Simple Blog

52 ratings25,831 Downloads

Designed to enable a simple reverse-chronological commentary on your site. Includes RSS feed, editable labels, and twitter/bitly integration.

Created By Josh S.

Anti Spam Math

9 ratings4,585 Downloads

A simple spam prevention tactic using math

Created By Josh S.

Catalog Easy

8 ratings5,346 Downloads

Organize your child pages, and create some kind of catalog or portfolio witn pagination, sorting and navigation.

Created By a2exfr

Responsive Image

8 ratings4,952 Downloads

Image section type for responsive layouts that fits into your grid and keeps the most relevant part of the image visible.

Created By juergen

Simple Event Calendar

7 ratings8,153 Downloads

Simple Event and Occupancy Plan Calendar including a gadget, list view and a yearly view page

Publication Date

5 ratings3,343 Downloads

Adds creation and last modification dates after the main page's content

Created By Josh S.

Slider Factory

5 ratings3,968 Downloads

Make slides of any sections. A Rich Content Slider for Typesetter CMS!

Created By juergen

Back2Top Button

5 ratings3,670 Downloads

Shows a button at the bottom of the viewport. Clicking it will soft-scroll back to the top.

Created By juergen

Multi-Language Manager

5 ratings7,591 Downloads

Helps you manage your multi-language site by organizing pages by the language they're written in.

Created By Josh S.

Nivo Slider for gp|Easy

21 ratings12,461 Downloads

Adds Nivo Slider to your layout or content

Created By juergen


4 ratings4,433 Downloads

FontAwesome iconic font with CKEditor plugin

Created By juergen


4 ratings2,387 Downloads

A Sticky Note Content Type with handwriting font. Can be dragged around and hidden by visitors.

Created By juergen


4 ratings923 Downloads

Smart PNG and JPEG compression

Created By a2exfr

Password Protected Pages

9 ratings6,618 Downloads

Protects pages with a password

Created By Josh S.

FlatAdmin 2015

4 ratings2,716 Downloads

A flat and reduced style alternative for gpEasy’s admin interface.

Created By juergen

Wallpaper Changer

3 ratings3,927 Downloads

change a page wallpaper

Created By Josh S.


4 ratings3,613 Downloads

EasyNewsLetter is an easy-to-use newsletter plugin for gpEasy.

Created By fly06

BBClone Page Counter

3 ratings1,007 Downloads

BBClone page statistics (A PHP based Web Counter on Steroids)

Created By rif

Easy Comments

3 ratings4,564 Downloads

Allow users to comment on your gpEasy pages

Created By Josh S.

Simple Slideshow

25 ratings8,903 Downloads

A slideshow datatype

Created By Josh S.


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