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Topic: Idea: Password protected Sites and Gallerys

lol. . . that works! Didn't think about looking at the admin page. . . duh.

Here is a gadget version for people to download.

I made it slightly different--used Stano's older style by having the password field at the bottom of the content instead of in the admin menu--this way people can choose whichever way they like it. If someone wants this gadget version to work in the admin menu (but as a gadget and only on a layout) then they just need to swap the pphandle.php files.

Thanks Stano!

11 years ago
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Topic: Idea: Password protected Sites and Gallerys

So it might not work properly on a localhost install? Might that be it? Cause none of my browsers work correctly with it and they all have cookies enabled. But I'm only trying it on the local host at the moment.


11 years ago
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Topic: Idea: Password protected Sites and Gallerys


Are you sure the cookies work correctly? I tested it on a clean install and it requires the visitor to enter the password for each page, even though it's the same password.

The cookie seems to only work for 'a page'--meaning that if you refresh or go to that same page then you don't have to re-enter the password, but to any other page with the same password it asks for the password. Is that what you wanted?

Not sure but I must have been looking at something wrong. The cookies don't seem to work at all.

Edited: 11 years ago
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Topic: Idea: Password protected Sites and Gallerys

To upload a file to add link, browse server, upload file ;)

Josh added it a while back. I don't think you any special account.


Why would anyone want to protect the special pages? Just don't use them.


The new version is pretty good being hidden in the menu like that.

11 years ago
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Topic: Idea: Password protected Sites and Gallerys


I just noticed one thing not so good about the plugin.

It requires that you sign in each and every time. Can you make it so that it signs the visitor in pertinently to the pages that have the same password?

so that when I sign in with password:22 and go to another page that has the same password (22) the visitor will already be signed in but not signed in for pages that have password:33.

11 years ago
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Topic: Idea: Password protected Sites and Gallerys

here's the gadget version with NO admin page--you can't edit the phrases (save, enter, wrong password, etc). Just did it to have the smallest possible addon.

download here

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Topic: Idea: Password protected Sites and Gallerys

I was just updating my comment when you left yours.


Added a gadget version.


I don't understand what you mean by adding it like the simple blog plugin. I don't use simple blog. Do you mean, in the floating menu have a link there that adds the password when clicked? That certainly would be out of the way.


I'm personally pretty happy with 'ppp' as a gadget for a layout. All my password protected pages will just be on a specific layout, and it allows me to customize the password for each page I need protected and saves it in the page file--very handy that way.


11 years ago
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Topic: Idea: Password protected Sites and Gallerys

yeah, I tried making it into a gadget and it only worked for layouts. . .



Here's the "password protect pages" addon as a gadget--download it here. Same as Stano's just made as a gadget. It should be OK. . . seems to work for me :)

update: had a slight error in the gadget--admin page was not working properly. fixed.


It will work on layouts ONLY, as Stano stated. It will NOT work on individual pages--must be added to a layout. So, whatever layout you put it in will have the password field & protection available to password protect those pages that have that layout applied to them. This is an option for those who don't want the addon on every page of their gpEasy install. 


With Stano's last update the addon works with permissions--it will not show up for gpEasy users that are logged in and do NOT have permission for plugins.


Edited: 11 years ago
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Topic: Idea: Password protected Sites and Gallerys

lol. . .

What I am trying to say is, as a gadget (one that requires the user to insert it via a file include section) it might be more useful because users can then restrict its usage for other users who don't have privileges to use plugins. And they will only use it on necessary pages that they want to protect--this way it won't show up on every single page that they don't want protected--I doubt most sites have a majority of pages protected ;)


And then there is no worry about figuring out how to tie it into everything else. The admin with the proper privileges can add it only to the necessary pages and no one will ever notice it otherwise. At least I think that's what it would be like if it were a gadget instead of automatically added to all pages.


I hope that made sense.

11 years ago
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Topic: Idea: Password protected Sites and Gallerys

That's very handy for manual editing if need be. I like it!

11 years ago


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