steps to manually update the site to the current Typesetter version (ideally to 5.1.1-b1), with the ability to roll back, in case it won't work this easy way:

  • Download the current master (Typesetter 5.1.1-b1) from GitHub
  • Extract the ZIP archive to your local computer
  • Make a copy of the extracted /inlude directory and name it /include511b1
  • Copy the whole /include511b1 directory to the webserver
  • When done, rename the old /include directory on the server to /include352
  • Rename /include511b1 to /include
  • See if it works. If not, you can just roll back to 3.5.2 by reverting the names of the /include* dirs

You may also need to replace /gpconfig.php on the webserver with the new version.
Same might apply to /.htaccess. If you replace /.htaccess, you'll need to make it writable to PHP to re-enable URL-rewriting via Configuration->Settings->Permalinks

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Topic: Subdomain installation problem

Please avoid multiple CMS installations in nested directory structures.
.htaccess directives inherit their rules to subdirectories which most likely causes your issues.

Try to configure the hosts in a way that the main domain's (www / no subdomain) document root points to a seperate directory on the webhost, similar to the festival subdomain.

  /www/[main site Typesetter installation]
  /festival/[festival siteTypesetter installation]

I myself always organize my webspaces like that, includig directories for the main domains.


edit: once the host config is changed you can simply move the main site installation to it's new directory.

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Topic: hide in page edit buttons on menus

It's rather tricky to hide the edit overlay for specific elements (because it's generated based on area enumeration and positioned dynamically upon JS events), but…

You could give my HideAdminUI plugin a go. When installed, you may always toggle all Admin UI elements by pressing [Ctrl] + [H] or  clicking the (-) icon at the top left of the viewport.

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Topic: Can't edit galleries


please try to add a class attribute to the gallery section via 'Manage Sections' (editor's 'Page' mode) -> [the respective gallery section] -> Options icon.
Then check if the gallery section is editable again. The class name itself doesn't matter (just use anything like 'gallery1234').


FYI: I believe it's related to this fix, but I'm not completely sure.
If so, newly created galleries should be editable (just legacy sections lacking attributes were affected)

8 months ago
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Topic: Fatal error — Uncaught Error

Looks like a bug. Please try to change line 273 in /include/admin/Menu/Tools.php


                $type = '';


                $type = array();
8 months ago
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Topic: Word Wrap

I believe I have found the problem...

Oh... well, glad you found it and there is nothing that needs to be fixed ;) We never can be completely sure.

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