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Hook Details
Available Since2.0
Latest Version Used4.6.1

Add-ons Using "SectionToContent"

Below is a list of all add-ons that have implemented the "SectionToContent" hook by defining it in their addon.ini file.

AddonHook Argument
Un-Special Contact Form
Shadow Box Gallery
Facebook Page Gallery
Site List
Media Player Advance
Execute PHP
Simple Gallery Extended
FullCalendar for gpEasy
Expandable Text
Modal window Bootstrap
EasyMark: MarkDown for Typesetter (GPEasy)
Password Protected Pages
Bootstrap Carousel Gallery
Masonry Gallery
Simple Slideshow
FreeMailForm Enhanced
Google Maps Marker
Catalog Easy
Rif Media Play
Dynamic Gallery
Rif Multi Language Manager

Where "SectionToContent" is Called

Below is quick look at where "SectionToContent" is implemented within the Typesetter code.

Package:   Typesetter Core File:   Typesetter/include/tool/SectionContent.php Line: 152
Code Not Found

View the complete file ( )

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