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Topic: Forum email updates. . . another issue

I got this one perfectly in my in box :)

not as spam

11 years ago
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Topic: Optimize Page Manager Speed

Site performance is great. The only slow down I notice is the Page Manager. Can't say that anywhere else is affected, even slightly, by the number of pages, and I have a lot of redirects due to people linking into the site with partial URLs.


Nearly all 500 pages are in the 'main menu/site map' as would be expected. . . and I still have about 250 pages to add — I'm way behind lol


It's the 'main menu' that takes the hit on performance. No real way to work around it as it is the site map as well.


11 years ago
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Topic: Optimize Page Manager Speed


One thing I've noticed as I've gotten more pages in my site (near 500) is that the page manager becomes rather slow in all ways, especially when you edit a file's details or move a file.

Don't know if this is an area you have already looked into for optimizing speed but I thought I might mention it.

11 years ago
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Topic: Forum email updates. . . another issue

so. . . yeah, didn't get these updates lol


Josh, wouldn't it be possible to send the emails through gMail? After all it's not like the forum generates tons of emails.

11 years ago
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Topic: Adding extra content blocks

Once you have your extra content areas defined in the template you should be able to just create the extra content area in gpEasy and add them to either side by editing the layout — of course if you have the same one in multiple areas it will change all of them.

See my tutorial on 'extra content areas' and you might want to look at the layout tutorial.

11 years ago
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Topic: Forum email updates. . . another issue

Well, I got this update and it went to spam lol


Shouldn't have to train gMail. I'm pretty sure they've tagged someone on the same server as gpEasy as a spammer and therefore anything form that group of IP addresses goes to spam.


I don't know about the post count thing.

11 years ago
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Topic: Forum email updates. . . another issue

Seems that some email updates form the forum are not going through or preferences are changing.

Just noticed on one of the topics when I went back to edit a comment the system had un-checked the "email updates to this topic to me" and I had not gotten your (Josh's) last reply.

Also. . .gMail still sticking a significant number of gpEasy forum email updates into spam.



Edited: 11 years ago
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Topic: 3.0b1 CSS edit

I think your current way is good. It makes it easy to add CSS to a particular layout with little hassle and keeps novices from breaking much, thus "add css" or "add css to layout" would be good in this case. 

However, if you wanted to add the function of editing the full css then it ought to be a little more hidden or restricted so, as you say, it isn't broken by novice users — I think such a feature ought to be restricted via user preferences, if possible. Maybe even this ability to 'add css' ought to be a user permission?

It's rare for me to edit or want to edit CSS via the CMS so it isn't something I think about much. The main things I want to do with CSS within the CMS are to add it to a specific page or layout — this accomplishes the later and I can always copy a layout for a single page fix. . . which, btw, are two great additions. . . :)

However, I know most CMS have the ability to edit the full CSS of a theme and some users really want/need/like such a feature therefore I guess it would be very handy especially when someone needs to adjust something asap and are not near their regular tools.

Edited: 11 years ago
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Topic: 3.0b1 copy section/page

It might be a little clearer to change "copy" in the floating admin menu to "copy page" to remove any confusion between copying a section and a page?

11 years ago
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Topic: 3.0b1 CSS edit


According to version history for 3.0 there is "css editing"

When I go to the CSS for a layout I just get an empty text field. Is this just to add CSS or to actually 'edit css'?

11 years ago


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