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MyGuestbookPlus is built upon the plugin 'MyGuestbook 1.4' by ( but was heavily worked on to additionally provide the following features which I felt were missing:

- New entries can be set up to require revision/activation by a moderator
- Many more optional data fields for entries, such as email address URL, ICQ number, skype name, location, all with validity checks and eye-pleasing way to display in the guestbook
- Optional data fields can be deactivated
- To provide protection from webcrawlers collecting email addresses, any entered email address is never visible as plain text in the guestbook to the visitor; images of the email addresses are being created automatically for every guestbook visit, and purged automatically after a short while
- All data can be revised and edited by a moderator
- The 'MyGuestbook Configuration' panel (is implemented in the original plugin but has no way to be accessed from within gpEasy) was extended for the new features and is now accessible when logged in
- MyGuestbookPlus is designed to be fully compatible with MyGuestbook data: simply copy the old file from <gpeasy-root>/data/_addondata/<MyGuestbook-AddonDir>/index.php to the corresponding new MyGuestbookPlus directory; all additional data is being auto-completed and saved to an additional file

### NOTES ###
This is a pre-release version for testing purposes!

The plugin is working and stable as far as I could test so far. I tested it on multiple web servers, as well as with all major browsers' current versions. The plugin is installable as any other gpEasy plugin.

BUT: There are still some features missing and to be included before a final release. Most importantly those features are:

- Email notification for the admin/moderator about new entries to revise
- Instead of hidden/not yet revised entries, MyGuestbookPlus currently puts a placeholder. This is to avoid guestbook pages with less than the preset numbers (default is 5) of entries per page or even empty pages when multiple new entries have not yet been revised. As soon as I find a working logic to compensate for hidden entries in the per-page-entries counter I will correct this behavior. :ยท)
- As I never activated the ReCaptcha functionality of the original plugin, there might be unforeseen placement or displaying issues due to the layout changes I made. This needs some testing and possibly code corrections
- Clean out some debug stuff here and there

Long term wish list:
- Possibility to de-/activate guestbook moderation permission on a per-user base via gpEasy's User Permissions panel
- Harmonize messages for working multi-lingual use/internationalization

Please, feel free to install and test this plugin, also, and especially, to revise its code. If you have suggestions for enhancements, or if you find any errors, bugs, issues, please don't hesitate to let me know - see contact/support URL. Thank you!

Admin/Moderation PanelGuestbook
Admin/Moderation Panel 
Admin/Moderation PanelGuestbookConfiguration Panel

Tags:  Guestbook, MyGuestbook, moderated entries

Minimum Typesetter Version1.6RC3
Used Most with Typesetter Versions 5.1.0   5.0.3   4.6.1  
Last Updated8 years ago (2012-01-23)
Created9 years ago (2011-12-01)
Created ByNix AG
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