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Topic: Something wrong with SimpleblogSEO?


Juergen is right.

This plugin has not been updated for a while and is useless since recent versions of SimpleBlog support SEO features such as clean urls.

I advice you to disable it and to use the SimpleBlog built-in SEO features instead.



5 years ago
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Topic: Altering browser title format

Rewriting the html output just before it is sent to the browser is possible by calling ob_start with a callback function from a WhichPage hook.

6 years ago
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Topic: Blank Page on Debian 8 / Installation not possible

In the gpconfig.php file, can you set 'gdebug' to true and 'display_errors' to 1.

Save and try to reinstall...

6 years ago
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Topic: Responsive Admin Box

Hi Juergen,

Thanks a lot for your input but the move was a bit trickier since the modal css was partly set in a css file and partly in a js file.

To summarize the changes:


#gp_admin_box position property set to relative instead of absolute
#gp_admin_box top property removed
#gp_admin_box margin property set to 40px auto 0
#gp_admin_box max-width property set to 640px;


#gp_admin_box left and top properties removed
#gp_admin_boxc width property set to auto instead of 640px

This makes the box responsive.

I also add this from your post :

#gp_admin_box { max-width: calc(100vw - 30px); }

in my responsive.css stylesheet to get some left/right margins when the screen width is below 640px. 





6 years ago
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Topic: Responsive Admin Box


How can I make the admin modal box (gp_admin_box) responsive?

Thanks in advance for your help.


6 years ago
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Topic: I can't get the Section Wrapper working

Hi Juergen,

Thanks a lot for the plugin, it looks great.

I will definitely give it a try.

However I think I solved my problem by using the page copying feature already available in the Page Manager.


7 years ago
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Topic: I can't get the Section Wrapper working

Hmm, maybe I'm not following you. The "Section Wrapper" type should be under the "Add" tab for all pages.

Sorry, I was not clear.

To express this differently, I'd like to have the possibility to copy a section wrapper non only in the same page but in any other pages.

The objective is to avoid the burden of having to re-create the same section wrappers in many different pages.

7 years ago
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Topic: I can't get the Section Wrapper working

Got it, thanks!

So a section wrapper is a kind new section type (a composite) created on-the-fly from basic section types.

Would it make sense to be able to:

  • Give a name to a section wrapper (i.e. Page Header)
  • To make it available to other pages in the Add tab




7 years ago
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Topic: I can't get the Section Wrapper working


I can create a new section of type 'Section Wrapper' but once it's done, I cannot see any contextual menu for this section.

The html code is there:

<div class="GPAREA filetype-wrapper_section  editable_area" data-gp-section="2" id="ExtraEditArea3" data-gp-attrs="{"class":""}"><div class="gpclear"></div></div>

The Chrome dev tool tells me that the div block is 720px wide and 15px high.

Any idea?




Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: Invoke Finder with a different BasePath

Hi Juergen,

I think you are confusing two different aspects of your code here.

The gpconfig.php file is (currently) the only place where you can declare your own gpSettingsOverride() function.

Now if in this function, when it is called, you need to access to a custom global object or a static class, you can declare this class and possibly create a global object by using one the already available hooks that get called before the connector.php is loaded.

A good candidate for this is the WhichPage hook.

7 years ago


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