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Topic: Is gpEasy died?

I hope Josh is ok too, but I'm not going to think the worst. Talent like his gets snapped up. I prefer to think that it's one of three things.

  1. He has been given a fantastic job that pays him well for his talents ... so just hasn't had the time to give.
  2. Is taking a well deserved break.
  3. Is letting Gpeasy fledge

I disagree about hesitating to start a new client project with Gpeasy. Its open source. All the code is there and the core is solid. It just needs to be built on. I am going to do my part by making some themes, having a go at a plugin or two and helping people in forum when I can.

A php guru taking an interest in Gpeasy would really help. 

Gpeasy is way too good to let die.


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Topic: Menu problem
You can also use # as the Target URL. This is useful if you don't want all of your parent links not to link.
6 years ago
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Topic: Is gpEasy died?

I hope not. This is a brilliant, simple to use CMS. But like all non funded projects, development relies on the free generosity of of a handful of individuals. But free does not pay the bills. Free slows down development. 

I am a website designer I normally charge my customers £55 per year for hosting and domain name giving me a small profit. With GPeasy I am able to charge a total of £100 per year. My clients love the simplicity of it. I white label it to myself. Gpeasy enables me to offer my clients a simple fully featured cms which makes me more money.

For website designers the core of this system is the simplicity client side. At its simplest they can just go to the page they want to edit and do so as they see it, not having to go to an editing page that looks nothing like their webpage.  

The life juice for GPeasy is plugins. The core plugin is and will probably always be ,simple blog. Simple blog needs to be the developed into best blog system possible with full flexibility and options and renamed Super Blog

How about say a minimum charge of £100 per year membership for website designers and perhaps a one off payment of £50 per white label download. I would be paying gpeasy around £1600 per year for that alone. And may I add, be happy to.

Allow plugin developers sell their plugins with a percentage going to gpeasy

Allow theme developers sell their themes with a percentage going to gpeasy

For individuals wishing to have their own website with gpeasy let them buy a theme with a handful of plugins, simple blog (super blog) being the core one ready to go for say £50

It's high time that Josh was paid for his efforts and able to pay others to help develop gpeasy to the next level.



6 years ago
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Topic: Simple Blog - category links

This refers to Post: 6223 and Post: 6268 "Simple Blog now has category links" The full post is here 

I can not find these category links in Simple Blog. Like the original post says I also don't want the category url. I want the blog category link itself so I can add a single blog category link on a different page. The only option that seems to be available is the gadget 'Simple_Blog_Categories' which displays all of the blog categories in a blog.

Anyone who knows where to find and how to use the "Category link" in simple blog, your help would be very much appreciated. 

6 years ago
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Topic: A Very Good Plugin
This is a great plugin. Should be a standard feature in gpeasy.
6 years ago
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Topic: Blog categories gadget. Close an open category title when cl
Would it be possible to have an opened category title automatically close when clicking on a new category title?
6 years ago
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Topic: Placing a plugin within an Editable Text Area

Is there any way that I can place a plugin within an editable text area?

The "Editable text" content type is great because I can style it into anything I like with css. I can also place items from the CKEditor anywhere within that styled content. But for example if I wanted to add the plugin 'Bootstrap Carousel Gallery'  within an area of that styled content, I cant.  As far as I can see  plugins can only be place in a 'new section' and that new section will always be limited to the '<?php $page->GetContent(); ?>' (or extra content) area. And that really limits the scope and potential of layout possibilities.

Is there a way of importing a gpeasy plugin to the'editable text area' CKEditor?

Than You


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Topic: Simple Blog- Categories gadget will not display an edited bl

Thank you Josh

You are a star...

6 years ago
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Topic: Simple Blog- Categories gadget will not display an edited bl


When I change the title of a blog via edit (all) it does not update that new title in the categories gadget. It only shows the original title Can anyone give me an idea how to fix this.


6 years ago
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Topic: gpflowplayer.. Not all videos cache in browsers

Hi Everyone

I have got gpflowplayer working great guns.... just one issue, and it most probably has not anything to do with the 1.1 mod plugin. But here is my issue......The first video I added caches fine in all browsers I can close browser re-visit the page, play the video and because it has cached the load bar goes to full. But the rest of the videos I have added don't. If I close the page/browser then go back to them even after they have fully loaded on my previous visit they start loading again right from the beginning. 

Anyone have any ideas why this may be happening? Will be most grateful for any feedback.



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