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Topic: Another CKeditor plugin question


will it be possible to register CKeditor plugins in the course of a gp|Easy plugin intallation?
My mediaelement.js html5 player plugin is almost ready but it makes sense to wait for the new CKeditor config options in 3.6+ to add the needed <video> and <audio> plugins to CKeditor.  My current dirty plugin-injection-hack is what prevents me from publishing it.

7 years ago
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Topic: Nivo slider image path

Yes, with section properties a multi-section-slider would be a snap ;-)

7 years ago
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Topic: Nivo slider image path

Have you considered allowing for multiple instances of nivo slider in a site?

Would be nice but would also need a complete different admin interface.

A more flexible slider concept would be this idea or something similar with CKeditor to WYSIWYG edit slide content.
With 3.6's new CKeditor plugin registration (for background images in this case)  it could be more easy to do. Let's see.
Unfortunately PHP is my weak point. I'm always amazed by others' efficient and slim code compared to mine :-)

7 years ago
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Topic: [email protected]:8080

Not much of an issue but I just noticed...

If I run a server on a different port than port 80, the port number - which is part of the url in this case - will make it into the suggested sender address in the Contact Form configuration. --> [email protected]:8080

I'd guess that's easy to fix.

7 years ago
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Topic: Nivo slider image path

Eric -

sorry I didn't check the forum the past days.
I named it "Path relative to the Uploaded Files folder" after the file management button in the Admin Toolbox which is [ Uploaded Files ].
Admins/Editors don't always know the server's file system. I admit it can be misleading for those who know or use FTP for uploading the images.
I'll change the description with the next update.

Good to hear it works with 3.6rc1 - had no time to test it by myself yet.

BTW: If you had posted it to the Plugin's Support Forum I would have been notified ;-)

7 years ago
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Topic: Style of galleries
I mostly override the default gallery styles with custom ones in my theme stylesheets. Can't remeber having any issues with that. As long as every rule used in the gallery's default stylesheet it redefined in your own theme stylesheet, it should work. If not (for whatever reason) try using !important - this will take precedence over all other declarations, even inline styles.
8 years ago
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Topic: Oddities with 500 Internal Server Error on AJAX/logout

Thanks to Josh the problem could be localized and eventually solved.

The hosting provider uses (likely a recent version of) the ModSecurity Apache module that prevents posting html content (stuff in angle brackets) to avoid code injections at a low level.

The hosting provider's support turned it off and now everything works flawlessly.

So if anyone encounters similar problems ModSecurity is probably the cause. It can be disabled by the hosting provider if they are willing to do so.

8 years ago
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Topic: Oddities with 500 Internal Server Error on AJAX/logout

I turned gpdebug on. Sent you a login via contact form.

8 years ago
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Topic: Oddities with 500 Internal Server Error on AJAX/logout

I just installed gp|Easy 3.5.2 on a customer's shared host without any errors but now I have some odd behavior:

I cannot add pages in page manager, cannot save sections or Extra content (error 500, see below*).

I'm able to create folders and upload files in elFinder.

When I click the logout link i get to see the 500 error page (the session seems to survive this) Funnily enough when I copy the logout link and paste it into the Browsers addresss bar, logout works.

Apache 2.2.23, PHP 5.3.14  phpinfo() => here
Unfortunately no access to error logs.

What can this be? TIA!

* to see which error I get on [ SAVE ] I use
$(document).bind('ajaxError', function(e,xhr) { alert("Ajax->Error: "+xhr.status); });

Edited: 8 years ago
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Topic: Register CKEditor plugins

Thanks for your efforts  -  in the meantime I've managed to load a custom CKEditor config from my mediaelement.js plugin directory that includes the video and audio CKE plugins. But this will replace gp|Easy's default CKconfig and therefore it's not exactly future-proof. Furthermore it has to be bound to specific section types (text) and will not interact with possible other plugin-generated sections. Both no show-stoppers but I'd like to make it as modular as possible.

I'm looking forward to the new filter.

8 years ago


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