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Topic: security considerations for new Nivo Slider Plugin

I have added Nivo Slider for gp|Easy yesterday. The Admin Page allows to configure almost all aspects of Nivo Slider - it even let's Admins write (JS) callback functions. So anyone with access to this area could use it to do nauhgty things like XSS.

From my point of view, I would never give anyone access to the admin interface I don't trust, but I'm not certain if this is common practice.
After reading this I believe you share my point of view. In fact, there are much more powerful plugins available such as PHP execution.

Just want to check with the experts.





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Topic: Cycle Slideshow Advanced - call for feedback

Thanks for testing that. position:absolute is needed at least for fade transitions (and it's applied by the Cycle Lite jQuery Plugin)

Hmm. Actually there are some things with Cycle Lite I don't exactly like. Such as that it counts the z-indexes up forever (which will after some time place the slides above everything including Admin boxes etc.)  And it definitely needs a height set to display properly.

I guess I will implement a more powerful and convenient slider script - probably nivo (with all it's bells and whistles ;-).
Shouldn't be too complicated.

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Topic: Cycle Slideshow Advanced - call for feedback

@jogai: It's not a gallery but a slideshow with fade as defaut transition. 
It's best to be placed site-wide in the header/footer/sidebar. Colorbox or Simple Slideshow are far better suited for showing images in the content area.

There is no big difference between Cycle Slideshow Lite and Advanced. The most significant is that Advanced automates the inclusion of images from a specified folder - therefore it's possible for admins to add/change/delete sildes easily without altering the template.php.

> ... that does prevent the image from showing.

Sonds like the fade effect didn't start at your side (?)


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Topic: Cycle Slideshow Advanced - call for feedback


That's my first post here. I have discovered gp|Easy a few months ago and I love it.

Cycle Slideshow Advanced: It's an extended version of Strodtbeck's Cycle Slideshow Lite.
It checks a defined folder for images and uses a Gadget to output them as slideshow in the layout/page.
Its Admin Interface provides access to almost all possibilities the original Cycle Lite jQuery Plugin offers.

Since these are my first steps in gp|Easy plugin dev and I'm noch much of a PHP crack I'm quite uncertain about the result and would kindly ask for some opinions before releasing it “into the wild”.

*  I'm not sure if it's done right :-). It installs/uninstalls and runs well here on 2 different gp|Easy setups but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. There is lots of gp|Easy things I yet don't understand. I'd appreciate if some of you could look if it is safe and done properly. I don't want to break anyone's setup who can't fix it.

* I don't have a PHP 4 system for testing. Since my PHP skills are pretty low-level I'd guess it will work but I'm not sure.

* In the Admin Interface I extend gp|Easy's custom jQuery UI with widgets/tabs functionality by loading them as admin_css. Works well for now as long as gp|Easy will not implement this functions by itself. Is there a way to avoid possible future conflicts?

* Quite important for me - do you consider it useful and suitable for average users?  I have tried to document all features within the Admin Interface but is it comprehensible?

* And - last but not least - the internal documentation is in german and english only (the latter not exactly brilliant :-). It falls back to english if current Admin language is not supported. I will most likely find someone who will translate it to french and italian, maybe even spanish. But I don't see much light for other languages. Anyone?

Any opinions critique and contributions are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Ah and yes, here is the ZIP:


BTW: Is anyone planning sth. like an events manager to announce seminars, concerts, presentations and alike?
This is what I need frequently so I'm considering this as my 2nd plugin project for gp|Easy. 

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