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Topic: Page title and label

Below is the gpEasy code for the browser title:

$page_title = '';
        if( !empty($page->TitleInfo['browser_title']) ){
            $page_title = $page->TitleInfo['browser_title'];
            $keywords[] = $page->TitleInfo['browser_title'];
        }elseif( !empty($page->label) ){
            $page_title = strip_tags($page->label);
        }elseif( isset($page->title) ){
            $page_title = common::GetBrowserTitle($page->title);
        echo $page_title;

Is that better?




8 years ago
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Topic: Page title and label

Can you try this:

<h1><?php echo common::GetLabel($page->title); ?></h1>

and let us know if it helps.



8 years ago
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Topic: German Transaltion

Thanks a lot Peter for this translation.

I will add a link to your post in the plugin description.

And sorry for the late reply.


8 years ago
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Topic: Email List - Import Form

I cannot see the images.

Could you please grant me access to your backend so that I can see by myself what is going wrong?



8 years ago
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Topic: Email List - Import Form

In the plugin configuration make sure the 'Email List - Hide Import Form' is unchecked.

Then go to the 'Email List' page and you should see the 'Import Existing Subscribers' button.

8 years ago
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Topic: Email List - Import Form

There is no 'Hide Import Form'.

You should click on the 'Import Existing Subscribers' button on the 'Email List' page.


8 years ago
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Topic: get menu-structure as raw-data (without html-tags)

Hi Dan,

$gp_menu contains the mapping: page index => page hierarchy level.

$gp_index contains the mapping: page Slug/Url => page index.

See the /data/_site/pages.php file for details.



9 years ago
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Topic: get menu-structure as raw-data (without html-tags)

I thing my biggest problem is that I have to merge the normal menu and the category list, because the gpOutput::Get('Menu')

You can extends the gpOutput static class in your theme.

Create a gpOutputCustom.php file at the root of your theme folder:


global $gpOutConf;

$gpOutConf['TopTwoMenu']['method']        = array('gpOutputCustom','GetTopTwoMenu');

class gpOutputCustom extends gpOutput {

    static function GetTopTwoMenu($arg=''){
        $source_menu_array = gpOutput::GetMenuArray($arg);

        $sendMenu = array();

        foreach($source_menu_array as $key => $titleInfo){
            if( $titleInfo['level'] >= 2 ){
            $sendMenu[$key] = true;

    static function OutputMenu($menu,$start_level,$source_menu=false){




And use your custom method in your template.php file:


global $page;

include($page->theme_dir . '/gpOutputCustom.php');


<!DOCTYPE html> 


                    <div id="nav">
                            $GP_ARRANGE = false;



And you are done.


9 years ago
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Topic: Expandable Text

I already had that problems some weeks ago.

To fix it, you will have to comment these lines in the Addon.ini file:

;script = HiddenContent.php
;method = HiddenContent::GetHead

Don't forget to unstall the plugin first and reinstall the fixed version manually.

Once installed, you can use it in an editable text section by wrapping the expandable text in a div tag with a toggle_hidden class:

<div class="toggle_hidden">This text will be hidden by default.</div>

Hope this helps.

Edited: 9 years ago
Post: 6969
Topic: $gp_hooks not updated during uninstall?

Problem fixed in the dev version.


9 years ago


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