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Creating and editing buttons in CK Editor can be difficult, especially when you have to remember several available CSS classes or want your buttons to behave different from standard floating content. WYSIWYG edited buttons frequently 'break' by accident and are quite hard to nail down to a certain location. This plugin goes without CK Editor and brings it's own editor component along which concentrates on a button's needs. Simple Buttons will both suffer and benefit from being distinct sections and will not be usable in every situation (e.g. they cannot be part of forms). But they will make perfect sense in many cases. You decide.

• Own section type - particularly useful in grid layouts and uniform content elements.
• Combinable CSS classes for basic styles, colors, sizes, shadows and 3D appearance, etc.
• Style combinations allow various looks – from 'Flat Design' trough 'Ghost Buttons' to 'Aqua' and retro styles.
• Live preview of all changes when editing.
• Convenient linking to other pages (autocomplete) and files (via file browser).
• Checkbox for 'Open in new tab/window'.
• Hoizontal alignment inside the section's boundaries.
• Vertical alignment inside sections with defined height.
• Support for Font Awesome icons (needs the gpEasy/Typesetter Font Awesome plugin for Typesetter ver. < 5).
• Admin page to define/edit/extend the classes available in the section's editor – and defaults for new buttons.
• 2 loadable presets (Plugin Default and Bootstrap/Bootswatch).

For gpEasy 4.5 and newer.

Change log:
Version 1.0.1 – Compatibility update for Typesetter 5. Now uses TS5+ native Font Awesome support.
Version 1.0 – initial release.

Just an icon for the listThe new Section Type in Manage Sections inline editor
Just an icon for the list 
Just an icon for the listThe new Section Type in Manage Sections inline editorButtons, buttons, buttons … all pure CSS!Admin page for button classes setupEditing a Simple Button section.Inline editor with Font Awesome icon selection (requires Font Awesome plugin to be installed)Plugin in production using Bootstrap defaultsVarious buttons in actual size (1:1 detail)

Tags:  Button, Section, Bootstrap

Minimum Typesetter Version
Used Most with Typesetter Versions 5.1.0   5.0.3   5.1.1   3.0.0
Last Updated7 years ago (2016-02-29)
Created8 years ago (2015-09-13)
Created Byjuergen
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