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Topic: Typesetter hacked (File permissions changed)
@scottprovost: Nice one LOL. Any proof or details or just SPAM?
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Topic: Uri too long

the code is the source which i had in codemirror.  Obviously the history-backup-routine gets mixed up with such code (which comes from gpeasy times - i use now only html and no gparea) - i just hope that it doesnt get mixed up with other data-types appendices or makes changes like ckeditor does.

However you managed to get editor code in the content, such will definitely cause problems.

But don't just blame Typesetter for it. I have never encountered such a problem myself, nor have I heard of it. I also can't imagine how it could ever happen. It is neither the save nor the revision history or the export function.

It rather sounds to me as if you just copy-pasted some source code from a different site into CKEditor, which contained the editor overlay code.

There is no Javascript - error / The saving and then popup causes no javacript activity.

You might need to enable log display in your console. But it doesn't matter anymore since we already know the source of the issue
FYI: This is where AJAX debugging happens in main.js

Interesting would therefore also be a change, which shows the error already in the 1st popup.

I believe Josh decided to send the errors to's remote debugging service, to get a stripped-down and more clear analysis of what happened. Unfortunately It sometimes doesn't work so well. Since the error is also logged into the web browser console, I prefer to use that source for debugging. It's less clear but more complete info.


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Topic: Uri too long

but why the uri is so long, is not clear.

It contains all the data required to display the debugging info shown on when you click 'More Info". It can easily exceed 1000 characters, depending on the error thrown.

The code … contains at one part <a class="nodisplay" data-arg="text_inline_edit" …

That's not part of the page content. It's an editing overlay that only shows up when hovering a section. It will not get posted/saved.

If i have  a 'nonsensic' code , why do i get an error as above

The HTML shouldn't be the issue, even if it's weird or malformed. What you get is a JavaScript error.
Check the web browsers developer tools -> Console (or press Control+Shift+J). You should see the error (in red) that triggers the whole thing.


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Topic: Uri too long

There are 2 diifferent parts of the issue

  1. You get an 'Error - There was an error processing the last request.' That's because something causes a JS error when you try to edit content.
  2. Cloudflare - which hosts - doesn't allow GET requests with URLs longer than 1000 characters. 1000 is quite restrictive (the default value  is 8190)
    I don't know if this setting is new or how long it has been in effect. Unfortunately I have no control over it.

In any case, you should first find out what is causing the initial error. The HTTP 414 URI too long error is not the cause.

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Topic: Uri too long

The cms-cache shows no dates (minutes and seconds) of the files - is that wanted ?

Well, showing minutes and seconds can be confusing for people who are not aware that the webserver may be in a different time zone.
But I changed it anyway.

2 months ago
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Topic: Uri too long

The " uri too long " comes from the over 1000 letters long debug-link to typesetter cms … 414 Request-URI Too Large -- cloudflare

Hmm, sounds reasonable. But that's just a symptom, not the cause. Another, earlier JS error must occur that triggers the debugging request.

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Topic: Typesetter 5.2 - please help with new translations
Thank you. I just merged your commit.
2 months ago
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Topic: Uri too long

My url is less than 20 letters

The problem is certainly an AJAX GET request. Can be checked via the web browser's Developer Tools -> Network tab.

I changed the GET request to a POST request

Which request did you change and in which editing context does the error occur?


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Topic: Typesetter 5.2 - please help with new translations

Brazilian Portuguese it's done, in GitHub

Have you pushed / synced your latest changes? I can only see
which is 2 month old.

Can you send a pull request?

3 months ago
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Topic: Can you put a function into main menu

Create an Extra Content Area called e.g. 'Speaklink' containing your link code <a id="speaklink" accesskey="k">Listen</a>

Add to the menu: Create a new menu item and choose the 'Extra Content' tab in the dialog box -> [Copy] [New Page] [Available] [External Link] [Trash] [Extra Content]
Select your 'Speaklink' area from the list.

Add to the layout: Edit template.php and insert <?php gpOutput::Get('Extra', 'Speaklink'); ?> at an appropriate position in the code.

Add the script element: Edit template.php and insert
$page->head .= '<script src=""></script>';
at the end of the <?php … ?> block at the top of template.php

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