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Topic: Cannot copy or delete sections, too many sections?
I can confirm the issue. Large amounts of sections may fail to save. I believe it's because of exceeding the maximum query string length, so we should probably move from GET to POST. I'll yet have to investigate it and hope to fix it for TS 5.1.1
1 year ago
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Topic: Javascript in plugins

"fa-bus"" should not block anything. because fa-bus"  is also a string.

"fa-bus"" will be a syntax error (delimiter collision) in almost every modern programming language.

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Topic: Gallery thumbnails caption appear with link

… was enabled by default after upgrade. On clean installation is disabled. …

FYI: The reason for this behavior is not to break possible custom gallery styles when upgrading an existing Typesetter website.
While the legacy style–which is the one that might have been overruled by an active custom theme design–are comparatively simple, the newer responsive, multi-theme and grid-aware style is quite complex and would mess badly with any custom gallery style.

edit: So if anyone wants to overrule/re-style the gallery appearance, checking

Legacy Gallery Style     [X] Disable responsive gallery themes

will make things way easier.

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Topic: Javascript in plugins
Another thing that comes to my mind:

If you're gonig to implelent FontAwesome 5, you might experience conflicts with Typesetter's bundled FontAwesome 4, which will be loaded automatically (at least) when logged-in (discussion)
1 year ago
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Topic: Javascript in plugins

but i use notepad++ portable with some plugins

Then I'd go for enabling word wrap (Menu 'View' -> 'Word Wrap') and changing the Design, e.g. to 'Blackboard' (Menu 'Settings' -> 'Style', 'Design' - dropdown)
Notpad++'s standard syntax highlighting is quite faint sometimes.

And yes, I agree, VC Code and both aren't exactly blazingly fast loaders.


But i have now the F12 which i found in the web..!

If you mean IE/Edge's developer tools - certainly! No way to debug js without them. Other browsers have similar (or even better) ones.
(If you mean the Ferrari, that's even much better :-)


[...] php 7.1 [...] There are compatibility checkers

Have you found PHP7 incompatibilities in Typesetter code?


ReferenceError: removeAll is not defined[Learn More]  jquery.js:7:1

AFAIK, 'removeAll' is not a standard jQuery method or object.

edit: Looks rather as if (an undefined) removeAll variable or object is passed as an argument to some jQuery method, maybe removeAttr() or removeClass().
It's a bit of guesswork without knowing the exact code.


$gp.ck_base = undefined 

Sorry, clearly my fault. instead of

$scripts['code'] = '$gp.ck_base = "' . $addonRelativeCode . '";';

please try

$scripts[] = array( 
  'object' => '$gp', 
  'code'   => '$gp.ck_base = "' . $addonRelativeCode . '";',

I'm not using this myself all the time.

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Topic: Javascript in plugins

It seems to me that you aren't using a real code editor with syntax highlighting, which immediately reveals bad quoting (and other syntax errors).

A selection of free code editors

Notepad2 --> very fast and lean Windows Notepad replacement (Win7, haven't tested it on Win8-10)
Notepad++ --> a quite capable and very popular editor (Win) --> advanced  (Win/Mac/Linux)
Visual Studio Code --> probably the best (Win/Mac/Linux)

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Topic: Javascript in plugins

in our case, the log entry

ck_base = undefined

tells us that the script function trying to access it runs in a different scope.
Therefore we will have to
A) make it a global variable (suboptimal)
    $scripts['code'] = 'window.ck_base = "' . $addonRelativeCode . '";';

or better

B) add it to a already existing global JS object, e.g. the $gp object:


static function InlineEdit_Scripts1($scripts, $type){
  global $addonRelativeCode;
  $scripts['code'] = '$gp.ck_base = "' . $addonRelativeCode . '";';
  return gpAjax::InlineEdit_Text($scripts);



var ck_base_is = typeof($gp.ck_base) == 'undefined' ? 'undefined' : $gp.ck_base;
console.log("$gp.ck_base = " + ck_base_is);


  $gp.ck_base + 'dialogs/fa5free-all-min.js'


  + 'dialogs/fa5free-all-min.js'

should also work with the fixed quotes ("fa-bus"")

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Topic: Javascript in plugins

Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated

It's only a 'deprecated' warning - not a real issue.

At   the listing is different  : var icm_icons = {.... };

var icm_icons = { 'Web Applications' : [57436, 57437, … ], 'Business Icons' : [57347, 57348, …], … };

That's a JS object with arrays as values

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Topic: Javascript in plugins

you have 2 quotes, search for



1 year ago
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Topic: Installtion

I don't have experience with Softaculous, so I might not be of much help with it.

For PHP 7.2, I had no issues so far.

Edited: 1 year ago


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