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Topic: I want to move the Login/Logout element

Maybe I will ask many questions about using this platform.. is it okay? :) 

Sure. Hope I'll be able to help.

Or should I have to learn php a little bit to use the typesetter? 

That depends on what you want to achieve. Using Typesetter plugin hooks is not too complicated, but it's certainly more than a little bit.
So, well … it depends.

10 months ago
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Topic: PHP version 7.2 ???

Does Typesetter support this version, also GPEasy 4.3.4. ?

Yes, both will work.


edit: But I won't vouch for all themes and plugins.


Edited: 10 months ago
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Topic: I want to move the Login/Logout element

With Bootswatch Scss, open /themes/Bootswatch_Scss/template.php

right after the line include_once($path); insert

$page->jQueryCode .= '
    .append($("span.login_link > a"));
10 months ago
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Topic: I want to move the Login/Logout element

There are several ways. The easiest would be using JavaScript. Depends a bit on the used theme. Which Theme are you using?


10 months ago
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Topic: Migration problems

Don't know what exactly happens here, but when I visit, crucial parts in the output are mission, like jQuery and the theme stlyesheet.

You could try to change /gpconfig.php to enable debugging

find the line


and change it to


or check the Apache error.log if you can access it.




10 months ago
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Topic: Migration problems


Have you also tried to copy the whole site to the new host?


edit: and which error do you get when the login fails?

Edited: 10 months ago
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Topic: Cannot install plugin(Simple Blog)

Oops, that didn't work, please try again. (Configuration not saved)

Does PHP have full writing permissions in the /data directory and all its subdirectories?

Edited: 10 months ago
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Topic: Admin Menu: how to rise one level of some pages
Sure thing. Glad you like it.
11 months ago
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Topic: Admin Menu: how to rise one level of some pages

I just made a small separate plugin, solely to add links to the admin panel. Might come in handy

get it from here

Links are defined in $links array in Addon.php

edit: every panelgroup has 2 css classes: add-admin-link add-admin-linkN (where N is 0 to total number of links in reverse order)
I only defined the common .add-admin-link to have a dark blue-grey background. If you want to use different colors, just add sth. like
.add-admin-link0 { background:#543; }
.add-admin-link1 { background:#453; }
and so on, to Addon.css

Edited: 11 months ago
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Topic: Admin Menu: how to rise one level of some pages

First thing I see:

$item_class_name was meant to be used for possible CSS class(es), e.g. for custom backgroubd colors or alike.

But if you're going to add several links, we'd be better off with a different approach. Give me a few minutes…

11 months ago


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