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Topic: The CKeditor p issue

@Eric. . .  nice example above.


"CKEditor adds " " only to empty paragraphs (if you press enter twice)."


Correct. One 'enter' and you are on a new paragraph, shift+enter and you have a <br /> within a paragraph — CKEditor will always try to wrap things in a paragraph mark, <p>. As far as I've seen CKEditor only ads '&nbsp' when you have more than one consecutive "space" — this can be two or more blank spaces or paragraphs. As far as I know, and I can be wrong here, this is normal in HTML editors — the multiple blank spaces and/or empty paragraphs would NOT be retained in formatting if the html for a blank space was not used — it would be collapsed by the browser or the editor, and you probably don't want that — a person most likely double returned for a reason.


A while back I looked into hacking CKEditor a lot. I don't have the knowledge in JS to do too much thus I followed a lot of the examples and often they didn't work properly and then finally realized, even after getting some of the hacks to work, that it just wasn't worth it — just have to redo them every time you upgrade gpEasy and often CKEditor would still try to "correct" certain things. Therefor, I've found it much easier to understand how CKEditor works and adjust CSS/formatting accordingly — after all it is the web and I'm not going for desktop publishing :)


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Topic: How can I disable plugins but not delete?

I'm not sure what you are saying/asking. But I'll take a shot.


If the plugin is not listed on the 'details' of the layout and does NOT show up as an area when you edit a layout then the only way to "disable" it would be to uninstall it. This is because, the plugin is made to load all the time instead of being added on a per page/layout basis by the user and therefore, is either ON all the time OR 'off' all the time (which means uninstalled)


I looked at the "Simple Gallery Extended" plugin and it loads all the time. This means that the creator did not give the user the option of using it on a per page/layout basis and therefore once it is installed it will always be "ON"

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Topic: How can I disable plugins but not delete?

You can disable plugins on a per layout basis. Edit a layout and go to 'details' where you will see a list of 'gadgets' that can be enabled/disabled for that layout.

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Topic: The CKeditor p issue

I talk briefly about the issue here (protecting line breaks). However that requires hacking CKEditor and I haven't revisited that issue in a long time.


shift+enter gives you a line break and it must be within paragraph marks, otherwise, yes, CKEditor wraps everything with a paragraph mark unless you go into source code and change things and even then it often reverts things back, especially if you cursor through the area changed.


Like you, I just returned to leaving CKEditor alone and added a css style for issues I wanted adjusted.


<p>&nbsp;</p> are necessary because some people want an empty space/paragraph = double return. stripping those out makes no sense as it ought to be obvious to the creator of the page where the double return is.


The link jogai posted is more about gpEasy putting in an empty paragraph when a page is blank — different issue than the above two I mention.


However, I'm not totally sure about your comment in general, "commonly with a non-breaking space seems entirely a CK issue"

if it is the fact that CKEditor adds "&nbsp;" between any new paragraph. . . well, I do believe that it is necessary to ensure that there is a blank paragraph = double return. if it is not there then many browsers will collapse that paragraph. however, once you type anything it is removed unless you have more than one consecutive space — this is normal in all HTML editors I've ever worked with.


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Topic: How to disable styles?

I had to go look . . . haven't been able to spend much time with 3.0


When you edit a layout you will see a drop down for "options"


One of those is "CSS"


This brings up a blank text field that allows you to add CSS for that layout :)

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Topic: How to disable styles?

I believe the latest version of gpEasy allows you to edit the styles for a layout directly within gpEasy by adding the new style — it will be appended to the end of the style.css loaded thus it will be the one applied. 

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Topic: Hide Simple Search from "GetAllGadgets"

I think I suffer from that very same problem from time to time :D

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Topic: Hide Simple Search from "GetAllGadgets"

This tutorial on layouts should help you understand how to remove gadgets.


That function just call all gadgets and then you rearrange or remove them by editing layouts.

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Topic: 3.0 RC1


#15 — I updated that feature request to make it clearer. It's for a folder tree structure when editing a gallery, not necessarily when using the "file manager." However, it would be nice in the file manager as well. I'm not sure if any of these file managers would satisfy #15 or not.


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Topic: Div disappearing from content area when site is moved

yeah. . . that's weird. Something would have to be making a change to the php file or it isn't being rendered by the browser — don't really see what else it could be.

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