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Topic: Missing Box

Yes, it's been a difficult thing to get gpEasy CSS to play nice with theme CSS due to the front end & inline WYSIWYG editing — it was lots of fun when first getting that going lol. There's only so much Josh can do to avoid conflicts the rests needs to be done by theme developers to ensure they are only styling for content & extra content areas.


Best of luck!

11 years ago
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Topic: Missing Box

Make sure that you user something like #user_content in your theme to differentiate your styling from gpEasy's. Because gpEasy is designed to work via the front end styling can really conflict with a theme's. Therefore, it's best whenever possible to add a specific class and/or ID to your theme and style with those to ensure your styling is applied only to non CMS stuff.

11 years ago
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Topic: Missing Box

I'm either not understanding the problem or don't have it in 3.0b2


here's a screen shot of me in my main menu with the floating admin menu



What am I missing?

11 years ago
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Topic: Multiple selected

Well. . . then you have a good example in my B2sq theme ;)


I haven't looked into that for a while and I think it's build into gpEasy by default. You just need to style the selected item the way you want it.

11 years ago
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Topic: Multiple selected

Yes, you can do that. You can look at my source code on or download my B2sq gpEasy theme. I have one horizontal menu and one vertical in that theme each styled differently.


11 years ago
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Topic: Optimize Page Manager Speed

Just did a couple tests on 3.0b2 and it certainly seems snappier!


No longer hangs when editing details or adding a page in my longest sections as it did before — changes happen in a second or two at most.



11 years ago
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Topic: Gallery Albums

Depending on the version of gpEasy you started with, you will have a page named "Galleries" or "Special_Galleries."


That page is designed for you to put image links to gallery pages.


On my 'basic tutorials' page you will see the 'create & edit files tutorials' and the 'create & edit a gallery tutorial' that will help you with the basics of gpEasy pages & galleries. Then if you go to my 'intermediate tutorials' you will see two more gallery tutorials to go further if you need to.


A note about the galleries tutorials — I think Josh has changed the page slug of "Special_Galleries" to just "Galleries." So, please don't let that confuse you in the tutorial. It needs to be updated and I hadn't looked at the galleries page fro some time.


11 years ago
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Topic: Gallery Albums

No, an album feature is not built into gpEasy by default. You might want to look for a jQuery plugin.


In gpEasy you can add the different galleries to the "galleries" page however when you click a specific gallery it takes you to the page that contains that gallery.

11 years ago
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Topic: Optimize Page Manager Speed

I noticed that feature.

Usually what I get are inbound links that are cut off, thus they only have the first couple words of the slug. . . generally probably below 50%

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Topic: Forum email updates. . . another issue

yeah, it looks to be working perfectly!!!

11 years ago


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