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Topic: Responsive image

I think, Simple Image can do most of your resizing needs.


I was looking for a js…

function directResize() {
  img = new Image();
  img.src = sourceImage; 

I would advise against using such scripts that define variables in the global scope.
It indicates poor programming skills.

3 months ago
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Topic: Typesetter without Jquery and updated bootstrap

We're currently at Typesetter version 5.2-rc (release candidate) on GitHub.

TS 5.2 comes with Bootstrap 4.4 as well as a lot of other new things
We will continue to support Bootstrap 3 in future versions because many existing websites are using BS3 based themes. That's why we still use jQuery 2 - Bootstrap 3 is not compatible with  jQuery 3.x.

For jQuery itself: Typesetter's admin JS is jQuery, alomst every single par of it. Same applies to finder (the file manager) and some other thirdparty components. Almost every Typersetter plugin I know uses jQuery. It's simply everywhere.

So, to answer your question: Stripping off jQuery from Typesetter (and use sth. else instead, like react, angular, vue, you name it) would be a rewrite of the entire client side and large parts of the backend. It would break all backward compatibility, lose some themes and all plugins. Even if it looked the same, it would be a completely new CMS.

If I had the time and knowledge to do this, I'd rather start over.

3 months ago
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Topic: After Successful Installation: SCSS Compile Error

… and everything works as it should.
So my bad, sorry for disturbing. ;)

You're welcome. Glad to hear it works now.
It would have been disturbing to me if the files were actually there ;)

3 months ago
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Topic: After Successful Installation: SCSS Compile Error

Seems as if something went wrong with the SCSS compiling to CSS.

Definitely. From the error messages it appears that Typesetter fails to import the Bootstrap 3 SCSS sources from /typesetter/include/thirdparty/Bootstrap3/scss
Both the missing mixin and the variable are defined there.

Since you don't get other errors like memory exhaustion, I would assume that these files are actually missing. Please check the abovementioned folder on your server and compare it with the one from the installation ZIP. If there are files missing or file sizes don't match, maybe sth. went wrong with the file transfer (FTP, SFTP, whatever you used). In such cases other files may also be missing.

Unlikely but possible: sometimes extracting the installer ZIP archive to a local Disk or LAN subdirectory with an already extremely long path may exceed the max local path length of the OS (=~ 256 characters NTFS, Ext3 and Ext4). However, you should have been notified then. This happens to me from time to time when archiving projects on my NAS

If all files are ok on your server, we'll have to check other possible causes.

BTW: There is also Typesetter 5.2 RC1 (release candidate) on GitHub (Download the master ZIP) You might want to check it out. 5.2 Will be released in the near future.



Edited: 3 months ago
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Topic: Typesetter 5.2 - please help with new translations

Hey guys, Typesetter CMS 5.2 is due. We have some new features that still need to be translated.

We would prefer pull requests on GitHub, but of course you can also email me the changed language files (preferably attached as ZIP) to jk‌(at)‌grafikrausz‌(dot)‌at.

Thanks and, hurry up ;)

4 months ago
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Topic: Login / Logout

The most simple alternate solution is to remove the hook  from  Configuration -> Interface ->  'Show Login Link'  and add a   /admin to the url

/index.php/Admin is the safer way. It will work regardless of your permalinks settings.

Edited: 4 months ago
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Topic: Login / Logout

And there is another one using JavaScript, which would attach an event listener to the menu item that would trigger a click on the original link, which could be hidden via CSS. Hmm.

I'd go this route.


1. In Page Manager: Add two 'External Link' items to your menu:

item 1

Target URL:        /index.php/Admin
Label:                  Login      (or 'Anmelden', whatever you prefer)
Title Attribute:                       (optional title)

item 2

Target URL:        #log-out
Label:                  Logout    (or 'Abmelden')
Title Attribute:                       (optional title)


2. Still in Page Manager

Click Menu - Output Classes in the tools popout of item 1
Add menu-login-link in the first field (li)
Do the same with item 2 and menu-logout-link


3. Edit your theme/layout stylesheet or use Layout Editor and add

.login_link { display:none; } /* hides the original login link, which must be enabled via configuration */
body.gpAdmin .menu-login-link { display: none; }
body:not(.gpAdmin) .menu-logout-link { display: none; }

4. Edit template.php of your theme and add the following lines at the top of the file just before the closing PHP tag ?><!doctype html>

$page->jQueryCode .= '$(".menu-login-link, .menu-logout-link").on("click", function(){ $(".login_link").click(); }';

$page->jQueryCode .= '
  $(".menu-logout-link a").on("click", function(){
    $(".login_link a").trigger("click");

This should do the trick


EDIT: fixed, tested and working ;)

Edited: 4 months ago
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Topic: Login / Logout

Basically yes. It could be done via two 'External Links' with a bit of CSS to hide the login link when logged-in and the logout link if not.

The problem merely is that this won't work anymore in Typesetter 5.2, which will be out soon.
As of TS 5.2, logout will be CSRF protected and therefore cannot be hardcoded anymore.

Another approach would be to move the login/logout link from its original position in the DOM to the menu using JavaScript. Feasible but not exactly pretty.

And there is another one using JavaScript, which would attach an event listener to the menu item that would trigger a click on the original link, which could be hidden via CSS. Hmm.

Let me think about it, maybe there is another solution I missed.

4 months ago
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Topic: Not able to download new logo to Service Providers
Confirmed, it also doesn't work for me. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about it. Josh?
4 months ago
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Topic: Background Composer issue

I made ver. 1.0-b4 for Typesetter 5.1.1-b1+ and put it on GitHub

For everyone reading along: This version will only install and work with Typesetter's current beta version on GitHub and the upcoming version 5.2

4 months ago


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