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Topic: gpOutput :: GetImage () added

Oder kannst du mir sagen wo ich die Classe .container_24 .grid_8  einfügen kann hinter der

Das geht leider nicht. Bzw. weiß ich nicht, wie man es macht, falls es möglich ist.

Die Klasse filetype-bild_link erzeugt gp|Easy selbst, weil der Abschnitt-Typ so heißt. Soviel hab ich noch hinbekommen.
Wie man selbst eigene Klassennamen hinzufügen könnte, wüsste ich selbst gerne - wenn ich das wüsste, bräuchten wir dieses Plugin gar nicht bzw. hätte ich schon längst genau dafür eines geschrieben und eingestellt.


Du kannst aber probieren, die CSS-Regeln aus deinem Gridsystem in das Plugin-Stylesheet zu kopieren. Das sollte eigentlich klappen.

Wenn man jedoch über ein Auswahlfeld  die Einträge auswählen könnte währe das Genial.

Genau darum dreht es sich in Erics und meinem Feature Request.
Leider nicht ganz trivial - zumindest bin ich nicht schlau genug, das selbst zu programmieren.
Ich hoffe, dass Josh sich irgendwann mal dem Thema annimmt. Ich warte auch schon hart darauf. Das würde gp|Easy aus meiner Sicht enorm verbessern. Hast du schon gevotet?

8 years ago
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Topic: Newsletter Plugin - anyone interested?


For i8n: Probably the best and most simple way to start from is to give the Admin a form to define translations of relevant terms. Like ...

subscribe: [ abonnieren ]
Subscriber: [ Empfänger ]
Send: [ Versenden ]

For sending: I guess it should be possible to utilize gp|Easy's mail functionality and settings. 
SMTP, SMTPauth, sendmail + phpmail is already here.

I believe Double Opt-In would be an important feature (confirmation email with activation link) to avoid fake subscriptions and probably a honeypot captcha (see this link) for the subscription form, because it is simple to implement.

8 years ago
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Topic: Newsletter Plugin - anyone interested?

Interested? Absolutely!
I fear I cannot contribute to the code because I'm really not much of a php programmer but I'd love to participate in testing.

Newsletter would be a great addition to gp|Easy!

Grüße aus Graz ;-)

8 years ago
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Topic: Incompatibility with gp|Easy 3.5

Great! Works. Thx!

8 years ago
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Topic: Incompatibility with gp|Easy 3.5

Josh -
Simple Slideshow (upto ver 1.2.1) seems to have issues with gp|Easy 3.5.2 here.
When I want to edit a Simple Slideshow Section I get an alert

Admin Notice: The following file could not be found:

Must have sth. to do with the new modular loading of jQuery UI.


8 years ago
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Topic: Register CKEditor plugins

I'm currently trying to make a plugin that implements mediaelement.js
(IMO the best HTML5 video player with flash fallback)

For best User Experience I'd like to register additional plugins to CKEditor.
There is already a good CKEditor video plugin and I have managed to create a audio variant of it that works.
Once the CKE plugins are loaded, mediaelement.js will take care of the rest (rendering video/audio in all browsers).

I have added the CKEditor plugins to the /include/thirdparty/ckeditor_34/plugins folder and installed them by editing /include/js/inline_edit/inlineck.js  and /include/js/ckeditor_config.js. So far, this works nicely.

The problem is that changes to these folders will be overwritten wehen gpeasy is updated.

Therefore I'd like to load the CKE plugins dynamically from my "mediaelement.js for gp|Easy" plugin but I can't figure out how to do it.

I have tried to use the InlineEdit_Scripts hook and adding some trial-and-error code like...

echo 'CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal("video",gpBase+"'.$addonRelativeCode.'/ck_editor_addons/video/","plugin.js");';
echo 'CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal("audio",gpBase+"'.$addonRelativeCode.'/ck_editor_addons/audio/","plugin.js");';
echo 'CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function(config) { '.
   'config.toolbar_gpeasy.push(["Video","Audio"]); '.
   'config.toolbar_inline.push(["Video","Audio"]); '.


...but that isn't working and I'm somehow stuck.

Is there a way to register external CKE plugins from within a gp|Easy plugin and if so, how can it be done?


8 years ago
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Topic: gpOutput :: GetImage () added

Hi feniweb and all

I ran into a similar problem recently and managed to create a datatype to achieve floating blocks/multicolumn layout. It works quite well but it's sort of a dirty hack so I haven't added it to the gpeasy addons page. But it may be helpful for anyone who wants floating sections.

It simply does the following: After installation there is a new Section data-type called "BildLink" that can be added to a page. Such a "BildLink" section has fixed width and height, overflow, margins and float rules defined in the CSS file (bildlink.css) that gets loaded along with the addon. The default content consists of a dummy image and an anchor - both can be edited normally with CKeditor.

To get the addon fully working (especially to make CKeditor play along in admin mode) it's necessary to create a layout variant for the page(s) you want the floating elements to show up and add the CSS from the provided file "add_this_CSS_to_custom_layout.txt" to the Action->CSS area. (This CSS is the most dirty part of the solution because it tweaks all sections' appearance of the currently edited page - even normal Editable Text sections. I couldn't figure out how to solve this otherwise)

If you (most likely) want to change the width/height and margins of the floating "BildLink"-blocks you have to tweak the supplied CSS in the addon. Of course you can add some CSS to get fancy "Read more" buttons and stuff but this could also be added to the theme's CSS.

For my solution I needed to make the image and the text line below link to another page but this can be changed easily by modifying the default content in BildLink.php in lines 40-42.

You can d/l it from here and unzip it into the addons folder.
I recommend a "Developer Installation" for better tweaking the integrated CSS.

I haven't used the addon on gpEasy > 3.0.5 so i can hope it will work in 3.5+
Anyone who is interested in grid/colum layout capabilites for gpEasy and hasn't done so already could upvote this Feedback Suggestion. ;-)

Edited: 8 years ago
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Topic: fonts

BTW: PT Sans is quite a memory hog - probably because it has a very complete glyph set and lots of hinting information. The latter is a reason why it renders quite well as webfont even under Windows XP. If you plan to use all 4 styles it will use 300 kb.

If you want to use a quite similar type you might want to try Droid Sans (the former Android default font)
It has only 2 styles but also great hinting and renders very well. Costs only 50kb in terms of bandwith/speed.

Edited: 8 years ago
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Topic: when will CKeditor adapt cutom styles?

Thx Josh!

I could have found this by myself - lazy me!

8 years ago
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Topic: when will CKeditor adapt cutom styles?

Couldn't figure this out yet:

When will CKeditor use my stylesheets in editor area.
It does on plain install in page content sections but doesn't in sidebar or footer.
When I edit a theme or create a new one after a certain point CKeditor will use it's own styles even in content sections.

Is it a special div id or class or what's the criterium for CKeditor to adopt my theme styles?


8 years ago


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