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Topic: when will CKeditor adapt cutom styles?

Couldn't figure this out yet:

When will CKeditor use my stylesheets in editor area.
It does on plain install in page content sections but doesn't in sidebar or footer.
When I edit a theme or create a new one after a certain point CKeditor will use it's own styles even in content sections.

Is it a special div id or class or what's the criterium for CKeditor to adopt my theme styles?


7 years ago
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Topic: fonts

You can download/generate  a PT Sans @font-face kit at fontsquirrel:

... or build your own here:

There are lots of customization options to shrink the d/l size but the main problem will persist since the client browser will have to download the webfonts from your host or from Google.

Google Webfonts is likely the faster source and there is a (little) chance that the client has the webfonts already in cache, if loaded from Google.


7 years ago
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Topic: data->_uploaded

Similar here.
I deleted a thumbnail within elFinder (it allowed me despite there was a lock symbol attached to it. Get Info didn't report it to be locked, though).
Now thumbnail function seems to be broken at all.

When I delete the thumbnail folder a new one will be created @ next image upload. But no thumbs will be created anymore.

Have tried all sorts of permissions but didn't change anything.

Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: 3.5b2 checkboxes in Export panel

something with floating is wrong here (FF 14.0.1/Win).

7 years ago
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Topic: Sorry, the addon data could not be fetched from

Don't know exactly what the problem was (besides Safe Mode) and what the webhost support changed but now it works.  Thx

7 years ago
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Topic: Sorry, the addon data could not be fetched from

Thx - you're right, seems the host support switched it on again.
But it was already off once before and didn't work. Any other ideas?

7 years ago
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Topic: Several GetContent-Boxes?

Jogai - when you say "divided in different areas" - do you mean sections?
Just asking because sections do NOT have unique ids.

I'd also be eager to know a trick to style sections seperately - so if you know one please enlighten us ;-)

7 years ago
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Topic: Sorry, the addon data could not be fetched from

What is missing on the server if I get

Sorry, the addon data could not be fetched from (f1)


The feature Test plugin tells me:

ini_get(allow url fopen) is true


RemoteGet is false

Is it a php.ini setting or missing modules or what could it be?

here is phpinfo on the host system.



/edit: the Export (backup) function also doesn't work - dies with a fatal error (empty page).
Unfortunately don't have access to the error log. PEAR issue?

Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: fallback for LoadComponents()

Josh -

what's the best fallback for

common::LoadComponents([component list]);

to support gp|Easy < 3.5 ?

I currently have

if (!class_exists("common::LoadComponents"))  {
   // load all my custom jQueryUI stuff
   // not included in gp|Easy < 3.5

   // e.g. 'tabs'
} else {


will this be safe? Thx


For all who are interested:
LoadComponents() should be used to load additional jQueryUI components in gp|Easy 3.5+
Formerly discussed as LoadjQueryUI([compnent list]) here.


Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: Plugin/Idea: Simple Event Calendar - anybody interested?

Hey that's great! Event management is (was) one thing missing in gp|Easy. I'm looking forward to try your plugin soon.

I'm also working on a - more complex - event managament plugin but I have set the bar a little high for my coding skills ;o) and I'm currently too busy to finish it shortly :-(.

But here is a sneak preview of the admin area:


Edited: 7 years ago


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