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Topic: After uninstalling plugins text is no longer edita

AFAIK currently this is not possible to achieve from the plugin's side unless there was a uninstall.php script called by gpEasy upon uninstallation.

There is no uninstall.php file but you can achieve the same result by using the WhichPage hook:

    private function onUninstallPlugin($path) {

        global $config;

        if (!common::LoggedIn()) {
            return $path;

        $cmd = common::GetCommand();
        if ($cmd != 'confirm_uninstall') {
            return $path;

        return $path;


I am actually using this approach in the SimpleBlogExtended plugin.




7 years ago
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Topic: After uninstalling plugins text is no longer edita

This problem is not specific to the StickyNote plugin, the same message also popups when you try to edit some PHP-Execute content after having uninstalled the plugin.

So once such a plugin is uninstalled, the created content is useless and the user will have to delete it manually.

Using the "filetype-text" as a fallback content-type would probably solve this problem. 


7 years ago
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Topic: Simple Blog post Time not UPDATING


Add this line :

$posts[$post_index]['time'] = time();

just after this one:

$posts[$post_index]['content'] = $content;

in the SaveInline() and SaveEdit() methods of the SimpleBlogCommon class.

Should do the trick.

7 years ago
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Topic: Triggering an Admin Box in INline Editing

Hi Juergen

I am not sure to understand your question(s).

What do you mean by triggering an Admin Box in INline Editing ?

Btw, opening a dynamic content (a form for instance) inside an admin box (a gpeasy modal window) is quite easy it is just a question of adding the proper attributes to links and submit buttons.

The include/special/special_search.php file is a good example to get started.

7 years ago
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Topic: Multi Language Manager - get current page language

Is there a way to get $currentlang?


global $ml_object, $page;
$list = $ml_object->GetList($page->gp_index);
$page_lang = is_array($list) && ($page_lang = array_search($page->gp_index,$list)) !== FALSE ? $page_lang : 'en';
<html lang="<?php echo $page_lang; ?>">

I hope this will help you and I am glad to see the forum live again too.

7 years ago
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Topic: Cannot install Addon

The Addon.ini file is named addon.ini (lowercase a) in the archive.

You will have to download the plugin, correct the error and then move the plugin folder in the addons folder on your server.

Once done, you should be able to install it.

8 years ago
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Topic: How to call a gadget in content?

What to write in "Gadget_Name"?

Gadgets are listed on a per plugin basis in the administration (Manage Plugins).

However the exact name to use in the GetGadget() method may differ from the displayed name.

For instance underscores (in the exact name) are replaced by blank spaces (in the displayed name).



8 years ago
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Topic: How to call a gadget in content?

To include a js file in the <head> section of your template using the Execute_PHP plugin:

global $page;

$page->head_js[] = '/my/file/path/file.js';


And you're done.



8 years ago
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Topic: Easy responsive design?

You can also search the theme page by tag (although you may miss some themes if they are not tagged properly).

Good point.

8 years ago
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Topic: How to call a gadget in content?

You should be able to call a gadget in content by using the Execute_PHP plugin:

Please follow these steps:

  1. Install the Execute_PHP plugin
  2. Create a new page and set its content type to ' Execute_PHP'
  3. Edit this new page and enter the code gpOutput::GetGadget('Gadget_Name'); to call your gadget

Hope this helps.

8 years ago


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