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Topic: SimpleBlogSEO setting confusion

In the Config/EditConfig_Tmpl.php file, replace all tags:

<h4 class="head hidden one">


<h4 class="head one">

I will update the plugin later this week.


9 years ago
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Topic: $gp_hooks not updated during uninstall?

While uninstalling the SimpleBlogSEO plugin, gpEasy complains that the associated GetUrl hook file is no longer available.

It seems that the config.php file is normally updated at some point during the uninstall process (CleanHooks() method of the admin_addons_tool class) but *not* the global variable $gp_hooks.

This explains why these errors are displayed just after the uninstall completion but disappear after the next click.

Is that correct?


Edited: 9 years ago
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Topic: PHP timeout error

I have installed it on my laptop and everything has been going well so far.

Linux Xubuntu 13.04, lighttpd/1.4.31, Php 5.4.9

I am wondering if the problems described above could actually come from the machine (R-Pi)?

If a R-Pi machine is 3 times slower than a standard desktop/laptop machine than a max_execution_time of 30 seconds on a R-Pi corresponds to a max_execution_time of 10 seconds on a standard desktop/laptop machine (and probably far less on a high performance server machine)...

9 years ago
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Topic: PHP timeout error

Hi Josh,

I would be happy to test the latest version but what specific tests would you like us to perform?

Btw, one solution to this performance problem would be porting Less.php to C and create a Php extension.

I am sure you'll love the idea.




9 years ago
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Topic: Using Simple Blog Plugin with AntiSpamSFS 1.3

Hi Peter,

Looks like the General part of the form is ok.

In the Control part, the cmd property is needed, it should be set to Add Comment.

In the Criteria part, the email is not needed (there is no email field in the comment form) and the Use Username and Username properties can be set to Yes and name respectively.

Hope this helps. 

PS: There is a screenshot in the plugin page that shows how to fill the form for SimpleBlog:


Edited: 9 years ago
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Topic: Name A No-Layout Folder?

This is the exact information I was looking for.

Thanks Josh!

9 years ago
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Topic: Name A No-Layout Folder?

I'd like to create a theme sub-folder to store the original css theme content.

How should I name it to prevent gpEasy from considering this sub-folder as a layout?


9 years ago
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Topic: Latest version 4.3 (4-November)

In fact i'm using gpeasy since very very first versions (1.x) because is the only and best NO-SQL CMS out there. A very good piece of software for starters. I have no problems with SQL, but usually I get exasperated with it. Joomla is too TOOOOOOO big. If something breaks, it is almost impossible to find where it was broken. I like Gpeasy  because it is simply, fast and reliable. Easy to deploy and easy to manage for a personal site.

I agree.

I would also add that from a development point of view, gpEasy makes things much easier.

The Joomla framework and mvc model are probably very exciting for a 'computer science'-oriented guy but just makes development cycles longer due to the over-complexity.

Having said that, Joomla have some extra features that gpEasy does not have yet such as a built-in frontend user management system and template overriding capabilities among others. And of course, the number of extensions (addons) listed on the JED is just impressive.

9 years ago
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Topic: Latest version 4.3 (4-November)

EDIT:  There I want to use gpeasy instead of Joomla :)

Very good move ;)

Would love to know the reasons why you choose to replace Joomla by gpEasy.

I did that exact move myself, I was getting bored of Joomla useless complexity.


9 years ago
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Topic: Latest version 4.3 (4-November)

With the latest v4.3 uploaded to Google code, after a successful install, site dissapears.

What php version are you using?

9 years ago


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