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Topic: Report bugs here or on github?

Josh - shall we report bugs here or is it better to open issues on github?

The bug reporting link on the Forum Start Page still points to Sourceforge btw.

7 years ago
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Topic: Edit Layout -> "Insert" Button -> transl. mi

BTW: same when admin language is english. The [ Insert ] Button renders empty (and therefore tiny).

Error message:

Undefined index: insert
    in: /home/juergen/Hosts/
    on line: 364
    Request: /gpeasy35b1/index.php/Admin_Theme_Content/default
    Method: GET
7 years ago
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Topic: Cannot remove Gadget from GetAllGadgets Area

The [ Remove ] button for Gadgets doesn't work. Gadgets will remain in GetAllGadgets Area. No error message.


gp|Easy 3.5b1, Admin languages tested: german, english
Server: Apache 2.2.15 / PHP 5.3.3

7 years ago
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Topic: Some elFinder JS issues


When I try to Delete a file I get the JS error

TypeError: e.isRejected is not a function
Line: 42

When I try "Copy" or "Cut" I get

TypeError: d.isRejected is not a function
Line: 37

When I try "Duplicate"

TypeError: f.isRejected is not a function
Line: 37

When I try "Resize & Rotate"

TypeError: y.buttonset is not a function
Line: 42

(dialog pops up but no image will load)

When I try to Drag'n'drop a file into another folder I get

TypeError: k.isRejected is not a function
Line: 39

and when I try to preview an image the box opens but will stay black (without JS errors)


Not browser related, occurs in Firefox 14,  Chromium/Comodo Dragon 15, Safari 5 and Opera 12

gp|Easy 3.5b1, Admin language: german,
Server: Apache 2.2.15 / PHP 5.3.3

7 years ago
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Topic: Edit Layout -> "Insert" Button -> transl. mi

translation for "insert" is missing in german. Add


after line 176 in /include/language/de/


Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: CKeditor bug #9042 -> safe to upgrade to 3.6.4?

A customer encountered this bug in CKeditor 3.6.3 on Safari/Mac which leaves a <body> tag in the editor area when pasting text (leading to a blank page after Save & Close in gp|Easy 3.0.3).

As a hotfix I decided to replace the original ckeditor.js in /include/thirdparty/ckeditor_34 with the one from version 3.6.4 where the issue should be fixed. This seems to work at first hand but I still have to test it.

Has anyone else replaced CKeditor with 3.6.4 and is it safe to do so? Any known issues?

Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: Cobalt theme vs. IE9

I changed the header and put the textarea part in the gpEasy CSS edit box (together with the other CSS changes for this site). I figured that would be a more appropriate place for regular CSS. Looks like it all works fine now!

Great, would have been my next suggestion to do so.
And just learned sth. new for the subconscious CSS reflexes: We can safely put overflow-y:auto to textarea elements because IE10 still needs it and it will not harm in other browsers.

I'm also curious to see which css hacks emerge for IE10 soon since conditional comments are gone.

7 years ago
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Topic: Cobalt theme vs. IE9


Just found out that it doesn't matter what we use --  <!--[if IE]> or <!--[if lte IE 9]> 

Microsoft has dropped support for conditional comments in IE10. Bravo.

That's why the textarea "fix" doesn't work in IE10. 


Reinaud you could try this instead:

<!--[if IE]><style type="text/css">
.btn, #content input[type=submit], .nav {
background:#3E546D url(<?php global $page; echo $page->theme_path; ?>/nav-gradient.png) 0 0 repeat-x;


<style type="text/css">
textarea#contact_message { overflow-y:auto; }



7 years ago
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Topic: Cobalt theme vs. IE9

Do you have any of your projects online for us to see?

e.g. this one went online yesterday. Though not my design, but I 'gpeased' it.

7 years ago
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Topic: Cobalt theme vs. IE9

@jogai: Sorry but I have to disagree. It was my intention to target all IEs here.
CSS gradients are not mature in 9 yet especially in conjuction with border-radius. Probably in IE10 they will be.


... textarea fix is not going to work with IE10, though

Yes, I have seen. Hard to guess CSS for it. 10 is still in preview.



Edited: 7 years ago


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