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Topic: Ckeditor plugin manually install (Not replaced)
Works here when zipped with its folder – check
1 year ago
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Topic: Ckeditor plugin manually install (Not replaced)

A link to the plugin would be helpful.

But I guess it could be the most common cause:
Check if the plugin code resides in a folder inside the zip archive. If not, unpack the zip to a local folder, e.g. 'ckmaterial' and then re-zip the whole folder. Then try to install it again.

1 year ago
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Topic: Adapt the .contactform width css to 100%

Hi Christian,

Open Layout Manager (via Admin Top Bar -> Layout or Amin Toolbox -> Appearnce -> Layouts -> [select_your_layout])

In the right editor panel, add

.gpCol-6 .contactform,
.col-sm-6 .contactform {

Hit [Save] and [Close].

this should do the trick, basically.
I also added the .col-sm-6 class if you're using a Bootswatch theme and prefer the Bootstrap grid over Typesetter's native grid.

You could instead use

.filetype-wrapper_section .contactform {

which would force the form to 100% width in all cases where it is a child of a wrapper section.



1 year ago
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Topic: Change section names

Thanks for putting togehter such a complete list.

It's true, some parts of Typesetter are still impossible to translate. We will subsequently improve that.
But I believe, some parts will remain non-translatable, especially those which reside in a english/english-like techical domain or lead to english-only resources.
But let's check your list…

  • Themes > Manage > CSS > Name Based Menu Classes & Ordered Menu Classes
    IMO a borderline case. Both are rather technical terms and require coding (templating/CSS) skills to make use of them. CSS and PHP comments as well as variable and class names usually are somewhat english based, so we'd assume basic understanding here. But I'll make them translatable in 5.1.1.
  • Plugins > Manage > Plugin Documentation (link)
    The (admittedly sparse) docs one will find when clicking this link are english only. IMO a translation would raise wrong expectations, therefore I'd kleep in english only.
  • CKEditor > Manage Plugins > Button Install Plugin & Last text of that page
    The CK Editor plugin repository, the plugin names and their documentation is english only (usually). So, at least basic english skills are required to browse, download and install them. Any action here will cross the border to a english-only domain. I'd keep it.
  • Manage Classes > Descriptive text at bottom of the page
    Yes, this one should definitely be translatable.
  • Uninstall Preparation > All page content
    Yep, should also be translatable.
  • Resources Cache > Empty Cache (link) + header "Touched" + time in that column (days, months) + "Files" at bottom of the page
    The content of the 'Touched' column's human readable text (e.g. "3 weeks ago") uses a custom function that generates english wording. Translation (for over 30 languages) would require PHP coding and language grammar skills for each language to produce correct, human readable output. But we could fall back to ISO date formatting when the Admin UI language is other than english.
  • About Typesetter > All page content
    This page uses quite some formatting and is partially generated programmatically. I believe, it would not only be hard to maintain but also quite cumbersome for translators to understand and retain all the required markup and placeholder variables. Typesetter's language arrays are rather simple and don't support complex content formatting too well.
  • Performance > Memory + Max Memory + Seconds + Milliseconds + DB Queries
    IMO that's all technical terms that only make sense to folks who understand the underlying technology, which in turn uses english terminology (consider php.ini or httpd.conf, error.log, etc.)
  • Resources > Support Forum + Service Providers + Official Typesetter Site + Report a Bug
    All these links lead to english only ressources, similar to Plugin Documentation (link)
    Wouldn't you expect a spanish website when you see a link like Web official de Typesetter CMS? I would.
Edited: 1 year ago
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Topic: Change section names
I just merged mahotilo's section label localization, so it will be part of the next release.
1 year ago
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Topic: Guestbook Plus Captcha problem

The Guestbook Plus plugin is rather old and needs to be adapted to work with Typesetter's current reCaptcha (v2) implementation.

You might want to look up the code of FreeMailForm Enhanced to see how it works now (FeeMailForm.php + FreeMailForm_Gadget.php) and maybe eventually fix it yourself.

1 year ago
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Topic: Create custom folder where client can upload files

If your (UNIX/LINUX based) webhost allows to follow symbolic links, you can do it with a 'symlink'.
Create a folder /assets in your document root directory and place such a symlink there

Shell Code:

ln -sr ../data/_uploaded/file files

Then you should be able to access the files uploaded to

If you don't have shell access, the smylink can be created via PHP: place a php script called makelink.php with the following content in the /assets directory


// See

if( !function_exists('symlink') ){
  echo 'Error: Your PHP implementation does not allow to create symbolic links!';

$success = symlink('../data/_uploaded/file', 'files');

if( $success ){
  echo 'Success: The SymLink was successfully created!';
  echo 'Error: The SymLink could not be created!';

and call it via
When successful, you may delete the makelink.php script afterwards.

If this doesn't work either, you could also use a redirection rule in your .htaccess file.
But I recommend to try the above first.


Edited: 1 year ago
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Topic: cookie

Currently your website doesn't set a cookie.

If you're planning to add a cookie setting service or plugin in the future, made this Typesetter plugin

Edited: 1 year ago
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Topic: Textfile import
If you don't want to use <pre> to keep linebreaks, you could also try nl2br.
Edited: 1 year ago
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Topic: Textfile import

IMO it largely depends on the content and origin of the text file.

To check a PHP variable you can (almost) always use sth. like …

msg('$myVariable = ' . pre($myVariable) );

which will output the variable's type and content in a message.
This will work with strings, numbers, booleans and arrays.

If the text file can be trusted in terms of security, you could also simply try



$myText = ob_get_clean();

echo '<pre>';
echo $myText;
echo '</pre>';

While developing, I'd also recommend to set the gpdebug constant to true in /gpconfig.php, which makes Typesetter quite verbose in terms of notices, warnings and errors.

Edited: 1 year ago


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