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Topic: Edit file include content


Is this even something that might be possible:

When a file in included in another page you can only edit the include file not the content directly. However, with the new inline editing it seems like it might be possible to edit the content directly? So we might have, for a file include section, something like

"Edit File Include"
"Edit Content"
"New Section"
etc. . .

Also, if that isn't even possible maybe on a file include section instead of just "edit" we might have "edit file include"? I don't know about if others might think that would be more clear or not. 

11 years ago
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Topic: 2.4RC2 remove child from menu with parent

Should the child pages/links be removed from the menu when the parent page is removed?

Seems like it should be when not in the main menu and possibly when in the main menu as well. However, I think there also might be a warning--"this will remove the parent page and all it's children pages"

11 years ago
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Topic: HTML in label


Should we be able to use HTML in the "Label" of the "Rename/Details" for something like bolding a particular link in navigation?

Currently <> are stripped if used in the "Label" and not converted into usable html.

Would be nice to be able to add a simple accent to some nav links in this way.

11 years ago
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Topic: Disabling picture title on thumbnails?

It's been a while since I played with styling the different types of galleries and the Special_Galleries page.

I did one tutorial on styling galleries. That might help you.

The other option is use jQuery to remove the title & alt title tags from that page.

here's an example:

<script type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function() { $(".menu_top a").removeAttr("title"); });</script>

the class .menu_top here is the regular menus in gpEasy. You would have to replace that with the proper class for the special galleries page--might be .gp_gallery.gp_galleries

css would probably be the best and easiest. I can't double check which class you need change at the moment but they are covered in my tutorial.

11 years ago
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Topic: Enhancing CKEditor via Plugin?

yeah, even emailed me off my site lol. . . must be urgent

11 years ago
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Topic: Enhancing CKEditor via Plugin?

see my reply to you here

11 years ago
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Topic: config options for CKEditor?

I'm not 100% certain this will work for what you want but, this is how Josh helped me with adding plugins for keyboard shortcuts for headers (h1, h2, etc).

The plugin itself goes in the CKEditor plugin folder: . . ./include/thirdparty/ckeditor_34/plugins

Then open the JS file: . . ./include/js/inline_edit/inlineck.js

There you will find a line of code: a.extraPlugins="gpautogrow,";

That's where you add the plugin info. Example: a.extraPlugins="gpautogrow,heading-h1,heading-h2,heading-h3,heading-h4,heading-h5,heading-h6";

That's mine for the shortcuts.

Here's my page on adding shortcuts and the above plugin to CKEditor: adding keyboard shortcuts to CKEditor.

11 years ago
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Topic: TipTip Plugin breaks with 2.4RC1 - HELP


A simple solution. At least it will work properly when people upgrade to 2.4 now. When I get caught up on things I'll look into another tooltip plugin for jQuery--vTip is pretty good for the basics because it's very very small. TipTip however. . . has some issues.

As always, MUCH appreciated!!!


And spell check is working again!!! You don't want to read my un-checked posts lol--the typos alone will cause an aneurysm.

Have a great night!

11 years ago
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Topic: TipTip Plugin breaks with 2.4RC1 - HELP

Yeah, I had something like that originally. However, the problem is when using it in gpEasy with galleries. Because galleries utilize both title & alt attributes we get a styled TipTip tooltip and the un-styled mouse-over tooltip = a mess.

I tried mucking about with TipTip some time ago to get it working properly with our galleries but, as you know, I don't know enough JS to do much other than make a mess :)
Therefore, I integrated the vtip in with TipTip to handle, primarily, gpEasy galleris but also let it take over for all title attributes where a TipTip class wan't applied because the tooltip moves with the mouse and often had less conflicts with gpEasy admin pages.

So. . .yeah, I don't know if TipTip can be made to work properly with gpEasy galleries.
I think I might also look into qTip jQuery plugin to replace these.

Thanks for the help!

On a side note. . . why doesn't the browsers native spell-check work on gpEasy forum posts?

OH. . . another note. I'm not getting updates, at least on this forum, even though it shows me signed up for this forum.

Also. . . I just noticed. Another issue with Tiptip is on drop-down menus. It can often have a conflict with them which leads to you not being able to click the lower item because of the tooltip--maybe qTip is the way to head as TipTip hasn't been updated since March 2010.


Edited: 11 years ago
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Topic: TipTip Plugin breaks with 2.4RC1 - HELP

OH, btw.

You only install the TipTip plugin and only use one of the colors on a layout.

Don't install vTip & TipTip on the same layout.

Within the TipTip plugin vtip is included and works on all anchor title elements that DO NOT have a TipTip class and on all gallery image title elements becaust the TipTip tooltip doesn't work properly with the gallery titles.

11 years ago


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