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Topic: Broken support for TS<5.2

Should actually work because of

    $ckeditor_basepath = (version_compare(gpversion, '5.1') > 0) ?
      \gp\tool::GetDir('/include/thirdparty/ckeditor/') :

    echo 'CKEDITOR_BASEPATH = ' . \gp\tool\Output\Ajax::quote($ckeditor_basepath) . '; ';
    echo 'var gp_RI_ckconfig = ' . \gp\tool\Editing::CKConfig($options, 'json', $plugins) . '; ';

    // extra plugins
    echo 'var gp_add_plugins = ' . json_encode($plugins) . ';';

    $scripts[] = (version_compare(gpversion, '5.1') > 0) ?
      '/include/thirdparty/ckeditor/ckeditor.js' :

But it seems as I have to check it again

6 months ago
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Topic: Background Composer issue

Maybe due to new styles. Have to check it.

For Background Composer, well, I never continued development and don't use it myself. But let's see.



6 months ago
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Topic: I'm having three problems with the Skeleton theme

Unfortunately your image doesn't show up in your last post.

For loading Typesetter pages into an <iframe>: If you use the query parameter  [your.typesetter.url/page]?gpreq=body in the iframe src you will only get the content area of the Typesetter page. Therefore you can have a navigation, footer, sidebar, you name it, in the regular view your editor will use.


6 months ago
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Topic: I'm having three problems with the Skeleton theme

This would be the almost cleanest possible theme

Unpack it and copy the folder 'CleanTheme' to your Typesetter installation root into the /themes folder.
After that you can activate it via Admin Toolbox -> Appearance -> Available Themes -> Clean Theme 1.0 -> minimalistic

But I warn you, unless you uncomment some lines in template.php, it is, well, really clean.

Edited: 6 months ago
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Topic: I'm having three problems with the Skeleton theme

Problem 1:  Sounds like the main menu.

Problem 2:  "I have a screenshot to share". Would be helpful. You can upload it to the forum via the 'image' button in the editor.

Problem 3:  Your page is not published. Once you edit the content, it will become a 'Working Draft' only visible to logged-in admins unless you hit 'Publish Draft' (the teal button in the top bar)

It would be great if I could start all over with a completely clear web page.

No title, no menu, no content to edit, … sidebar, footer? Nothing?

Hmm, nobody ever asked for that. This would be a very minimalistic theme.
You would have to add all these areas yourself. Nothing a new user would normally want.

But it's possible, basically.

Edited: 6 months ago
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Topic: adding js references for SimpleBlog

Glad you like it. Please just add this semicolon to the code in goshare.php. Might cause issues with other plugins otherwise.


defined('is_running') or die('Not an entry point...');

class TSgoShare{

   * Typesetter action hook

  public static function GetHead(){
    global $page, $addonRelativeCode;
    $page->css_admin[] = $addonRelativeCode . '/goshare.css';
    $page->head_js[] = $addonRelativeCode . '/goshare.js';
    $page->jQueryCode .= '$("#gpx_content").goshare();';

Edited: 7 months ago
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Topic: I'm totally lost!

You need to choose and activate a layout. The skeleton theme only has one layout named 'Color'.

See the screenshot below:




7 months ago
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Topic: adding js references for SimpleBlog
Please check out this plugin on my GitHub repo
Edited: 7 months ago
Post: 11624
Topic: adding js references for SimpleBlog
I'd implement it as a standalone plugin, so you can use it independent from SimpleBlog. Give me a moment…
7 months ago
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Topic: adding js references for SimpleBlog

> The goshare.js file is copied to the root.

I wouldn't do it like that. The installation root shouldn't be used in this regard and is not (shouldn't be) writable to plugins.


$page-> head_js[] = 'goshare.js';

needs the (global) $dirPrefix; variable prepended in order to work in all situations.

global $dirPrefiix;
$page-> head_js[] = $dirPrefix . '/goshare.js';
7 months ago


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