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Topic: min-height for editable areas in Admin Mode

Maybe this should be added to admin.css:

body.gpAdmin div.editable_area {

This would make all editable areas at least 1 line tall in Admin Mode thus clickable/editable. Although empty areas (for whatever reason) are accessible via Current Page->Editable Areas people normally will not find that feature.

5 years ago
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Topic: Subdirectory hierarchy in gpFinder

That's already an older bug but maybe easy to fix:

When I create a subdirecory such as /images/subdir1 in gpFinder and return do gpFinder later, it will remember this location and everything is fine.
When I create another subfolder here like /images/subfolder1/subfolder2 gpFinder tries to do the same but won't succeed: The tree view on the left is collapsed and when I upload an image here (which will work) and doubleclick it afterwards to insert it into the content, gpFinder will pass a wrong path to CKEditor.
It should be "/data/_uploaded/images/subdir1/subdir2/myImg.jpg" but will be sent as "/data/_uploaded/myImg.jpg" thus causing a broken source.
The solution is to expand the tree and navigate to the subfolder before sending a file to CKE. People have to remember this fact, but not always will.

/edit: this has probably do with treeDeep Connector Option -->

Edited: 5 years ago
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Topic: Allowed file extensions

I'd recommend to add the following file extensions to the $upload_extensions_allow array by default:

and maybe also 'docx','pptx','xlsx' alsthough I advise people not to upload those formats, some want to.

There is another issue with file extensioins which I'm uncertain if it's so easy to fix.
Most CKEditor plugins include  .js and/or .html files. Installation will fail unless one allows these file formats in gpconfig.php.

Edited: 5 years ago
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Topic: SectionContent.php -> need a modification or possibly a H
Off-topic and just a minor CSS thing:

#gp_admin_html pre could benefit from adding word-wrap:break-word;
to make CKedtior Current Config break long lines that don't contain whitespace.
5 years ago
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Topic: SectionContent.php -> need a modification or possibly a H

Anything that needs attention before doing that?

I find "0 DB Queries" in the new performance panel quite amusing. Are you planning sth. with DB?

5 years ago
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Topic: SectionContent.php -> need a modification or possibly a H

I already tried such things in the past and they worked... well, not all that bad.
I made section types with default content like image+text or others using grid classes. I also used custom ckeditor templates.
The problem in all those cases - with default content like floating images or positioned divs - is, that CKEditor allows to delete or change these elements.

So section combos would be a good solution.  Sth. like


BTW: I fiddled a bit with the new wrappers. Wrapper-in-Wrapper, yeah! See
(Er... and… don't focus too much on the text, it's just quick and dirty and I told search engines not to index it :-)

I found that copying sections with the new section manager will lose the content of the copied sections after saving. I'm uncertain if this always happens or only in some situations.

5 years ago
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Topic: SectionContent.php -> need a modification or possibly a H

Eric and me discussed that topic some 2 years ago here
My proposal to put selectable class declarations into the theme css would be convenient for theme designers but AFAIK not so easy to implement technically.
An additional SectionClasses.ini in the theme directory could also do the trick and would be easier to process.

But if we had a hook/filter for the section attributes I could imagine to make a plugin with an Admin GUI for setting up available classes to be used by editors.

Layoutit and builder are good examples of simple content layout UIs. I'd imagine sth. like this. The main difference to gpEasy is, that those engines provide droppable section combos (like 2 text columns, text + image, etc.). Hmmm.

BTW: Feniweb, the websites you create look good, have you considered showing some of them them here?

Edited: 5 years ago
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Topic: SectionContent.php -> need a modification or possibly a H
And for that matter: "Manage Sections…" translates to "Abschnitte verwalten…" in German language.
5 years ago
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Topic: SectionContent.php -> need a modification or possibly a H

It's 2 am here but I immediately gave it a go. 

Josh, man, that's fantastic!


sth. like …

#section_sorting {
  max-height: 412px;

…will be needed, otherwise the list could grow out of bounds.
Or even better…

$(window).on("resize", function() {

function setSectionSortingMaxHeight() {
  var  listMaxHeight = window.height() - $("ckeditor_area").offset().top - 180;
  $("#section_sorting").css( { "max-height", listMaxHeight + "px" } ) ;

setSectionSortingMaxHeight() should also be bound to the ckeditor_area draggable stop callback.


Edited: 5 years ago
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Topic: SectionContent.php -> need a modification or possibly a H

…release out later today!

OMG ;-)

BTW: I've made up a pic of a - as I think - typical user case utilizing wrappers and grid elements.

On the right is the CSS needed to make such a layout work. This would have to be part of the theme.
For the grid elements i used bootstrap col-md classes.

The main problem with wrapper IMO is:
Most people who actually understand how grid layouts work, will have at least a clue of CSS. These folks could also use CKE Source to code their grid elements within a single section (.row)

Making wrappers + grid layouts usable for people without coding skills is a real challenge.
It definitvely needs some helper tools, which could be

  • selectable grid classes
  • real-time visual feedback
  • some sort of easily accessible explanation (at least a good weblink)

Assuming, we're using Bootstrap/Bootswatch themes, almost all classes are already available, but custom coded themes are way clearer/smaller/faster.
I wonder how this could be brought together...

5 years ago


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