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Topic: Cookie Law Policy Banner plugin?

Everything seems to be correctly installed, but…

Yep, there is a 'SyntaxError: '' string literal contains an unescaped line break' Javascript error.
It's in the message:

… upplýsingar um tína nýtslu av heimasíðu okkara.
Okkara samstarvsfelagar kunnu samanseta …

Try to replace it with <br/>

1 year ago
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Topic: Cookie Law Policy Banner plugin?

what am I supposed to do with \datenschutz ?

You may add a button that links to your Terms of Use / Privacy Policy page.
Since the EU GDPR came into force in this May, websites must declare rather precisely how personal data of EU citizen visitors are acquired, processed and stored. A simple banner won't work anymore for that, normally. Hence the button option.

1 year ago
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Topic: Cookie Law Policy Banner plugin?

Try this one


originally from webksde, but with a few minor changes by me.

1 year ago
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Topic: PHPMailer

... or the short version:

Which object stores the current user information, so we can get on the fly the user's email?


global $gpAdmin;
if( $gpAdmin ){ // equals NULL if not logged-in
  $users = \gp\tool\Files::Get('_site/users');
  $email = $users[$gpAdmin['username']]['email'];
Edited: 1 year ago
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Topic: PHPMailer

global $gpAdmin;
$all_users = \gp\tool\Files::Get('_site/users');
$current_user_name = \gp\tool::LoggedIn() ? $gpAdmin['username'] : null;
$user_info_html  = '<table>';
$user_info_html .= '<thead><tr><th>username&nbsp;&nbsp;</th><th>email</th></tr></thead>';
$user_info_html .= '<tbody>';
foreach( $all_users as $user_name => $user_data ){
  $is_current = $user_name == $current_user_name;
  $user_info_html .= '<tr>';
  $user_info_html .= '<td>' . $user_name . '&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>';
  $user_info_html .= '<td>' . $user_data['email'] . ($is_current ? ' (current)' : '') . '</td>';
  $user_info_html .= '</tr>';
$user_info_html .= '</tbody>';
$user_info_html .= '</table>';
if( \gp\tool::LoggedIn() ){


This codesnippet (e.g. put somewhere in template.php) will render a table into the message area containing all user names and their email addresses (will only show when logged in)

Edited: 1 year ago
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Topic: PHPMailer

Mail Delivery Method: PHP mail() SMTP Auth
Path to sendmail: /usr/sbin/ssmtp [leave empty, not needed with SMTP Auth]
SMTP Host(s): tls://
SMTPAuth Username: <mail accont>
SMTPAuth Password: <password>

should work, normally.


edit: the term "PHP mail()" in the Mail Delivery Method dropdown might be misleading.
In fact, Typesetter will always use the PHPmailer class, which supports all the listed delivery methods.

Edited: 1 year ago
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Topic: PHPMailer

Typesetter uses the e-mail configuration from Settings->Configuration->Contact Form (Advanced) to send "Reset Password" e-mail. (Typesetter itself also uses PHPmailer for that purpose in the backend.)

You can choose from several options how to send mail (PHP mail(), sendmail, postfix, SMTP and SMTP Auth). If PHP mail() doesn't work and you don't have sendmail or postfix set up on your server, SMTP Auth using an existing mailbox on an external mail server should always work.

1 year ago
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Topic: Conversion to HTTPS
You don't need to change anything in Typesetter. Just switch the host to https.
1 year ago
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Topic: create blogging platform.

i do not like database cms's  do you have a suggestion for me?

Actually no. I never made too much headway with flat-file multi-user blogs – there have always been one or more exclusion criterions.
So my advice for such cases is – unsurprisingly – WordPress. That's where I always land(ed) in the end. For blogging I still consider WP second to none.

… i might consider typesetter for my another project, can i do multilingual site with it?

Yes, there is Josh's Multi-Language Manager, which works very well for me. Haven't yet tested Rif's fork, which comes with some additional features.

1 year ago
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Topic: create blogging platform.

… with many authors where authors are only able to post or edit

Unfortunately we do not support parallel editing of multiple authors at the same time.
Furthermore Typesetter's permission system doesn't allow fine-grained user roles, especially when it comes to blogging.

#1 and #2 are relatively easy to achieve, #3 … well it's possible but you will most likely run into issues sooner or later.

Although I don't like to say that, I firmly believe you will be better off with a more blog-centric CMS.

1 year ago


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