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This is the newer 2014 version of Roboto. Typophiles see huge differences between the new and the 2011 version. Normal people will hardly find any. Roboto 2014 is a little clearer, has a straight R-tail and some other improvements. You decide.

The plugin will install the complete Roboto Sans font family (2014 version, including the condensed variants) on your webhost and embeds it via @font-face css rules. It also adds all the different weights to CKEditor’s font selection drop-down for WYSIWYG editing. See screenshot below.

See some Pros ans Cons of self-hosted webfonts here -->
This version does not include SVG fonts for iOS <= 5 but the new compressed woff2 format.

For theme developers: This one's CSS font-family name is "roboto2"!
You may want to use this plugin together with a theme. If you look at the plugin’s CSS, you'll notice that the font families’ names are all lower case. This is needed to avoid a peculiarity of CKeditor’s configuration. Therefore you must use sth. like the following notation in your theme’s stylesheet:
body { font-family: roboto2, sans-serif; }
h1 { font-family: roboto2-black, 'Arial Black', sans-serif; }
The complete list of all font-families is: roboto2-thin, roboto2-light, roboto2, roboto2-medium, roboto2-bold, roboto2-black, roboto2-condensed-light, roboto2-condensed, roboto2-condensed-bold.

Local installed fonts: If you have installed Roboto locally on your machine, the local version will be rendered in the browser. If you have the 2011 version installed locally, you will not see 2014 because both use the same name "Roboto".

Roboto by Christian Robertson is licensed under Apache 2.0 license. It is the default sans-serif and system font in Android since ver. 4.0. See also:

Change log:
Version 1.0.2014: initial release.

Icon for the plugins listRoboto 2014 font family (called Roboto2) is now available in CKEditor’s font drop-down list.
Icon for the plugins list 
Icon for the plugins listRoboto 2014 font family (called Roboto2) is now available in CKEditor’s font drop-down list.

Tags:  web font, webfont, @font-face, font embedding, CKEditor, eot, ttf, woff

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