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Topic: jQuery events - double firing problem (3.0.1 & 3.0.2)

It's just a joke but one not to be crawled by image bots.  user: really   pass: easy4

7 years ago
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Topic: jQuery events - double firing problem (3.0.1 & 3.0.2)

*sigh* seems I have to get me this one* ... When will it be out again? ;-)
*use u: really p:easy4

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Topic: jQuery events - double firing problem (3.0.1 & 3.0.2)

I can see no double HTML. What I see is that the entire script tag is removed from the DOM at runtime (and probably executed otherwise - can't find it in generated source but I'm not much of a jQuery debugger).

I could imagine that it is executed bevore it's extracted and then - wherever this might be - it's executed again.
This is clearly beyond my JS knowledge and I'm running out of terminology now...


Anyway, $page->jQueryCode does the job except that I cannot define variables with global scope this way. But I already found a way around this.

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Topic: jQuery UI Custom Extensions and future gp|Easy versions

Hmm. Since the admin UI always loads in front of the visitor UI there will always be potential conflicts if different jQuery UI version components will be loaded - no matter how smart it gets filtered/enqueued. A complete jQUI version that can be loaded modular with LoadjQueryUI( [component_list] ) could prevent this.

For my understanding LoadjQueryUI( [component_list] ) called from Admin.php only loads when this specific admin page is accessed. Same for Gadgets and Special Pages/File includes and template.php. If it's only going to be loaded when needed (wherever) and all (multiple) calls will be filtered/combined to one custom jQUI everything is fine and there is no need for discrete admin/visitor functions.

jQuery UI theming is a lesser and completely different problem (if I'm right). If one loads a "deviant" jQUI-theme-css in admin mode (like I currently do *g*) the worst case is that the gp|Easy theme in the background will look different while he/she is logged in. Or vice versa depending on which css is loaded first. It could also get mixed depending on the components :-) Currently the differnet jQUI themes-elements use almost the same amount of space. It will hardly mess up a layout when they get switched/mixed. Might look ugly though. Anyway, it would'nt break functionality.

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Topic: jQuery events - double firing problem (3.0.1 & 3.0.2)

fly06 - thanks for the hint. Actually this is the first time I have such a problem. Will come in handy sometimes.

Josh -  $page->jQueryCode ... sounds great. I'll use this.

I'm still burying my oldschool one-event-per-function-javascript thinking. But it's a zombie ;-)

7 years ago
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Topic: jQuery events - double firing problem (3.0.1 & 3.0.2)

Seems that in admin mode events bound with jQuery fire double.

<script type="text/javascript">
 $(document).ready( function() {
  $("h1").click( function() { alert("Click!"); } );

When I click on a h1 element I get two alerts in a row. Seems to be a bug.

Here is a small Test Plugin:
Where does the double binding come from? Looks like the domready function gets initialized twice.


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Topic: jQuery UI Custom Extensions and future gp|Easy versions

As long as theme designers and plugin developers both use the LoadjQueryUI( [component_list] ) and the function takes care for multiple loading (from themes, gadgets, file inludes, plugin admin scripts) that would be a good solution.

7 years ago
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Topic: Gallery and text area side-by-side
> Am I too old-fashioned ...? We're talking about 1.3 % having JS disabled. For me that's way beyond my personal 5% radar limit. I think everyone surfing w/o JavaScript will have to be merciful when it comes to User Experience nowadays. Considering google maps, facebook, etc... But, er... no, it's not a drop-dead-beautiful solution ;-) [ posted with JS disabled :-) - therefore no formatting. ]
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Topic: jQuery UI Custom Extensions and future gp|Easy versions

I will take a look if i can resolve my conflicts by using only jQuery UI 1.8.7 components.
If so, it's probably a good advice for ohter theme/plugin developers to stick with 1.8.7 for backwards compatibility unless we can use a safe component loading function.

I'll tell my results here ...

Thanks for all the info!


7 years ago
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Topic: jQuery UI Custom Extensions and future gp|Easy versions

LoadjQueryUI( [component_list] ) Looks promising.

When you say gp|Easy < 3.5 uses only Sortable and Autocomplete:
With Nivo Slider for gp|Easy I had to include Widget (jQuery UI 1.8.22) to get Tabs working.
Sortable and Autocomplete also depend on Widget in 1.8.22 but it seems that the
included Widget in gpEasy (1.8.17 for gp|Easy 3.0.1 in this case) won't do it.

I don't believe that internal dependencies have changed in jQueryUI recently.
Is this a complete Widget component in 3.0.1?
If so anyone who uses jQueryUI should probably stick with 1.8.17 (or even older?) components to stay compatible with up to current gp|Easy versions.

And - a little OT and just for my curiosity - I like elfinder very much but I had some issues installing it under php 5.1.6 (got json errors). It works well under 5.3 though. Will elfinder force gp|Easy to PHP 5.2+?
I had a hard time to figure out which PHP version elfinder exactly demands (and had no luck so far).
/edit: finally found the info it on Github: elfinder 2 needs PHP 5.2.

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