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Topic: The upcoming Poll Plugin
  1. Poll should be inside gpEasy
  2. A poll with more than one vote makes normally no sense cause the tesult is wrong. This could maybe an option but normally only one vote should be possible and handled by IP (cookies could be disallowed).
  3. Polls should be time limited. The timeframe should be set by admin. After timeframe is over only the poll results should be shown.
  4. The results should NOT be visible for voters cause a poll makes no sense than. If I make a poll (especially for business polls) I want to know the true meaning of all voters - it should be NOT possible voters can vote for viewed in- or outsiders.
12 years ago
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Topic: Version 1.7 and "Edit" label


to the first many many thanx for that wonderful release.

But find an issue that's not a real bug  - in my native language "Edit" label for text areas is much longer (10 chars instead 4 chars). So label text floats outside the the (red) edit label (see only the first 8 chars). And cause there background color is the same like the label color (white) I see only the famous white eagle on white ground (means nothing).

12 years ago
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Topic: About the current forum script - you shure you want to use i

Sounds great - would be nice if email update is activeted per default.

12 years ago
Post: 1087
Topic: About the current forum script - you shure you want to use i

Yeah, a new forum would be nice - the current one is too "slim" und not really userfriendly (I'm missing a thread abonnement).

I suggest FluxBB, the follower of PunBB ... it's a real slim BB software too and not so overloaded like phpBB or vBulletin. It supports SQLite, MySQL; MySQLi and Postgres.

In the following thread integration of Dokuwiki inside FluxBB is shown

Maybe it helps to do the same with gpEasy (like to see it).

12 years ago
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Topic: Ideas for three new plugins

A formbuilder/-mailer  would be great ...

12 years ago
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Topic: Do you think Gallery & Contact should be styled via them

Cant second that.

Please make a look at the definition which users gpEasy is adressed

gpEasy was designed for individuals and businesses in need of a web presence who have no intention of ever learning HTML and aren't interested in learning what "meta data" is.

These users NEEDs a default CSS for contact form and gallery cause they dont know much about CSS.

Think the better option would be a checkbox for switching off additional.css - not to the last for Googles pagespeed rules.

12 years ago
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Topic: Depper navigation levels

Core hacking is not needed.

Please go to admin section > FileManager, there's an option to set the menu levels (top right). Default is 3. There you can set now the value of levels you want (maximum is 5).

12 years ago
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Topic: include Special_Galleries inside a normal page

Have you tried to insert {{pagename}} in content?

12 years ago
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Topic: Anyone know why jQuery is called on every page?

Normally jquery should have only a size of 24 kB (minified and gzipped)

But it would be a nice feature to enable/disable it per page.

12 years ago
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Topic: Simple Frame Config?

Have you read the plugin description ;)?

Depending on browser origin policy restrictions of frontend users it could be possible to embed only pages inside gpEasy root!

So it's not recommended to use it with an url outside gpEasy root. you can try it, it will maybe work on your browser but there's no guarantee that's the same on other browsers like the current one with higher security levels.

So the plugin asks for a relative path like /forum (will be http://www.your-domain.tld/forum).

12 years ago


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