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Topic: Problem with automatically sizing (Responsive)
You are using tables with widths defined in pixels (500px and 1000px).
Try to use 100% as width or wrap them with a <div class="table-responsive"></div> (see Bootstrap docs)
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Topic: how to make RSS?
It shouldn't bee too hard to adopt SimpleBlog's RSS generator to build a feed out of pages.
I only fear that it will be much more difficult to define exceptions for cases, e.g. when simple typo fixes shouldn’t trigger a new feed entry. Or for pages that you don’t want to be part of the feed at all.
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Topic: Missing "visibility" button for extra content

Extra Content Visibility is a feature only implemented in the upcoming version 5.2

You can use the Typesetter 5.2 release candidate from GitHub

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Topic: how to make RSS?

how to make RSS not only in Simple Blog in Typesetter CMS?

Based on which data? New pages, page changes, deletions?

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Topic: I can't enter the menu first level

can you pls tell how to make Responsive Images?

Answered here

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Topic: how to make Responsive Images? ? (plugin Responsiv

how to make Responsive Images?

It depends a bit on two things: the context and a definition what a 'responsive image' actually is…

The context: Since you say 'plugin Responsive Image didn't help', I assume you are talking about inline images, i.e. pictures added to the content of an standard 'Editable Text' section, using CK Editor.
Such images need an appropriate CSS class or inline style applied to them.

Definition: I would define a 'responsive image' as an image that somehow responds to the context and current viewing conditions. Admittedly, that's a pretty vague definition :-)
Bootstrap defines it as an image that will scale down to fit the available width of its container element, if its container width is smaller than the image's original width.

ThemeGarage is only partially based on Bootstrap and there is neither the img-responsive (BS3) nor the img-fluid (BS4) CSS class available.
But we can use inline styles.

So, if you're happy with Bootstrap's 'responsive image' definition, double click your inline image when editing its section. This will pop up the 'Image Properties' dialogue.
Select the 'Advanced' tab and insert  max-width:100%; height:auto;  into the 'Style' field.

If you're after an image that always scales to fit the container width (up and down), do the same as above but use  width:100%; height:auto; 

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Topic: Typesetter 5.2 - please help with new translations

I can with Brazilian Portuguese

Would be appreciated. It's this file:

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Topic: I can't enter the menu first level

That's how Boootstrap navigations deal with 1-st-level menu items when sub-items are available.
Since touch devices do not have a mouse pointer, a touch/click event is required to toggle the dropdown menu.

You could try my rather old Bootstrap Hover Menu plugin.


  • download the ZIP
  • extrackt the folder and copy it to your [Typesetter installation root]/addons directory.
  • install the addon via Admin Toolbox → Plugins → Manage → Available → [Addon Name] → Install
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Topic: Responsive image

There is also a bootstrap grid editor

Well, that's exactly what we have wrappers and sections for.
If you build grids inside individual Editable Text sections (which is also perfectly fine), you lose the ability to use different section types within this grid.

Use whatever suits you best - Typesetter makes no restrictions in this regard.

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Topic: Responsive image

I just cant put or draw  pictures  into a bootstrap grid and not several pictures into  a row

  1. Create a wrapper section and give it the class row
  2. Add Simple Image sections, move them into the wrapper
  3. Give them the col- classes you want
  4. Voila!
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