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BigVideo makes it easy to add fit-to-fill background video to websites. It uses native HTML5 video playback if available or falls back to flash on older browsers.
You may enable a control bar to always show or only show on devices that don’t have autoplay for ambient video. Video files can be loaded from your webhost or remote locations (via URL) but it does NOT support embedding YouTube videos!
See more configuration options in the screenshot below.

This addon is built on top of John Polacek’s BigVideo.js jQuery plugin and Video.js from zencoder.

Note: The plugin is roughtly 3.5 MB in size due to some media samples included. Please check if your webspace has at least 10 MB free disk space left before installing it. If you are planning to subsequently host your background videos on the same webspace, you will likely need some more free disk space.

See it in action here:

Change log:
Ver 1.0.1: Compatibility update for Typesetter 5
Ver 1.0: Initial release.

Just the icon for the listSettings
Just the icon for the list 
Just the icon for the listSettingsBigVideo in Action

Tags:  background, video, html5, full-scale, mp4, webm, flash

Minimum Typesetter Version
Used Most with Typesetter Versions 5.1.0   5.0.3   5.2.0
Last Updated7 years ago (2016-02-26)
Created8 years ago (2015-05-27)
Created Byjuergen
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