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Topic: Check empty extra content

> Of course , it is interesting.

It's all in german language at the moment. I'll post a link shortly - will have to make it up a liltte.

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Topic: Check empty extra content

You're welcome!
BTW: Slick idea to use Extra Content for Slides! Have not yet thought of this solution.

FYI: I currently use included pages with sections as slides to accomplish that
e.g. see -> 
and the resource page ->

Has some advantages (e.g. sections can be reordered, section types can be forced to a specific size, slides can be set inactive via section options) but it's more cumbersome to implement.
I have called it "SliderFactory" but unfortunately it's not yet ready for publishing. Still needs some UX work to make it usable.
But I'm willing to share code if you are interested.

5 years ago
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Topic: Missing icons after update

Unfortunately I could not reproduce your error here.

To see if there are any errors reported you could try to edit your gpconfig.php
(it's located in the in the /gpEasy directory):

change the red parts to match the green ones:


 * gpdebug
 * Set to true to display php errors in the browser window.
 * Defaults to false

 * gpdebugjs
 * Set to true to display javascript errors in the browser window. Separate from gpdebug to allow specific debugging
 * Defaults to the value set for gpdebug


Please tell us if any errors are reported and if so, what they exactly say.

5 years ago
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Topic: Missing icons after update

For the icons:

It seems that only image files get corrupted. I suppose they get transfered as ASCII instead of binary data via FTP.
I'm uncertain if the problem is on the server or on your FTP client side.

You could try to reupload the PNGs with binary mode enforced. The settings depend on the FTP client you are using.
If this doesn't help, the problem might be on the FTP server side.

For the editing problem: I'll try if I can reproduce that.

You're upgrading from 3.0.3 to 4.3.4, right?

5 years ago
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Topic: Missing icons after update

The browser says the icon files are all corrupted. I have compared some and there are always some bytes missing.

e.g. has 726 bytes but should have 729

I'm surprised that gpEasy is running because something with the update must have gone wrong.

How did you update - using the integrated gpEasy Updater or manually by downloading gpEasy as a zip?


However, you could try the following safely:

  • log out of gpEasy if you are logged in
  • download gpEasy from
  • unpack the somewhere on your computer
  • connect to your webhost via FTP
  • on your server go to the /gpEasy directory and rename the /include folder to /include_corrupt
  • copy the /include folder from your local computer to /gpEasy directory on your server

see if it works - if it does also copy the Addon.ini from your local gpeasy folder to the /gpEasy folder on your server.

If it doesn’t work you can always rollback by renaming the include-folders (/include/include_4_3_4, /include_corrupt/include)


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Topic: Check empty extra content

this would be safe to paste in your template.php:

  if ( common::LoggedIn() ) {
    global $dataDir;
    $extraAreas = gpFiles::ReadDir( $dataDir . '/data/_extra' );
    $emptyAreas = array();
    foreach ( $extraAreas as $key => $val ) {
      $area = gpOutput::ExtraContent( $val );
      $type = $area['type'];
      $content = trim( $area['content'] );
      $content =  str_replace( '&nbsp;', '', $content );
      if ( empty( $content ) ) {
        $emptyAreas[] = array( $key => $type );
    message("Empty ExtraAreas: " . showArray( $emptyAreas ) );

Hope that helps

/edit: including the red stuff could even flag areas as empty that contain possible whitepsace leftovers.

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Topic: Check empty extra content

Not exactly an answer to your question but in case you want to make even empty areas editable, this is a very simple solution:


body.gpAdmin div.editable_area {

… into your theme stylesheet.

When you are logged in, this will render even empty areas at least 1 line high, thus makes them selectable.

5 years ago
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Topic: FullCalendar

Never mind … it's already finished.

FullCalendar for gpEasy:


Err... if anyone feels like coding a event management backend for it, don’t hestitate.
Would be much apprecciated ;-)

5 years ago
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Topic: Triggering an Admin Box in INline Editing

FullCalendar for gpEasy is ready:

(and Codemirror loaded in a gpAdminBox is back in for Advanced Config ;-)

5 years ago
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Topic: Plugin features explained

After installation you will find a new Content Type available when you create a new section.
New FullCalendar sections will immediately show an empty calendar with default settings.
Configure your calendar: right click->Edit. Basic options can be set directly in the editor.

Currently the plugin has no own event management backend, therefore a public google Calendar is the preferred event source.

google Calendar
The editor’s topmost expandable area contains the settings you need to show your own google Calendar on you website, which are

  1. a google Calendar API key
  2. a google Calendar ID.

If you don’t yet have a google Calendar, the integrated notices will guide you to a nice tutorial on how to get one.

This area contains some settings on how the calendar will look. You can

  • choose from 5 different themes
  • set the calendar’s start view
  • define content and arrangement of the header and
  • select from 7 built-in loading animatios

Currently there is only one setting in here - what happens if a user clicks an event - how or if event details will be shown.
Since google currently does not allow to embed/ajax event pages, the "open in colorbox" option will not work for google events (CORS restriction).

The FullCalendar plugin will try to adopt gpEasy’s user interface language. This will mostly work out of the box but not for some languages such as Afrikaans. If you have Multi-Language Manager installed, FullCalendar will try to use the current page’s language. There are lots of less-common languages which FullCalendar currently has no translation for - you may want to select a fallback language here. If you do not want FullCalendar to inherit languages at all, simply untick the checkbox and select a specific language.

Week starts with: In most cases "use language default" will be the best choice here.
Britains will have to set "Monday" to overrule US english, which defaults to "Sunday" .
FullCalendar (wich uses the mighty moment.js library) will also adapt almost all other language specific formatting for you–like date and time formats, button text, etc. But you can even override all that using the…

Advanced Configuration
This is where everything else and more specific things can be done. FullCalendar has a plethora of fetaures/options–by far too much to pack into a gpEasy editor box. If you want to do more special things and are a little familiar with JavaScript notation, you will get the most from FullCalendar’s potential using the Additional Configuration Editor which will pop up when you click the "Edit Additional Options" button. Some settings are already here, commented out. Visit FullCalendar Documentation to get started. Avoid syntax errors here which may break you Calendar!

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