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Topic: TipTip Plugin breaks with 2.4RC1 - HELP

Sorry, I didn't make myself clear.

The TipTip plugin has vtip integrated into it. The vtip part handles title attributes when there is not TipTip class specifiec (e.g. tiptop, topbottom, tipleft, tipright).

When a link, for example, has the class="tiptop" applied it, it should be styled by TipTip and not vtip at all. This is how it worked previously. Now vtip styles everything and if an element has a TipTip class applied to it (e.g. class="tiptop") you will get a black blank vtip tooltip and NO TipTip tooltip at all.

Here's an example. The link in the image has the class="tiptop" applied to it but instead of getting the TipTip tooltip I get vtip giving a blank tooltip.


if you look at

The first paragraph has "true acupuncture" & "george soulie de morant" with a TipTip tooltip applied. Then look at the top horizonatal menu--they have the vtip applied because they don't have a class applied to the element.

Hope that makes it clearer.

11 years ago
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Topic: TipTip Plugin breaks with 2.4RC1 - HELP

OK, my TipTip plugin that also integrates vTip into it no longer works properly in 2.4.

The issue seems to be with how the JS is loaded now. As you can see in the code below, I had to have TipTip JS load first in order for it to "take over" any of the elements with a class for the TipTip tooltip, that way vTip would take over anything else that didn't already have the TipTip.js applied to it.

$page->head_js[] = '/data/_addoncode/'.$addonFolderName.'/TipTip.js'; $page->css_user[] = '/data/_addoncode/'.$addonFolderName.'/style_black.css'; $page->head_js[] = '/data/_addoncode/'.$addonFolderName.'/vtip.js'; $page->css_user[] = '/data/_addoncode/'.$addonFolderName.'/vtip_black/style.css';

However, now TipTip tooltips don't work at all. The order of TipTip.js & vtip.js have to be switched in order for TipTip.js to work however, then vtip will add its own tooltip to all elements including those with a class for TipTip thus TipTip tooltips get the TipTip tooltip plus a wonky blank tooltip form vtip.

OK. . . since I'm clueless with php & JS. . .


11 years ago
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Topic: Display anchors from different sections???

yes, in CKEditor when you select a link as a bookmark it gives you all bookmarks available on that page however it doesn't show bookmarks for different sections on the same page.

11 years ago
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Topic: Display anchors from different sections???

Don't know if this is possible or not. . . at least without causing problems.

To show anchors/bookmarks that are in the same file but in different sections within CKEditor.

Currently it only displays bookmarks within the same section.

11 years ago
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Topic: Page names


A thought came to mind, generally the only time I'm opening up files/pages is on the localhost, and I wonder if it is possible to put an option in the file menu to "open file with editor," at least on the localhost isntall?

Another thought, might it be better to put the file specific suffix in front as a prefix--this would make it easier to locate files quickly. So, instead of "FdGidEe_bi.php" we would have "bi_FdGidEe.php"--navigation to the file would just require typing "b" to get to the b files otherwise we have to hunt through all "FdGidEe_" = scroll and look. Kind of a minor thing, just an idea.




11 years ago
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Topic: title tag when hovering over "edit" link


When you hover over the 'edit' link for a section you get the entire page slug plus the section. This can be rather long. Maybe it would look better if it only displayed the section to be edited, e.g. "Section 1" instead of "The_Page_Slug_For_The_Page_You_Are_On: Section 1"

Just seems a little reduntant and cluttered to have all that info there instead of just the section, imo :)

11 years ago
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Topic: Page names


Thanks for pointing me to the right thread.

I don't know if this is correct or not however, in 2.4b4 the data index info for an old file (created in 2.3 or less that has a page slug as athe file name) will show a date index code though it doesn't have one in the file name as it was never re-named to the new 2.4+ naming convention.

actual file name "As_A_Man_Thinketh.php"
data index: u


11 years ago
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Topic: 2.4b4 page file names no longer named via page slug


I see that you changed the way gpEasy handles naming of files. 

Previously the file name was the same as the page slug. Now it's 'FdGidEe_??"

Is there some reson for this. Really liked being able to find files via a readable name :)

And is there some rational to the last two letters of the file name?

So, basically from now on to find a file we will have to look at the page manager and see "data index:"???



11 years ago
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Topic: Cycle Slideshow Lite stops after switching page


It sounds like you have something wrong with you .htaccess or gpEasy install--that's why the index.php is showing up--check your permalink settings and htaccess file on the remote server to make sure they are all working properly--as long as you are getting the index.php when you go back to the page you have a problem with your install, not the plugin.

The plugin works when you go back to the page after leaving it--I just tested it here.

I'm not the best person to help you with why index.php is showing up. I haven't been able to keep up with gpEasy the past couple upgrades.


11 years ago
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Topic: Download Plugin

I think I found your problem.

The source code shows the URL as: href="http:///~kasia/data/_uploaded/downloads/Wygaszacz//z9149280X,Laptopy-Vaio-z-serii-C.jpg"

My guess is that when you added the link you selected "type" in CKEditor as http and not a relative link.

12 years ago


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