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Topic: Change background color of basic test slider

Open the editor in 'Page' mode to see the section structure of your slider. (Note: With upcoming Typesetter 5.2, it will be called 'Sections')

To change the background color of the whole slider, click the 'Section Options' icon of the main wrapper section, then add an attribute style with the value background-color:#cc5522;

For single slides do the same with the slide sections (child sections of the main slider)

9 months ago
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Topic: Slider hyperlink

It depends on the content of your slides.

Regular text hyperlinks can be set via CKeditor like in other content sections.

If your slides only consist of images, best way is to use the 'Responsive Background' sections you have in the demo slides. They have a link option. (Responsive Image plugin must be intalled)

For mixed content with multiple / nested child sections, we cannot wrap an <a> element around them all. But you can open the 'Section Attributes' dialog by clicking the 'Section Options' icon for each slide (=child sections of the main slider wrapper section) and add a onclick attribute with the value location.href="your-link-url"

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Topic: PHP einbinden

Beliebiger PHP Code innerhalb des Contents lässt sich nur mit dem Plugin einbinden. Es sollte eigentlich noch funktionieren.
Ich rate aber dringend davon ab, es zu verwenden, weil es einen zentralen Sicherheitsaspekt von Typesetter außer Kraft setzt.

Wenn du willst kann ich es hier posten.

Die Alternative wäre, sich ein kleines Plugin selbst zu basteln, das über einen eigenen Section Type deinen (im Plugin definierten) Code ausführt.

9 months ago
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Topic: Newbie thanks!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

glad you like Typesetter!

The upcoming release will have notifications for unpublished content, which will hopefully improve user experience in this regard.

10 months ago
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Topic: TS 5.1 unter PHP7.3

Von welcher Tpesetter version zu welcher willst du upgraden?

5.1 zu 5.1.1-b1 (Github master)?

Das sollte ohne Probleme funktionieren.

Was wird heruntergeladen … und wer? Der Server oder der Client (Browser)?

10 months ago
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Topic: TOTALLY IMPRESSED - But......I need a lil help.
I believe he solved it by using the "Cajón Scss" theme which supports more than 2 menu levels in the main nav.
10 months ago
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Topic: What haven't I done??? WHERE is the Gallery?

Gallery is a section type you can add using the editor's 'Page' mode:

10 months ago
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Topic: Blank-Space above post! How do get rid of.

I think it's this rule:

#gpx_content > .GPAREA:not(.gpSlideWrapper):not(.filetype-responsive_image):not(.filetype-parallax_image):not(.no-padding),
#gpx_content > .blog_post,
#gpx_content > .post_list_item,
.gpAfterContent:not(:empty) {
    padding: 45px 60px;
    padding: calc(15px + 5vw) calc(15px + 7vw);

You can overrule it via Layout Editor -> Scss panel

10 months ago
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Topic: Adding script to title


if( \gp\tool::LoggedIn() ){      ---   and  ---  if( common::LoggedIn() )  {

there is no practical difference.

\gp\tool\Some::Thing is the more recent way to access our functions / variables / objects. See PHP namespacing

The older way using e.g. common::LoadComponents('fontawesome'), gpOutput::GetHead(), etc might become deprecated or even removed some time. But there is no hurry yet.


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Topic: Adding script to title

I wondered about the variable if(isadmin)

I removed the if condition from the last versions because the .navbar-brand element is nothing that can be edited on-page so it's safe to execute the script while logged-in.

isadmin is a global JavaScript boolean variable defined by Typesetter.

The PHP side doesn't have an equivalent variable but you can always call the method \gp\tool::LoggedIn() which will return true or false.

10 months ago


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