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Topic: Div disappearing from content area when site is moved

No, that should not happen. Are you sure you are looking at the new page and not a cached page?


If you upload a page (the php file) without editing it online or anything there really is no way the div could disappear unless the code is incorrect — you didn't properly close the div.

11 years ago
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Topic: Delete special content type

yes but there really isn't anything there — if you have removed all galleries and don't use the contact page (no email), etc. . . pretty much just blank pages.


You could always hack the core of gpEasy to remove them but that really isn't advisable.

11 years ago
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Topic: Delete special content type

All you need to do is remove the page(s) from all menus including the 'main menu' as that is the menu the site map is built off.


11 years ago
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Topic: How do I remove the link tree?

My 'layouts tutorial' should help you with that.

11 years ago
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Topic: If / Else statements with PHP

I did something similar to what you are talking about when I used WordPress — unique home page, H1 tag Vs H2 on certain page, etc. . .

In gpEasy I don't bother with anything like that because you can make each page exactly what you want — the title and all content of a page are the page, not automated. 

The other thing, in gpEasy if you want one page (or a group of pages) arranged very differently than others you just make a different layout for it, very easy. 


As far as using PHP like you can in WordPress for those types of specific things, I'm not sure. Josh would have to answer that. All I can say is, I've never found a need to do it with gpEasy.


11 years ago
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Topic: Need help uploading multiple photos

dan. . .

No, you can run multiple browsers on the same computer, and if you don't want a full install of a browser just head over to and use a portable version of the browser.

11 years ago
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Topic: Need help uploading multiple photos

Stano. . . it was a joke ;)

11 years ago
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Topic: Multiple selected

I have a simple discussion of theme output functions on my site and you can read the gpEasy docs as well.


I just used that CustomMenu output function to ensure that when someone used the B2sq theme they don't get a full menu in that horizontal area because it's designed only for 5/6 links. So, depending on what you are doing any of the menu output functions would suffice.  


Doesn't look like we've written anything up about the "CustomMenu' output function. However, it's just like any other menu output function. The numbers that come after it just specify the options you have for a custom menu — I don't remember their specific association; however, there really isn't a need to use a CustomMenu output function because you change the menu via editing the layout now so any menu output function will work — actually it doesn't even need to be a menu output function ;) — any output function that is editable via the layouts will ultimately work as long as it gives you an editable area.


You need to call two different menus in two different DIVs with unique ID for each and style them properly for what you want. 




<div id="fullmenu">
<?php gpOutput::Get('FullMenu');?>


<div id="hztop_menu">
<?php gpOutput::Get('CustomMenu','0,1,0,0'); ?>


11 years ago
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Topic: Need help uploading multiple photos

Sorry. . . didn't even think about someone using IE



11 years ago
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Topic: Need help uploading multiple photos

gpEasy allows for bulk upload of images. . . I think since 2.4


When you select an image just use ctrl or shift and select multiple images.

11 years ago


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