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The Simple Event Calendar is what it is named: a Simple Event Calendar.

New in 1.16:
- Added support for individual colors for each ics-Calendar
- Added support for individual replacement texts for each ics-Calendar
- Occupancy Plan Mode: Events are all shown with a generic text (Usefull to show the occupancy of group houses for rent); added option to show first and last day of events as half days
- Added Support for iCal/ICS-Calendars: It is possible to connect iCal/ICS-File-based Calendars to Simple Event Calendar (tested with iCloud, Google and Owncloud Calendars). Events are shown with title/description/url.

The Simple Event Calendar displays events in a gadget, on a list view and a yearly view page. Events are represented by their beginning, their end, a short description and an optional link. The gadget with a monthly view highlights days with events which provides links to the list view page and shows the event titles for each day with a tool tip. The list view page shows the upcoming events (past events are automatically hidden when their end is over) and the optional links. The yearly view page shows the upcoming events in a calendar view for the actual and the next year. External links of events (with a leading http://) are opened in a new window, internal links in the same window.

It comes with language support for english, german, france.

Release Notes:
1.19 Added Option to show past events in Events List Page
1.18 CSS compatibility fix for old browsers (when showing event as half days)
1.17 Change separation angle of half days
1.16 Some Fixes, added option to show first and last day of an event as half days (usefull in Occupancy Plan Mode)
1.15 Fixed wrong colors for more than one calendar, Yearly View Page shows only upcoming quarters (not the whole actual year)
1.14 Layout fix
1.13 Error fixes
1.12 Some fixes, added individual colors and replacement texts for ics-Calendars
1.11 Some Layout fixes, Added Occupancy Plan Mode, Added Support for iCal/ICS-Calendars
1.10 Added yearly view page
1.07 Thanks to fly06 now with Ajax support.

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Tags:  Event, Calendar, Gadget

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