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Topic: Login / Logout

And there is another one using JavaScript, which would attach an event listener to the menu item that would trigger a click on the original link, which could be hidden via CSS. Hmm.

I'd go this route.


1. In Page Manager: Add two 'External Link' items to your menu:

item 1

Target URL:        /index.php/Admin
Label:                  Login      (or 'Anmelden', whatever you prefer)
Title Attribute:                       (optional title)

item 2

Target URL:        #log-out
Label:                  Logout    (or 'Abmelden')
Title Attribute:                       (optional title)


2. Still in Page Manager

Click Menu - Output Classes in the tools popout of item 1
Add menu-login-link in the first field (li)
Do the same with item 2 and menu-logout-link


3. Edit your theme/layout stylesheet or use Layout Editor and add

.login_link { display:none; } /* hides the original login link, which must be enabled via configuration */
body.gpAdmin .menu-login-link { display: none; }
body:not(.gpAdmin) .menu-logout-link { display: none; }

4. Edit template.php of your theme and add the following lines at the top of the file just before the closing PHP tag ?><!doctype html>

$page->jQueryCode .= '$(".menu-login-link, .menu-logout-link").on("click", function(){ $(".login_link").click(); }';

$page->jQueryCode .= '
  $(".menu-logout-link a").on("click", function(){
    $(".login_link a").trigger("click");

This should do the trick


EDIT: fixed, tested and working ;)

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Topic: Login / Logout

Basically yes. It could be done via two 'External Links' with a bit of CSS to hide the login link when logged-in and the logout link if not.

The problem merely is that this won't work anymore in Typesetter 5.2, which will be out soon.
As of TS 5.2, logout will be CSRF protected and therefore cannot be hardcoded anymore.

Another approach would be to move the login/logout link from its original position in the DOM to the menu using JavaScript. Feasible but not exactly pretty.

And there is another one using JavaScript, which would attach an event listener to the menu item that would trigger a click on the original link, which could be hidden via CSS. Hmm.

Let me think about it, maybe there is another solution I missed.

5 months ago
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Topic: Not able to download new logo to Service Providers
Confirmed, it also doesn't work for me. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about it. Josh?
5 months ago
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Topic: Background Composer issue

I made ver. 1.0-b4 for Typesetter 5.1.1-b1+ and put it on GitHub

For everyone reading along: This version will only install and work with Typesetter's current beta version on GitHub and the upcoming version 5.2

5 months ago
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Topic: Not able to edit "Page" or Sections

It's the cookieyes script you are using. Please try this:
In template.php look for this line

<script id="cookieyes" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

and change it to

$page->head .= '<script src=""></script>';

Hope it helps.

FYI: The reason why we need to do it this way:
Cookieyes requires jQuery, like Typesetter itself does. But Typesetter loads all its JavaScript assets at the end of the <body> element for page rendering performance reasons.
The cookieyes script you load in the <head> section looks for already existing (loaded) jQuery but can not find it because it is not yet loaded at this point. Therefore it will load jQuery itself (from jQuery CDN Due to the way Typesetter handles script asset loading, this leads to a situation where jQuery will be loaded again after Typesetter already loaded its own (combined) JavaScripts which contains jQuery AND, when logged in also contains jQueryUI.
The gallery editor uses 'sortable' which is part of jQueryUI. Since jQueryUI depends on jQuery, it will not work anymore once jQuery is loaded again, which overwrites Typesetter's own jQuery.

As clear as mud, isn't it?

Edited: 5 months ago
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Topic: ShowAllAchors for TS 5.2

Thanks. I added the compatibility fix and put it on GitHub

position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 0;

This will only work inside a non-position-static context


Edited: 6 months ago
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Topic: More advanced sites with Typesetter - possible?

One thing that I can't find an answer to however is whether it's possible to create a bit more advanced layouts with Typesetter.

Are you familiar with Bootstrap's basic layout and grid system? If so…

For creating full-width sections there are 2 different approaches.

  1. IMO the better one: Edit template.php and remove the 'container' class from the <div> or <main> element that wraps the <?php $page->GetContent(); ?> call.
    This way, every new section you create will be full-width. If you want a container, you will have to add a 'Section Wrapper' and apply the 'container' class manually via the Section Options icon -> Section Attributes dialog. Then put everything into this container wrapper. Same will apply if you want a 'row' with colums. This will lead to a more complex content section structure but you have full control of your content rendering.
  2. Use the 'makeFullWidth' CSS class that comes e.g. with the Slider Factory plugin to a 1st-level section or wrapper. It will break out of Bootstrap containers.


You can also add the makeFullWidth class to your theme CSS without installing SliderFactory:

html {

.makeFullWidth {



6 months ago
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Topic: Inserting a page break results in error message

If I try to reload the page, instead of clicking on the "More info" link, then I get into all sorts of trouble, because another web page appears telling me a firewall will not let me reload and I cannot get off of that page unless I check a captcha box.

The whole issue seems to be related to a web application firewall (WAF) running on your webhost. This firewall not only prevents posting your content but also blocks your IP unless you solve a captcha. Some hosting control panels allow to configure web application firewall rules (look for e.g. 'mod security') otherwise contact the hosting provider support.

6 months ago
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Topic: Compatibility with new TS

Thx, I know, but it's just in the slider combo default content. Nothing functional. See screenshot.


6 months ago
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Topic: Broken support for TS<5.2

> I think it is time to change the version on github

Yes, there have been too many changes to keep the b1 version number.
But it's also the price tag for using betas. It's only rc that will not change/add features anymore.

6 months ago


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