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The download for this addon has been disabled. The package contents were compromised and now contains malicious code. If you recently downloaded this addon, please refer to the discussion in our forum for more information.

Allows you to display the photo albums and photo's of any public fan page on your website. You will need to register at facebook as a developer and create a application to get your own App ID and App Secret code (this have benefits on getting more stats) as we cannot give ours out with the plugin. Is very simple to setup. Enter your App ID and Secret code and the page ID you want to view and you automatically have there albums in your webpage. Note the Internal Colorbox is used to view the images, thus the look and feel can be configured in the normal configuration section.

Version 1.2
Fixed bug (from code to allow sections to be created), that broke pages built from the Special page.

Version 1.1
Added code to allow Facebook Page Gallery to be added as a Section on any page. After setting up the gallery in the admin area just go to any page and under edit select New Section and then Select 'Facebook Page Gallery'. And the it will be added to your page.

Note still only one page can be configured, will try and look of why to allow multiple pages to be shows on 1 site.

Facebook Page Gallery
Facebook Page Gallery 
Facebook Page Gallery

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Minimum Typesetter Version
Used Most with Typesetter Versions 3.5.2   5.0.3
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Created11 years ago (2012-02-24)
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