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Topic: Undefined Hooks

never mind. . . I see, it was the class.

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Topic: Undefined Hooks

thanks, I'll fix it. think I left things behind in that file when I was working from the older version. . .




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Topic: gMail putting gpEasy forum updates into spam

I can't believe that it would be gpEasy's email — I doubt people subscribing would be marking it as spam. I've had gmail tag servers before due to one or more people spamming off that server/IP address. You might want to contact them.


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Topic: modify Cobalt/default theme and save as seperate theme

Just add a new folder in the that theme folder with a style.css file for your new styles and call the default style.css into that style sheet with

@import url('../folder_name/style.css');

at the very beginning of your style sheet. Then when you add your styles to that new file it will over-ride any previous styles before it.

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Topic: gMail putting gpEasy forum updates into spam

A couple days ago my gpEasy email for forum updates started showing up in my gMail's spam folder — even added the noreply email address to contacts but it still goes to the spam folder.

Wonder if others who are using gMail are seeing the same thing and if this is due to the server gpEasy is using or what?



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Topic: multi site - /home not readable - can't get to another folde

No problems Josh. I wasn't feeling very good yesterday when I was working on the new site so I'm sure I was about as clear as mud.

Nonetheless, as always, you try to get to the bottom of things quickly and that's always much appreciated. 

I reverted back to Chrome 17 so no problems now :) 

And the site is running full gpEasy.


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Topic: multi site - /home not readable - can't get to another folde

I'm assuming you're referring to a situation like this one. Here the apache2 folder isn't readable. Would your system then not allow you to select the "run" folder?


No, it's not exactly like that. In my case you would be at '/var' — I think that's the issue, when you end up at the root then there is nowhere else to go.


Are you getting an error message indicating it's not accepted, or are you noticing that when you go to the site, the index.php is still there? There does appear to be a bug that is preventing the index.php file from being removed. It can still be done via the child installation, but I will fix this for the multi site plugin.


No error message at all. However, this could have been due to the fact that the "default" theme was not included in my master site. I think that's the real issue.


The default theme (Light Texture) is required so that in case anything happens to a theme along the way, the system will have something to fall back to. You could redesign Light Texture, but it is a good idea to keep it in there.


Maybe there ought to be a check to ensure that that theme is actually available? Currently it just assumes.

If you add an additional site when you don't have that theme the plugin doesn't seem to stop/break but then you end up with problems.


When you say "not accessible" is it inconvenient or completely unusable. My assumption is that it's inconvenient, just cause it opens in a completely new browser window.


No, I posted it as a bug also. Apparently in the latest build of Chrome there is an issue. The window opens and instantly goes to the background — at which point you cannot access it at all, can't bring it up via the task bar or anything. So, no. . . it's not inconvenient. It's unusable.



I'm a little confused here, but I'll take a stab. If you're trying to FTP content up to the include folder of a site created by the multi site plugin, you might be breaking the system. The include folder of an multi-site created installation is a symbolic link to the source installation. Essentially, the parent and child installations use the same files.

If you're trying to FTP content up to the addons folder of a site created by the multi site plugin, it's probably a permissions issue. The folder would be created by php which is typically owned by a different process than that of FTP. I'll see if I can do something about this but my first impression is that the only way would be to give the addon folder world writable settings (777) which wouldn't be ideal for security reasons.


No. I removed the multi site plugin. Deleted the subdomain, ensured all traces of the plugin were gone, re-created the same subdomain, then did a full gpEasy install into that subdomain.


In order to install the full version of gpEasy I had to upload it via cPanel as the 'include' and 'addons' folders would not upload — the FTP client just flashes quickly as if they uploaded in a millisecond but no folders show up.


Then I changed the include folder as a test — deleted the one on the server and tried to upload it via FTP and it just flashed quickly as if it uploaded, but no folder, no content, nothing.


The writable setting have no effect. It's about uploading those specific folder names.


I can create those folders and upload into them without a problem, but I cannot upload those two specific folder names.


It's acting as if the symlinks for those two folders are still there, but they can't be — I deleted them, the subdomain, and started all over.


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Topic: add class to comment table


It might be good to add a class to the table for the comments and/or wrap it all with a div with a specific class to make it easier for users to style it if they want.

nice plugin btw.

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Topic: multi site - /home not readable - can't get to another folde


With the multi site plugin if you go to a folder that is "not readable" (e.g. /home) you can't get to any other folder from then on -- you are stuck.


Two more issues have come up with this plugin.


1. Installing plugins--is it the case that it only install plugins that are still in the addons folder? As it didn't see any of the installed plugins.


2. When I get to "optioins", "site url", "hide index.php", it gives me a pathway that is viea the server (e.g. Options: /home/rootsitename/public_html/installfolder). However, when I put the actual url for the site in (e.g. it is not accepted. If I put what the option line state it is also not accepted, thus I'm stuck.


Found another problem:

When it installs themes it insists on installing the "Light Texture" even though that was not installed on my root site. Now it doesn't have it in the other site and I expect that is breaking things.



I got it up and working. The core problem was that the plugin insists on "Light Texture" them being the default theme and if it is NOT installed on the root install then it will break. Second, when on the options page when you save it doesn't go anywhere--give you the sense that it is not saving, and it isn't if the default them isn't installed.

However, that root not readable issue is a real problem.


Another problem. It insists on including index.php even though the setting are to remove it and updating the blank .htaccess file doesn't help.

Another problem found. In Chrome when I insert an image, browse server that window opens up behind everything and is NOT accessible.


OK. . . going to do a clean install with full gpEasy.

Oh, this is a plugin that keeps giving lol

After using this plugin, deleting it, removing the subdomain, etc. . . I cannot use my FTP to upload the include and addon folders. I have to do that via cpanel. I don't get it.

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Topic: Idea: Password protected Sites and Gallerys

Keep in touch Stano. You've been a great asset to gpEasy.


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