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Topic: Invoke Finder with a different BasePath

CustomFinder::ServerOptions() will not be callable from the connector backend, obviously, but how could I make this work?

Include your CustomFinder.php somewhere before your custom gpSettingsOverride() get called.

Furthermore if you want to call the ServerOptions() method statically you will have to use the self keyword instead of the $this keyword.

7 years ago
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Topic: Invoke Finder with a different BasePath

You have to pass the $opt variable by reference:

function gpSettingsOverride($setting,&$opt) {



7 years ago
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Topic: Invoke Finder with a different BasePath

I cannot find a way to declare the function gpSettingsOverride() inside a plugin because there is no plugin hook called before the conditional declaration of the function in common.php in line 52.

This is correct.

A (dirty) solution would consist in adding/removing your gpSettingsOverride() function in the gpconfig.php file programmatically when you plugin is installed/uninstalled.




7 years ago
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Topic: Invoke Finder with a different BasePath

Hi Juergen,

GitHub is your friend:

The finder will launch with default settings unless you override the gpSettingsOverride() function in your own plugin.


7 years ago
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Topic: undefined method


In the Special/UserPreferences.php file on line 11, replace:




and let me know if it works.


7 years ago
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Topic: Using with My guestbook Plus

I have finally installed both plugins on a test website.

Some extra configuration is required:

  • In the Global Config, set:
    • the 'Criteria - Use username' parameter to Yes
  • In the MyGuestbookPlus form, set:
    • the 'Published' parameter to Yes
    • the 'Hook' parameter to 'PageRunScript'

You should also be aware that using the username alone will probably generate some false positive.

That's the reason why I set the 'Use username' parameter to No as default.

7 years ago
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Topic: Using with My guestbook Plus

What do you see in the Hits and Spams columns?

Btw, have you tested your My Guestbook Plus form with a "spam-proven" username to see if it works?



7 years ago
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Topic: Using with My guestbook Plus

Hi Robin,

The setup for the form protection should be closed to that:

  • Page title: Lipo_laser_reviews
  • cmd: save
  • Use Email: No
  • Use Username: Yes
  • Username alias: name

Let me if it (doesn't) work.





7 years ago
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Topic: Using with My guestbook Plus


Could you please provide an url pointing to the My Guestbook Plus form you wish to protect against spammers?

That would help me to figure out how to setup the form protection within the AntiSpamSFS plugin.


7 years ago
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Topic: After uninstalling plugins text is no longer edita

Thank you! I just put it into my code snippets collection. This will come in handy.


I must admit that the  /* WRITE YOUR OWN UNINSTALL CODE HERE */ part of the snippet is probably not very straightforward in your case.

Btw, when I suggested to use a fallback content-type for uninstalled plugins, I was thinking about adding this feature in the gpEasy core not in the plugins.

There is still something (easy) you can probably do to improve the user experience post-uninstallation.

Instead of adding the attributes class and style on the server side (StickyNote.php) which makes them persistent you could add them on the client side (StickyNote.js).



7 years ago


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