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Topic: A Question about Bootstrap


I will have a look at those themes sooner or later.


9 years ago
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Topic: A Question about Bootstrap

Thanks Josh for the official release of gpEasy 4.3.

I know very little about Bootstrap but I can see that they provide low level html/css codes for many different website's components such as navigation, breadcrumbs, forms, pagination, ...

Are the low level html/css codes within gpEasy Bootstrap-ready?


9 years ago
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Topic: [New] SimpleBlogExtended Plugin

I have added the plugin to the gpEasy repository.

9 years ago
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Topic: memory error in LESS compiler

Would you mind checking with the most recent code?

It works great now w/ Php 5.3.

Very good job, thanks!

PS : method_exists() is also used in the core files gpOutput.php and finder.class.php

9 years ago
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Topic: memory error in LESS compiler

Can you double check for any errors on the page or in the error log?

As described above, I only get a 502 Bad Gateway error and the error log is empty.

Assuming that the server is behind a proxy, it seems that the connection between the server and the proxy breaks down during the Less.php execution.

I don't know more at this stage.


Edited: 9 years ago
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Topic: memory error in LESS compiler

I could but I would be unable to say if it helps or not since the problem is solved now.

Sorry but I was wrong.

I switched the php version from 5.3 to 5.2 and reloaded the page, it worked. 

Then I switched it back to 5.3 and it worked too but, of course, it was a misinterpretation since Less.php results are cached.

So the (hopefully) true test results (gpEasy 4.3 RC3) are:

  • Php 5.2 => Works fine
  • Php 5.3 => Does not work (some lesscache files are created but no css files)
  • Php 5.4 => Works fine

PS: I also got a Php Notice just after the installation is complete:

Notice: Undefined index: gpuniq in /home/u671512534/public_html/include/common.php on line 1258



9 years ago
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Topic: [New PrevNextLinks Plugin] Beta Testers Wanted

You must change the prev/next class names in the 'themes/design/style/tms.js' file:



For instance:



You are currently not using this prev/next feature in the html but if you plan to use it, you will have to tweak the html as well:

<a href="#" class="tms-prev">&lt;</a> 
<a href="#" class="tms-next">&gt;</a>

Hope this helps.

Edited: 9 years ago
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Topic: memory error in LESS compiler

I've made a couple of changes that might help, can you try them out?

I could but I would be unable to say if it helps or not since the problem is solved now.

It might be possible that my hosting provider did fix it in the meantime.

I am still waiting for their feedback.

Is there any way to switch the LESS compiler off?

Since the Less.php script is quite a new (but very promising ;) project, it would be safe to make it optional in the 4.3 release.

PS: Not sure that the Less.php script is strictly compatible with php 5.2 due to the backward slashes before the Exception class.




Edited: 9 years ago
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Topic: [New PrevNextLinks Plugin] Beta Testers Wanted

One of your js scripts is preventing the normal links behavior.

Try first to identify the conflictual script by removing them one by one.

Lytebox is probably a good starter.

9 years ago
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Topic: memory error in LESS compiler

Latest news.

The problem happens within the getCss() method, at this line:

$evaldRoot = $root->compile($this->env);

The compile() method does return a Less_Tree_Ruleset object so something goes wrong during the assignment of the $evaldRoot variable. 

The memory usage is:

39944688 at the begining of the compile() method (initial call)
75107256 at the end of the same method just before the return statement

Php version: 5.3.24
memory_limit: 128M

Edited: 9 years ago


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