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Topic: myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin
1 year ago
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Topic: calendar popup formatting when using bootswatch th
It's spam - can be ignored.
1 year ago
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Topic: moving installation from subfolder to root?

what about the htaccess..?

There is also web.config in cases Typesetter is running on Windows/IIS.
On lighttpd, there is nothing like .htaccess, so url rewriting  has to be done via server/vHost configuration.

While it might be possible to implement fallbacks for Apache and IIS, the only working solution for all cases is to disable url rewriting prior to moving the whole site accross directory levels and only enabling it again later.

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Topic: moving installation from subfolder to root?
it's the $grid-float-breakpoint variable in variables.scss
1 year ago
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Topic: moving installation from subfolder to root?

what about the htaccess..?

yes thats' the other problem - and it's even harder to solve, because index.php will not work as entry point.

1 year ago
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Topic: Redirect index.php to another page
In Page Manager click the 'Homepage' link below the Menu Select. It will let you set the start page.
1 year ago
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Topic: moving installation from subfolder to root?

A known issue.
I have an almost working solution and will hopefully manage to add it to 5.1.1

1 year ago
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Topic: typesetter gadget collides w. freemailform gadget
Seems as if the old version of FreeMailForm is still installed. Please uninstall it and only use the newer 'FreeMailForm Enhanced', which has reCaptcha fixed.
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Topic: Problems with installation from repository

Any real working JS sandbox will prevent accessing the global scope, where e.g. the CKEDITOR object lives in.

Every CKE plugin I know writes to this object. So, good luck.

1 year ago
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Topic: Problems with installation from repository

The blocker might not see them then.

I cannot reproduce any of the issues here.
So that's my conclusive statement on that matter:

Whatever software is causing the problems on your local system, if it blocks content despite explicit whitelisting but on the other hand can be tricked by obfuscation techniques (which bad guys know way better than you and me), it simply is of no value.
Don't fight symptoms but cure the underlying cause. Just get rid of it.

All this doesn't seem to be Typesetter or CKEditor related at all.

1 year ago


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