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Topic: Are gpEasy back?

Thanks very much for You efforts.

gpEasy is very cool CMS with exclusive features. I think that all gpEasy users wish You success in all your projects and hope for gpEasy long life.

5 years ago
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Topic: Are gpEasy back?

One can see a new activities on Github.  Does it mean that gpEasy development will be continued?

5 years ago
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Topic: Problem with Search in Russian

There are important problem for searching in Russian - it is case sensitive.
This is not convenient. 
Is it possible to make search in russian case insensitive?



6 years ago
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Topic: Caption error

I can not set the slide's caption on Gpeasy 4.0.

If I set the caption for slide, he did not show up. If I try to change the caption again, the edit box opens empty.

7 years ago
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Topic: Error mesage
Thanks for your support
7 years ago
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Topic: Error mesage

I get this error message in pop-up box when trying to display a visitors info:

(string) "ajax_box" and "admin_box" are deprecated link arguments

It covers the plug-in window

7 years ago
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Topic: Search in Russian

There are two problem for searching in Russian.

1. Search is case sensitive. It is not convenient.

2. Text in search field becoming like this "�������" after opening of search results.

And it probably not working for translated english pages that are not in main menu.

Edited: 8 years ago
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Topic: Clear Orphaned Data Files

Is it possible to have in "Site Status" dialog an option for clearing Orphaned Data Files? (without FTP access to site)

8 years ago
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Topic: Invalid Title Error

It works fine for me.
Thank you for your efforts



There is one non-critical problem. If I have two pages with different URL, but with the same name, I can not set them as a translation. 
This situation is typical for similar Slavonic languages.

Edited: 8 years ago
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Topic: Invalid Title Error

Yes, I can set corresponding page now. But there is new problem.

At first I have added Russian translation. I had successful message, but I can not see Russian page in list "This page has been associated with the following list of pages".

Then I have added English translation. It is ok.

ThenI have removed all translated pages from the list "This page has been associated with the following list of pages" to begin at the beginning. But I have  lost  translated pages. Now I have orphaned pages in Site status dialog.


I try i again. It is no mean what language is first. It simply broke first language. All following is ok



Edited: 8 years ago


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