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Topic: Simple Event Calendar 1.18 not showing Details


I updated the Simple Event Calendar to version 1.19.

There is now a new option:

Event List Page Show Past Events (0 = No Past Events, 1..9999 = Show Events expired since x days)

If you set this option to a value suiting for you, past events should be visible.

Kind regards,


3 years ago
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Topic: Simple Event Calendar 1.18 not showing Details


Sorry for my late response, i was on skiing-holiday last week.

By design, in the Event List Page, only Upcoming Events are shown (I programmed it this way so that the list page is always up to date).

I will add a feature today which enables that all events (also past events) are shown.

Thank your for your advice an please have a little patience.

I will add another response here when the new version is ready.

Kind regards


Edited: 3 years ago
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Topic: Errors

I found the problem. I forgot to deliver a standard-config-file and to check empty strings for the function file_get_contents().

I uploaded a Version 1.13 and this Version should work now without Errors.


4 years ago
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Topic: Errors

Hello Josh,

I will check this in one of the next day.



Edited: 4 years ago
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Topic: Simple Events Calendar giving me Call to undefined method er

Thank you for correcting the Simple Event Calendar plugin.

I was in a hospital for a long time in march and april and had no time to work on this errors.


7 years ago
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Topic: Double UTF encoding of special characters for gallery thumbn

Hi Josh,

thank you for your answer and for your very fast reply.

The fix is working fine.

Thank you, Dirk

7 years ago
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Topic: Double UTF encoding of special characters for gallery thumbn


i have a little problem with my gpeasy 3.5.2. I using several image galleries, but the Special Gallery Overview Page does not show preview thumbnails. It seems that the thumbnail-links are double UTF-encoded, the normal link to the gallery ist correct. The links are already written double encoded in the ../data/_site/galleries.php, so the problem is not the Overview page. The problem is direct in the gallery which writes the link in the galleries.php-file when changes are saved.

See the example (it is what my gpeasy generates) of a sample gallery below:

It should be in normal text

../data/_uploaded/image/thumbnails/image/Kirchentag 2007 Köln/CIMG5472.JPG.jpg

It should be UTF-encoded


But it is this what gpeasy and i think the gallery saver generates



The problem is that every special character of the link is double UTF encoded:

space (' ') = singleUTF(%20) = doubleUTF(%2520)

ö = singleUTF(%C3%B6) = doubleUTF(%25C3%25B6)


Is this a problem in gpeasy or a problem with my server environment?


Thank for any help,



7 years ago
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Topic: Plugin/Idea: Simple Event Calendar - anybody interested?

Hello Cameron,

thank you for your reply, I check this problem in the next few days and try to fix this.



7 years ago
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Topic: Plugin/Idea: Simple Event Calendar - anybody interested?

Hello fly06,


thank you again, now everything works fine.


bye Dirk

7 years ago
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Topic: Plugin/Idea: Simple Event Calendar - anybody interested?

Hello fly06 again,

your code worked fine, but only when you are logged in.
When you are not logged in the Ajax-request is called only on a few pages and not at all pages.

 // Ajax request
if( isset($_REQUEST['gpreq']) &&  ($_REQUEST['gpreq'] == 'json')){
$page->ajaxReplace[] = array('inner','#Event_Calendar_Gadget',$html);

The problem is that I don't know why. I seemed that in some cases the gpreq and/or the json is not set.
I can't figure out why. I you have some hints or solutions I can fix this problem.


7 years ago


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