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Topic: Responsive image

Hi Jürgen.

I have found that this change is needed to force one onclick response when "Show Caption" is set to "always".


   // on touch enabled devices use: first tab->show caption, 2nd tab->follow link
     if ("ontouchstart" in document.documentElement && $(this).find(".responsive_image_caption_wrapper.caption-show-hover").length > 0) {




2 months ago
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Topic: ShowAllAchors for TS 5.2

ShowAllAchors 1.0 needs update for TS 5.2.

I have used your trick from Responsive Image to fix the plugin but can't send you a PR.

  public static function PageRunScript($cmd) {
    global $page, $dirPrefix;
    if( \gp\tool::LoggedIn() ){
      $ckeditor_basepath = (version_compare(gpversion, '5.1') > 0) ?
       \gp\tool::GetDir('/include/thirdparty/ckeditor/') :


          background: url(' . $dirPrefix . $ckeditor_basepath . 'plugins/link/images/anchor.png) no-repeat left center;



FYI. I have also changed style of marker to have less influence on the layout of the page.

        body.showAllAnchors .GPAREA a[id]::before,
        body.showAllAnchors .GPAREA a[name]::before {
          content: "";
          background: url(' . $dirPrefix . $ckeditor_basepath . 'plugins/link/images/anchor.png) no-repeat left top, #0000ff33;
          border: 1px dotted #0000ff;
          z-index: 10;
          width: 100%;
          height: 100%;
          position: absolute;
          top: 0;
          left: 0;
          opacity: 0.6;

Edited: 6 months ago
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Topic: Compatibility with new TS


I found this. It is invisible and therefore somehow remained in the text field after adding user text.

Now it is clear. I was worried because the error was about CKE, but persisted in user mode also. Now I know why.

6 months ago
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Topic: Compatibility with new TS

Hi, Juergen.

I see an error in console with current TS master.


GET http://www.test:8080/include/thirdparty/ckeditor_34/skins/kama/icons.png 404 (Not Found)

So the plugin uses a hardcoded link to kama theme and needs some update.

6 months ago
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Topic: Broken support for TS<5.2


I checked it again on user's site. It has not a clear TS from .com, but a master from github. This master dates back to 2017 and has version number Typesetter 5.1.1-b1.


I think it is time to change the version on github and in your (and mine) checks.

6 months ago
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Topic: Broken support for TS<5.2

On old site with TS 5.1 a user had a proposition to update plugin. And he agreed.

But after update he can't edit section.

An error message  is about '/include/thirdparty/ckeditor/ckeditor.js'

Edited: 6 months ago
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Topic: test topic
Opps, what about this letters? Sincerely С уважением, Константин Махотило 2016-02-20 7:46 GMT+02:00 Typesetter : > ok, let's see what happens? > > On Fri, Feb 19, 2016 at 10:33 PM, Typesetter > wrote: >> >> test topic >> >> In gpEasy Core >> test responding via email >> You received this message because you are following this forum or topic on >> >> >> View this topic | | GitHub >> >> Unfollow/Unsubscribe > > > You received this message because you are following this forum or topic on > > > View this topic | | GitHub > > Unfollow/Unsubscribe
4 years ago
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Topic: Resize thumbnail


GPdebug realy can regenerate thumbnails.

But this plugin is for advanced users. it will be cool to have such function in standart gpEasy Settings tools.

Anyway thanks again.  GPdebug will save for me a lot of time.

5 years ago
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Topic: Resize thumbnail

Is it possible to add function "Recreate thumbnails for all images"?

It will be very usefull when user change thumbnail size in settings after adding dozens of images.

Now the only way to regenerate thumbnails is reloading of all images.


5 years ago
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Topic: Problem of User-Agent data automatic update

There is a problem with User-Agent data.

Data in Ini-format is not supported in proper way on now. Only through*/ So it makes imposible automatic update of data base.

Is it possible to make a new version, that will use data in new Sqlite3 format?

Edited: 5 years ago


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