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### This plugin is ready for Typesetter 5 ###

• Adds a new Content Type (section) to gpEasy.
• WYSIWYG inline editing.
• Adapts its size to it’s content.
• Sports the nice handwriting font "Permanent Marker" by Font Diner.
• Positions absolutely on the right top over your content area by default.
• Can be dragged around and closed/dismissed by your visitors.
• Tries to stay visible on window resize.
• Shrinks it’ size to 80% on narrow mobile screens (and enlarges it’s control elements).

Draggable, closable and default positioning can be changed via section’s "Options".

Icon for the plugins listThe new Content Type "StickyNote" whenn adding a section
Icon for the plugins list 
Icon for the plugins listThe new Content Type "StickyNote" whenn adding a sectionThe new default StickyNoteInline editing with CKEditorThe default Options, you can change draggable, closable and positioningUsers may drag the StickyNote around or close it

Tags:  sticky note, content type, section, draggable

Minimum Typesetter Version
Used Most with Typesetter Versions 5.1.0   5.0.3   2.0.0  
Last Updated8 years ago (2016-02-19)
Created8 years ago (2015-03-29)
Created Byjuergen
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